This ATC was inspired by a very funny blog entry my husband emailed to me. Why Geeks Make Good Lovers

Finally had a chance to work on my postage people book again. I only have 3 blank pages left and the covers. Here are the latest spreads.

In my spare time, which has been sorely lacking lately, I’ve started on yet another new project.

I nabbed this book off the free shelf at our local library, read it then decided to alter it. I first went about ripping pages out randomly. Then started painting…

These are just a few examples of the stuff I’ve done on the pages.

When I began I was thinking this would be an Art Journal very similar in fashion to Ingrid Dijkers style. I’m not entirely clear anymore what this book will become…if anything more than an experiment, but that’s ok too.

These are really getting addictive!

I do wish I had saved the George Washington in bed for the cover. It would have wrapped very nicely around the book. Oh well…with any luck, I’ll dig something else up that I like just as much.

I decided to make my papers into a small book that will likely hold pictures of my kids or maybe those funny things they say or both.

I’ve also started a new altered board book. This one is featuring postage stamp people. These are so much fun to do. I have an odd sense of humor.

This young man just can’t seem to figure out why he was rejected once again…could it be the way he dresses?

I had intended this to be a fun project for the kids and I to do together. They liked ripping up the junk mail but as soon as I started blending the bits into pulp they both got grossed out. They wouldn’t hardly come near the dish pan that held the pulp. So it ended up being entirely my project while they played.

When the paper was nearly dry when I decided I didn’t really care for the color of them. I sprayed them with a little more water then got out some walnut ink…still not satisfied I got out my kids watercolor paints and made squiggles, dots, splatters and lines all over them.

I still don’t know if I’m excited about the end result mainly because I had an idea of what I was going to use them for but the wild colors won’t really go with the vintage appearance of the box I painted.

I’ll likely make some more paper with different colors that will match the painted box better and use these for something entirely different.


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