Citra Solv with National Geographic background technique

I am totally hooked on this “new to me”  technique. I’ve seen it in a magazine, You Tube, blogs etc. Trust me…this technique has been around the block a time or two. Of course, I am super late in actually trying it but I had said I wouldn’t buy any new art supplies. Well…technically I didn’t buy a new art supply, I bought a concentrated cleaner. That counts right!?!?

Anyway…Since not everyone on the planet has read about it I’ll tell you what I did. It is so simple and has such cool results.  A word of caution…this will be messy…protect your surfaces, hands and clothing.

First you take the CitroSolv concentrate full strength and pour a bit into a small container. I used a foam brush to apply it directly to the front and back of the National Geographic pages I wanted to use.  The more ink on the  pages the better. After slathering on the CitroSolv to as many pages as you’d like…close the magazine and walk away for about 20 mins or so. When you come back…put on a glove and start opening the pages…they will likely fall right from the magazine as the CitroSolv seems to un-glue the binding as well.

I hung my pages to dry with clothes pins overnight.

I painted a few pages with CitroSolv before going to bed to see if the effect would be any different. The effect seemed a little more “muddy” to me rather than having the cool bubble effect. Still totally usable papers…just different.

These are some of my favorites but as you can see below…I ended up with a bunch of fun papers to play with.


  1. ooo better late than never as the saying goes Halle

    what fabulous results you got…making me itch to do it…just came across the bottle of CitraSolve under the kitchen sink…now I must locate my old Nat’l Geo’s

    very inspiring…thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been meaning to give this technique a try too Halle! I was wondering where you purchase the Citrasolv? I have the magazines, just need the concentrated cleaner.


  3. I love this look but found that only older NG mags worked. Also I used turpentine because I can’t find Citra Solv. Where did you purchase yours? I have looked everywhere.

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