Learning by experimentation in Paint Shop Pro has been taking up WAY too much of my time lately. I just can’t seem to stop. I’ve been working with a photo I took probably 20 years ago in Montana. It was out on a ranch in the middle of nowhere…no running water or electricity. They had this old truck with a tree growing up through the engine compartment. It was just so weird I had to snap a picture. Original photo is the upper right one. I recently signed up for a swap with a transportation theme. I immediately thought of this photo. Not sure if that’s the direction I’ll ultimately go for the chunky book but none the less, I’m getting a ton of experience in digital altering.

In Art Techniques yahoo group, the question was posed; What is your favorite art piece you’ve created? I was very surprised when I looked back through my photos that my favorite pieces were all created within a couple weeks of each other and even more surprising to me…they were created in 2005 when I just started on my artistic journey. Admittedly all the pieces are all very similar in coloring and design elements…but that makes sense since they were created so closely together. I can’t choose my favorite…the collage hangs in our living room, the clock sits on my desk and the binder keeps all my “important things” also on my desk.

I’m so glad that this question was asked! It gives me a whole new direction to go. I need to go back to collage and maybe work more collage into my altered books and ATC’s.

I’ve been keeping the scanner humming today. I’m finally getting around to scanning and saving all the old photos and postcards that I’ve gotten in the past year or so.

The photo that has been the most fun for me is this hand colored portrait of my Grandmother from the 1920’s.

I’m also working on ideas for a couple different ATC (artist trading card) swaps I’m participating in.

One uses only junk mail..this is so much fun. I’ll definitely posts my results.

The other is a 4th anniversary project for abc_alteredbookclub. The announcement has not been made to the group yet but as a co-moderator, I was in on the decision. Nice to have prior knowledge sometimes. 🙂 Hopefully I’m not letting the cat out of the bag too soon.

After months of thinking about making a blog, I’ve finally jumped in. I’m planning on posting pictures of current artwork, whether it’s altered books, collage, ATC’s, scrapbooking or assemblage. Who knows what I’ll take up next. I love that my creativity is coming out more and more as I age…maybe I am just able to shut out that inner critic more.

Art is my Prozac…makes me happy and keeps me sane.

This minibook is my latest creation. I know that I didn’t use a “proper” book binding technique but it worked for me.


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