I’m over half way through making all my little houses for the chunky book swap I’m participating in on BookArtz.

The little house measures 3 inches wide by 7 inches tall. The little chimney is one of my handmade paper beads.

8/10/07 UPDATE:

I finished all 34 of my little houses! I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t buy anything to do this swap. It was a self-challenge. I’ve been spending too much on supplies lately so I decided I wasn’t going to participate unless I could do it VERY INEXPENSIVELY. I used cereal and cracker boxes as my substrate, painted pages torn from a book I altered…I used bits and pieces and scraps for everything. I guess you’d say that glue, paint and UTEE for the paper beads I had to pay for but that is from long ago so I wouldn’t really count that.

I’ve been wanting to do some more jewelry making/beading lately…mostly because my altered art muse has taken an extended vacation. Here is the bracelet I made yesterday.

Finally!!! I’ve finally gotten to create something! I was really beginning to think I’d never have the chance or even worse…the inspiration to create.

Here is the mixed-media piece I made today. Not exactly the style of my home…may give it as a gift or possibly hang it by my computer.

So this is a VERY long time in coming. I had said a few days to my Yahoo group ABC altered book club.

First I made beads according to this tutorial.

1)Put dried bead on dowel. pencil, skewer, whatever it will fit snuggly.

2)Roll bead on a clear embossing ink pad such as Versamark.

3)Dip inked bead in UTEE.

4)Heat with heat gun.

5)Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6)Roll/dip in embossing powdwers, glitters, and PearlEx mixture.

7)Heat again…repeat if desired.

I generally work on one half of the bead at a time…let it cool then turn around and do the other side. I have 4-5 beads going at a time.

This ATC was inspired by a very funny blog entry my husband emailed to me. Why Geeks Make Good Lovers

Finally had a chance to work on my postage people book again. I only have 3 blank pages left and the covers. Here are the latest spreads.

In my spare time, which has been sorely lacking lately, I’ve started on yet another new project.

I nabbed this book off the free shelf at our local library, read it then decided to alter it. I first went about ripping pages out randomly. Then started painting…

These are just a few examples of the stuff I’ve done on the pages.

When I began I was thinking this would be an Art Journal very similar in fashion to Ingrid Dijkers style. I’m not entirely clear anymore what this book will become…if anything more than an experiment, but that’s ok too.


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