Finally!!! I’ve completed my scrapbook of some of my favorite pictures/stories from my childhood. My babybook was one of those photo destroying “magnetic” photo albums. I convinced my mom that we should take the pictures out but then they just sat in a box.

Hubby says that I should change the name of the book to my childhood since “My Story” would need to have blank pages at the end. I understand his meaning but I’m certainly not going to change it now!

These are the most incredible altered books I’ve ever seen. The artists name is Brian Dettmer.

Say that 10 times fast!!

I’m pretty excited about this one. The first pants purse I made never got lined and I just tied the straps to the belt loops. This one is completely finished off. Still may have a couple stray threads here and there but I think it looks pretty darn good…thanks to Mrs. Wilwerding…my 8th grade Home Economics teacher who taught me how to sew.

I got my new Bind-it-all on Friday. I have wanted a binding machine for so long. The first thing I bound was my ABC_alteredbookclub 4th Anniversary chunky book. I love how it turned out.

I’ve added to my Road Trip cover. Now I feel like the cover is finally finished.

I also have finished my sign-in page. The pocket will hold all the vehicle sign-in tags.

I’ve been asked by a dear friend Theresa to join a new round robin. I picked the theme for my book…ROAD TRIP. The cover still seems as if it needs something. I’ll keep thinking…

As a kid nearly every summer we took a long road trip, sometimes driving across the country. I’ve seen every state west of the Mississippi River plus a couple east of it and 4 Canadian Provence’s. I miss the traveling, seeing out of the way places, eating at diners, setting up a makeshift camp.

So this is the beginning of my ode to the road trip…

The little van is my sign-in tag. Each participant will decorate their own from the ones I’ve included.

I am walking on cloud nine today!

I just got an email that a piece I submitted to Somerset Memories will be published in the Dec/Jan issue!!!!! I am thrilled as you can well imagine. I can hardly wait for the magazine to come out.

Late spring of 2008 a charm bracelet of mine will be published in a book titled 1000 Jewelry Details.


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