Say that 10 times fast!!

I’m pretty excited about this one. The first pants purse I made never got lined and I just tied the straps to the belt loops. This one is completely finished off. Still may have a couple stray threads here and there but I think it looks pretty darn good…thanks to Mrs. Wilwerding…my 8th grade Home Economics teacher who taught me how to sew.

I got my new Bind-it-all on Friday. I have wanted a binding machine for so long. The first thing I bound was my ABC_alteredbookclub 4th Anniversary chunky book. I love how it turned out.

I’ve added to my Road Trip cover. Now I feel like the cover is finally finished.

I also have finished my sign-in page. The pocket will hold all the vehicle sign-in tags.

I’ve been asked by a dear friend Theresa to join a new round robin. I picked the theme for my book…ROAD TRIP. The cover still seems as if it needs something. I’ll keep thinking…

As a kid nearly every summer we took a long road trip, sometimes driving across the country. I’ve seen every state west of the Mississippi River plus a couple east of it and 4 Canadian Provence’s. I miss the traveling, seeing out of the way places, eating at diners, setting up a makeshift camp.

So this is the beginning of my ode to the road trip…

The little van is my sign-in tag. Each participant will decorate their own from the ones I’ve included.

I am walking on cloud nine today!

I just got an email that a piece I submitted to Somerset Memories will be published in the Dec/Jan issue!!!!! I am thrilled as you can well imagine. I can hardly wait for the magazine to come out.

Late spring of 2008 a charm bracelet of mine will be published in a book titled 1000 Jewelry Details.

With my first day “kid-free” for a couple of hours I finished up this project that has been nagging at me for quite some time.

I feel like I rushed the last page…can’t think of anything really clever to say. Maybe it will come to me later on. I did name the picture “Purrfect dinner” …that seems to fit.

I was surprised to find as many FDR quotes as I did that I actually liked. I picked this one for it’s fun yet very true statement and also that it was short enough to fit on the cover nicely.

Got to sneak in a little art today.

I’m determined to finish this book. One more set of pages and the covers to do.

Here are the pages I completed today.

Special thanks to Elizabeth for the blue handmade paper!!


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