SOC 5: week 4

I was very slow to get a clue with these colors for this Week 4 of The Summer of Color hosted by Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle. Between that and a busy holiday week I just didn’t get anything accomplished.


1 red+ 1 red + 1 metallic


I decided at the last moment to throw in the black scribbles and splatters of India ink. They made the page feel a little more grounded.

Looking for to seeing what tomorrow holds for colors…

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T Tuesday: Juneberry jam edition

Welcome to yet another edition of T stands for Tuesday hosted by Dr. E aka Elizabeth, caretaker of Bleubeard and Squiggles.

20150629_8030So what’s a Juneberry you ask? I love putting words in your mouth…makes me feel all powerful and full of myself.

20090623_2733 But seriously…ever heard of a Juneberry? How about a Saskatoon berry? Or perhaps a Serviceberry? Until recently I didn’t know that they all happen to be the same thing. And even more so…we have a tree in our yard. Wish I’d realized that 12 years ago when it was much smaller!!

20150629_8044Of course they are much tastier when left until they are a deep purple…but you have to fight the birds for them.

I found several recipes online for Juneberry jam but decided to go with this low sugar version.

20150629_8029Isn’t it pretty!?! I ended up with a partial jar that went into the fridge for immediate consumption.

I’m not a big sweets girl…(unless it’s chocolate…which I’m allergic to but I’m willing to deal with the consequences occasionally but that’s a whole other issue)…so a slightly tart jam suits me just fine. Honestly I haven’t tried it on bread yet…just the spoon. Slightly tart and quite full of seeds. It will depend on if anyone else likes the jam if I bother with all the tedious picking again. It would be interesting to know if you could make wine or mead or some sort of adult beverage from these berries. More research I guess.

Speaking of research…can anyone help me with the name of this flower?

20150629_8035I believe it starts with a “C” but I threw out the handy dandy marker that came with the plant. I want to write it down so I can remember to purchase more next year.

I’m not sure what’s on the docket for today other than talking to my in-laws. The Twin Cities area got hit with some pretty big thunderstorms yesterday…large hail, winds and heavy rain. We got very little hail here and not much of it so the garden is fine. We heard reports of two inch hail in their area  though. UGH..that would be awful!

I have to show you my rouge bean plants too…I did not buy climbing beans but 4 of my plants have decided to climb.

20150629_8038I’ll be putting in some bamboo stakes today.

What are you doing today?

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SOC 5 week 3

The colors for this Week 3 of The Summer of Color hosted by Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle gave me some trouble. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed so I didn’t until today.

1 purple + 1 purple + 1 yellow

I happened upon an image of a little girl all in yellow in a magazine ad. I figured she’d work perfect for the yellow portion. I used gel medium to adhere the magazine image to some printer paper so she’d have a little more stability as I cut around her.

For the background I once again decided to use gelatos…

SOC5 week3 2

So far they haven’t failed me. Although I was surprised at how pink the lavender gelato appeared on the page. I decided to just press on since the tube was clearly labeled lavender.

SOC5 week3 1

Instead of doing a straight up checker board I went with random rectangles. The blending gave a slightly dreamy quality in my eye.

SOC5 week3 3

I searched through my collection of phrase fragments until something came together.

These colors definitely had me stepping…or perhaps leaping outside my comfort zone. That’s what challenges are for, right?!?!

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T Tuesday: tour edition

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday. Come with me for a little walk around the yard today. You won’t believe how huge the tomatoes are!! FYI…picture heavy post

We’ll start were we left off last week. The former playset.

halles hobbies tour edition1

The sand box has been removed and all that’s left are some bare spots in need of a load of dirt and grass seed.

halles hobbies tour edition2

I got a little carried away with flowers this year but I’m really enjoying them.

halles hobbies tour edition5

Of course many of them are perennials which suits me perfectly.

halles hobbies tour edition4

Here’s one of the crazy horseradish plants along with some tiny cucumber plants. Only one survived the transplant to out doors after our strange spring. I just replanted some seeds. It remains to be seen if they ever get big enough to produce.

halles hobbies tour edition3

Here’s the same deck box garden from a different angle. Those are my yellow pear tomatoes.

Remember where they started this year??

plant vigil

Hey look…there’s the playset in the background.

halles hobbies tour edition23

And we can’t forget the obligatory beverage for T stands for Tuesday. Ice water for the humid afternoon we had while taking these photos. Heavy rain early in the day gave way to a sticky afternoon.

Continuing my backward progression around the house we come to this sad bucket of dirt.

halles hobbies tour edition6

There are seeds in there…I set it in the sun hoping they’d germinate. If not I’ll throw something else in there…perhaps some daisy seeds for a splash of texture and color.

halles hobbies tour edition7

The big garden or shed garden or perhaps deer feeding station.

halles hobbies tour edition10

Some things are doing wonderful like my peppers and a rouge carrot.  My beans not so much. I’ve replanted seeds twice now after only a handful came up.

halles hobbies tour edition9

The herbs I transplanted from a Trader Joe’s herb pot are getting really big.  Behind them is the other horseradish plant we inherited.

halles hobbies tour edition11

I have beef steak tomatoes in this garden…nice thick stems and blossoms. Hooray!

halles hobbies tour edition13

One of my Egyptian Walking Onions is starting to look real interesting. I inherited these with the horseradish.

halles hobbies tour edition14

Not surprisingly the clover is looking fantastic. *grin*

halles hobbies tour edition17

I picked up these great hanging pots at Walgreen’s of all places. I couldn’t pass them up for the price.

halles hobbies tour edition19

The front walk pots aren’t looking the best this year. I was a little late in planting them.

halles hobbies tour edition16

I do really like these ones though. I picked up with watering can half filled with dirt at a garage sale this spring for $2. It’s a nice edition to my eclectic bunch.

It wouldn’t be Tuesday without a full to-do list  for me. I’ll be around to visit my T companions at some point…have patience.

What are you doing today?

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Clearly Crazy journal page

I had no idea where this page was going other than I wanted to use some new paint daubers and a black spray I picked up on clearance at Michael’s. Once I got the colors on I let the page sit a few days not know what to do with the dark mess I had created.

clearly crazy

I knew I needed to lighten things up a bit…scrapbook paper to the rescue. What am I actually supposed to scrapbook with that stuff?? Really?

I noticed the eyes of this model almost exactly matched the green on the page…kismet. All that was left were some clever words to finish the page.

Art Journal Journey

I’m going to link up with Art Journal Journey with this one since I feel as if I’ve touched on the theme of Masculine/Feminine.  A man’s “thoughts” speaking of this woman.

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SOC5: week 2

Week 2 of The Summer of Color hosted by Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle has me loving the colors! I absolutely adore this color combo.

1 pink + 1 pink + 1 orange

I used a hot pink gelato through the middle of the gesso’d page…spritzed it with water and blended it with my fingers then tipped the book back and forth to make the color run.SOC5 week2I found a piece of scrapbook paper in the pastel pink shade and punched a variety of circles to place across the center. SOC5 week 2

I happened to have some fun orange mesh, washi tape and some brads all in the same shade of orange.

Since I have such a difficult time leaving a page without words, I decided that vellum would be a good choice to add the required word. I can’t explain it but for some reason words make me feel at peace with a page.SOC 5 week2Even after my word, I felt it still was lacking something….orange splatters fit the bill. I’m very happy with this page as simple as it is.

Thanks once again to Kristin for this fun summer challenge!!

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T Tuesday: something’s missing edition

Good morning all! Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday.

somethings missingI’ve got my beverage…how about you?  How is it that you never notice a dirty window or dusty surface until it’s displayed for anyone to see in a photo?? Early morning shots are the worst!!  Ok…moving on.

somethings missing

I think a lot of you will recognize this view out our patio door…but something’s missing?!!

Shall I refresh your memory?backyard

The playset is no more.  That era is over. Mr. G took it down yesterday.

We still need to dig out the sand box and remove the remaining wood. We’ll need to do some fill of dirt and of course some grass seed for the bare patches. The plan is to put a fire pit in that area.

I just can’t believe how much bigger the yard looks!

I once again have a long to do list today although I don’t plan to go anywhere today. I’ve been avoiding a ton of paperwork but I’m going to have to tackle it today.

I did check one thing off my list already this morning though…

vintage linen patch

Patching my favorite shorts. They are getting so worn out. I don’t dare wear them any place but at home for fear they will split open or simply fall apart. I keep stitching together the rips but this spot needed a patch. Why not something cute!?! It was a scrap of embroidered linen I had trimmed off for another project.

What are you doing today??

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