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I was going through photos on my phone and realized that I never posted about the gift box I created for J’s birthday. The major gift he was getting from us and his uncle was a subscription to Loot Crate. Since there was nothing physical to give at that point, we thought a coupon of sorts would be in order. Loot CrateThen the wheels started turning and I thought how about a 3D crate that he could keep as a memento on a shelf as well. A physical reminder of the subscription.

I started with black foam core cutting it down to create the box.Loot Crate

Next I stamped a wood plank rubber stamp on the back side of a cereal box with Staz-on ink.Loot Crate

I then used walnut ink and watered down acrylic paint to make the cardboard appear as wood.Loot Crate

After assembly I added more light stamping for a distressed appearance. I wanted to make it look as if that crate had traveled the world. Loot Crate

It was a fun little project and had much more impact than a plain old coupon.

Loot Crate

WIP catan pieces

I’ve working on painting all of the Settlers of Catan pieces in between playing nursemaid. Mini-me has influenza. I’m beginning to think that Typhoid Mary is camped out in our house.

WIP catan pieces

See those little tiny bits of white in the green hex tiles. Those are teeny tiny sheep..complete with black faces. I have to take off my glasses and hold the tile a couple inches from my face to see to paint them.  BAH!!! Getting older isn’t for the faint of heart.

catan pieces

The attention to detail is worth it in the end though.  Once I get all the pieces completed, we’ll decide in the border color for all the tiles. It must be consistent throughout the tiles. I’m leaning towards a cream to taupe tone so that the paint job on each will really pop.

I also have to share this Model T Mr. G printed. He had to modify the original CAD file as it wasn’t going to print correctly. He designed the wheels, axle pieces and the mounts for the axles.

3D printed Model T

The penny is for scale. This is for a history presentation J is doing today. He and his partner thought a 3D model would add some punch to their project.


Time for a bit of tea before some errands and more nursemaid duty.  I’ll do my best to get around to visit my T stands for Tuesday friends as soon as I can.

What are you doing today?

Today’s version of T stands for Tuesday will be short and sweet…hopefully.

healthy bfast

I’m continuing my effort to eat a good healthy breakfast in hopes of making better choices throughout the day. Especially now that I’m finally. *knock on wood* better…with the exception of a little cough.

I made a few more of my button pendants…

button pendants

Now if I’d only get around to listing some in my etsy store. As much as I love creating, I hate the time and effort the listing process takes.

I’ve also been working on painting a set of tiles for Settlers of Catan. Here’s a sneak at the work in progress.

catan tile peek

I’m trying really hard to remember to take photos as I go with my phone…there will definitely be more to come.

I haven’t forgotten about art journalling either…

Never doubt your instinct | Halle's Hobbies

You can see the entire post here.

That’s it for today! Time to go shovel. This time I’m determined not to fall. Yikes! My knee is still slightly off colored and that was 2 weeks ago. At least my brain didn’t get scrabbled as well…although I did see stars. 🌟 🌟 🌟

What are you doing today?

Our family enjoys board games especially slightly out of the ordinary board games not made by the typical sources such as Hasbro and Milton Bradley.  Most are titles you won’t find at your local discount department store like Target. Heck we’ve even played a game that was totally in German. We borrowed the game from a hobby shop owner who gave us a rough translation of the rules. But I digress…

Recently we played a game from our collection called Jamaica.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

It’s basically a racing game that you manage your cargo and occasionally get to battle another player. Strategy and luck both play into the equation.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

You keep track of who is “captain” for the turn with this compass piece.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

Mr. G found this model of a ships wheel on Thingiverse and thought it might make a great custom edition to the game in place of the chipboard compass. Looks cool but not exactly the right color.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

Here’s the wheel in progress, extremely wet with paint. After this completely dried, I sprayed it with walnut ink. I wasn’t sure this was a good choice but what the heck…I live dangerously.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

Here’s the completed wheel in play. I sprayed it with a matte spray sealer to protect it from chips and scratches. I tested the durability of it by rubbing it together with the Hand of the King piece I had previously completed. There is no way either object will be as roughly abused as that during regular game play and storage so I think we are good.

Jamaica mon | Halle's Hobbies

I love how the walnut ink settled into the layers of the print giving the appearance of wood grain.  So fun!

Currently I’m working on another board game. I had always wanted to make a set of custom tiles for this game but assumed that I’d be scratch building each tiles like I do for miniature terrain pieces. Since the game has 19 tiles…the task was a little daunting. Mr. G is printing the board pieces from files shared on Thingiverse. I am adding custom paint jobs to each piece. More on that project to come…

T stands for TuesdayIt’s Tuesday again…time for T stands for Tuesday hosted by Elizabeth. Grab a cup and stay awhile.

hot tea

The past week is one of those I’d like to forget ever happened. Instead I’m going to talk about some pleasant things like what I’ve been doing with the 3D printed items Mr. G has been creating. There is a fantastic resource out there called Thingiverse. It has CAD files for 3D printing for an ever growing number of things anyone can imagine.

Anyone familiar with Game of Thrones??

Hand of the King

Hand of the King…just after I started the sanding process.

Hand of the King

a little more smooth…nearly ready to paint.

Hand of the King

Did you know that a red base layer makes gold deeper and richer?

Hand of the King | Halle's Hobbies

What do you think? I think it looks pretty awesome…aw crud… except….

Hand of the King | Halle's Hobbies

that the photo should have been taken in this orientation. Such as this. DUH!

Oh well…no one is perfect. I blame my everlasting cold virus for my lapse of clear thought.

That’s it for today…more projects to come.

What are you doing today?

As soon as 3D printers came out Mr. G has been wanting one.  Here it is…fresh from the box.  It came with a little yellow octopus that they print with your particular machine before shipping it. And enough filament and the necessary software to print a second slightly varied model.

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies

***FYI–photo heavy post***

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies3D printer | Halle's Hobbies3D printer | Halle's Hobbies3D printer | Halle's Hobbies3D printer | Halle's Hobbies3D printer | Halle's Hobbies
I present the finished “roctopus” which it this particular company’s logo/mascot.

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies

It was such a fascinating process to watch.

Next Mr. G moved to the garage and went about printing some calibration units to fine tune the machine…I didn’t document any of that…I got bored. After that process was complete he went about printing a case for the tiny RapsberryPi computer that he has running the machine.

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies 3D printer | Halle's Hobbies 3D printer | Halle's Hobbies

This is the bottom of the case. Amazing isn’t it!!! How a spool of plastic filament can become a 3D object. There is a CAD program involved and a slicing program… I know some of you may be thinking “blah,blah..techie…blah..” but it is a very cool process.

In my next couple posts I’ll be sharing how all this plays into things of an artsy manner as well as super practical things such as….

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies…gears for the machine itself. All the plastic parts for this 3D printer are…you guessed it….3D printed. WHA?? Super cool. They give the files to create replacement parts with the machine. They recommend that you print certain ones that wear the quickest.

Mr. G also has ideas for household uses…such as the air compressor was in need of a new filter for the air intake…he wanted something more high performance to prolong the life of the compressor itself.  He designed this new fitting in a CAD program then printed it out.

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies

Perfect fit for the filter he prefers.

3D printer | Halle's Hobbies

How cool is that!

Okay…I’m sure you’ve had enough of me bragging about my husband.

I’m working on painting some cool pieces for a couple board games and thinking up fun crafty things as well…more to come…I promise!


I’ve started out the year by working on some more miniature terrain.
Nobody is actually using it for wargames at our house but I love creating it anyway.
Making something out of nothing but leftover bits.



See how this project started out…
Nothing but junk that was saved from the landfill. Yes, I know some of it could have been sent to the recycle center but this was much more satisfying.
Since we’re running out of room to store the terrain that I keep dreaming up..I’m thinking that I’m going to give selling it a try. So, if you know any nerdy people out there…send them my way. 🙂


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