Way back around the New Year I mentioned that I was sending something in for possible publication.  I was super excited about the piece and shared a couple little snippets.

On a whim I sent a collection of collage gift bags that I’d been working on as well to Sew Somerset. Much to my surprise, I was asked to write an article about my gift bags…then shortly after I heard that my other submission would also be included in the gallery section of the magazine,

I can’t even tell you what a lift it was getting this in the mail. Of course I knew it was coming but getting to hold it in my hands really brightened my day.

It’s a real honor to be included with so many wonderful artists.

This week marks the end of school…no more middle school for Mini-me. I will have two high school kids next fall! Freshman and senior. Many changes on the horizon. New adventures and challenges alike. It all builds character…and we could all use a bit of character right?! The world would be a pretty boring place if we all were exactly the same.

What are you doing today?

With a heavy heart I write this post. My mom passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. I am relieved for her as her last days were difficult but heartbroken for those of us left behind. Many of us visited and talked to her; reminiscing, telling stories and just sharing the minutia of our daily lives. Even though words were not readily able to come from her lips anymore, her face was expressive and we knew she understood every word.

I do have other things to share on much happier and artistic notes but those will be for another post. This one is about mom.

My cousin took this picture of her last September when they took her out to celebrate her 87th birthday. Mom got this gigantic ice cream sundae. As you can see by her smile, she was pleased.

On her 80th birthday I posted this photo of her circa 1930 something.

It’s funny because as mini-me ages she is starting to look more like my mom. In fact, we found a photo of my mom and uncle taken about the same age mini-me is now and she looks so much like her that its almost scary.

We are having her memorial next week after school lets out. Until that time there is plenty to do which actually helps me. When I have a to-do list, I am able to cope with pain and uncertainty much better. My good friend Sandy calls it my “robot mode”. So now I’m off to start on my list.

What a re you doing today?

I didn’t set off to finish a painting today. I was more just wanting to play with different techniques in a canvas board. Using different paints and application methods. Even paint removal methods.

texture study

I found this very interesting and learning a lot about different body paints and how they react differently with a palette knife for instance. Also the transparency of certain paints…why you want this at times and other times not so much.

I walked away pleased with my new found knowledge. Later the canvas board pulled me back.

abstract painting

I used my fingers to create over top of my experiment. There are only small areas that remain from the learning process.  I really am pleased with the end result. I’m still not quite ready to call it done…I’m still thinking maybe some minor accents of black might complete this one for me. Only time will tell.

After nearly a week of perfect weather we are now stuck in system after system of rain. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but I’m trying desperately to get a garage sale together. Last Tuesday afternoon we made that decision after the two charity organizations I had lined up fell through. No one could get the stuff out of mom’s apartment by the deadline. So guess what…everything is in our garage.

I’ve been pricing what I can, shifting things from here to there. What a nightmare. To top things off I’ve got two home sick today. Mini-me and Mr. G…some sort of horrible virus. Sore throat, fever, cough. I’m trying my best not to catch it from them…I don’t have time for that!!!

On the bright side I got a sweet gift from our hostess Elizabeth for my birthday. 

Such cute vintage kiddos in the corner. Thank you!

On a day like today I’d like to be living the life of leisure like a cat. Marvin has the right idea. A little nap, then a snack, some bird tv out the window then back to nap time. I could definitely give that a whirl.

Thanks for sticking with me through the chaos of my life right now.

What are you doing today?

Welcome to my weekly blog post. This frustrates me beyond belief but right now that’s just the way it will be,

Last week I didn’t remember to post the journal page that I had created mostly because it was a twofer post with Second on the 2nd.

I did a little play on words since it was the 1st of May. Not my favorite page but at least I got my hands messy with paint, ink and glue.

I have another page sitting at this point…

Just a background or at least the start of one in a whole new journal. I’m trying to be mindful of embellishments in this one. Not too thick or at least not towards the spine.

Last Friday was my birthday so I got my free drink from Caribou coffee…they are a chain like Starbucks only 1000 times better! You can only find them in the midwest USA though…sorry.

The coffee cooler was so big and decadent that I could only drink 1/2 of it. I put the rest in the freezer for Mini-me.

The chore of cleaning out mom’s apartment is still going. We’ve decided the best thing to do is to have a garage sale. Hmmm…feels like I just did one of those a couple weeks ago. UGH!

I did get the majority of my garden planted over the last couple days.

The tomato plants were getting gigantic.

The onions were planted last fall and look great already.

The shed garden doesn’t look too exciting right now…just some row markers.

I had to leave some room for the plants J started at school in Biology class. He’ll be bringing home 7 tomato plants , a sunflower and a pumpkin plant if all survive the study and trip home.

Sorting, book keeping and cleaning are on this list…exciting stuff.

What are you doing today?

We’re having a collision of posts today. T stands for Tuesday and  Second on the 2nd.

Last week was very emotional for me… mom was doing very poorly, had fallen 3 times in less than 2 days and basically could no longer be left alone. I found a care center for her to move into but had to wait for all the paperwork to go through. I became mom’s nursing assistant in the interim. Now she is settled into her new place. Currently, I am working on cleaning out her apartment. Mini-me helped me box up her teacup collection. You’ll be seeing more of those as the weeks move along. I was inspired to dig up a post about some teacups mom’s gifted to me long ago.

Take a look….


My mom surprised me with a small box of “orphaned” cups and saucers last week. (ah…who is it that used that term on their blog!!!)

She said…” Don’t know what you’ll do with these but I’m sure you’ll find something. Or else sell them.”

This one was in instant favorite for me. It looks like a mug but is very small in size.

I know this cup is very old. I’m hanging onto this one as is. It will find a home in my lawyers cabinet when I’m not using it.


That’s it for today. As I mentioned before, I’ll be busy emptying mom’s apartment today. Then *gulp* a meeting after school with J and an army recruiter. I’m not certain that is the route he wants to pursue but it doesn’t hurt to get the info.

What are you doing today?

The past week has been a whirlwind. Even more so than I had imagined. After my last post I was busy getting ready for the garage sale.

It turned out really well even though Thursday was very cold with a heavy mist most of the day. The neighbor and I got rid of the vast majority of the things that “had to go”.  We were making deals and giving high fives when the people left.

Wednesday Mr. G brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers for our anniversary.

Really poor photo of them but what can I say…it was raining.

Friday I had to leave the garage sale for most of the day to get mom set up with hospice care. It was time for a little more help than I can provide without moving her to a care facility.

Saturday morning….really early….Mr. G and I took J to the airport to begin his New York adventure.

They did so many fun things along with preparing for their concert at Carnegie Hall.

They saw The Waitress on Broadway and look who came out to give some autographs…

the star of the show herself…Sara Bareilles.

(FYI…the photos without my watermark were taken by various members of school staff chaperones and posted on various social media)

Of course, the purpose of the trip was a performance at Carnegie Hall.

What a fun group!

They were part of a larger group…this was them on stage during the sound check. I saw a short video clip of them during the sound check and they sound amazing!

For their hard work they were rewarded with an exclusive party at Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

The party was rockin’ until 1am. Those are going to be some tired kids we pick up from the airport tonight!! And guess what…regular school and exams tomorrow. Sleep fast kids!

Since I’m pretty much “on-call” with mom now, I have to learn to be more flexible with my plans. I seriously need to get to the grocery store today though. That must happen or we’ll have nothing fresh to eat.

What are you doing today?


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