2017 word of the year reflection

Looking back the 2017 I feel as if for a time I completely lost track of my word. There was no time for renewal. But then I look at the last 4 months or so and I seen to have gotten back on track.

Returning to the workforce in a full-time capacity was a big step forward in this. It was super scary and many a tear was shed until I realized…this was a new beginning or time of renewal for me. I had a renewed vigor for helping others. A renewed energy I had lost. I was able to renew my sense of purpose outside the home.

Don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t trade those years at home as a wife, homemaker and mom for the world. But having something that is mine is amazing. I hadn’t thought of it before in that way.

Stay tuned for my 2018 word of the year tomorrow!


  1. Happy new year Halle. I like your take on the word renewal. I don’t know if I can change to feel that way about work, but you have me wanting to try. Hope it is a wonderful 2018.

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