I’ve been playing with Paintshop Pro again. I made a new banner for my page from a picture of some of my own art. I changed the colors, cut, resized and tweaked it in many ways. I like the end result. I had to change the other colors of the blog though since they didn’t really mesh with the new banner. I’m thinking of making up several banners…maybe even seasonal…don’t know but stay tuned.

My “postage person” Libby has the blues since her friend set her straight.

I was at the neighbor boy’s football game yesterday and noticed this sculpture in the distance. I saw an opportunity to sneak away from the football action to take some pictures. I wish there would have been a plaque or something with a description for this 20 foot tall sculpture. It was pretty cool but totally out of place for the area. The development is on the edge of farmland…I know eventually progress and urban sprawl will overtake it but for now…it looks…odd.

My Road Trip book is ready to start it’s journey around the country. It will physically travel to Tennessee, Florida, Washington and Illinois before returning home to me. I can’t wait to see the “trips” my fellow artists take inside the book.

Finally!!! I’ve completed my scrapbook of some of my favorite pictures/stories from my childhood. My babybook was one of those photo destroying “magnetic” photo albums. I convinced my mom that we should take the pictures out but then they just sat in a box.

Hubby says that I should change the name of the book to my childhood since “My Story” would need to have blank pages at the end. I understand his meaning but I’m certainly not going to change it now!

These are the most incredible altered books I’ve ever seen. The artists name is Brian Dettmer.

Say that 10 times fast!!

I’m pretty excited about this one. The first pants purse I made never got lined and I just tied the straps to the belt loops. This one is completely finished off. Still may have a couple stray threads here and there but I think it looks pretty darn good…thanks to Mrs. Wilwerding…my 8th grade Home Economics teacher who taught me how to sew.


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