Yesterday, while eating my lunch and perusing Pinterest, I spotted an image of branch weaving. I was so intrigued that I searched for more weaving projects. Not commercial, straight laced, follow a pattern type but nice flowing, organic weaving.  I really fell down the rabbit hole on this one. I had singular focus…must weave!

I came up with a plan to use the deckle part of my papermaking mold as a frame for a loom.  Thank goodness Mr. G had made me a really good quality piece from hardwood.

I strung it with kitchen string and set to work. Of course, I never read any instructions only to realize much later that I didn’t do the stringing properly.


Oh well…cross that bridge when we get there right?


I sat with my makeshift loom on my lap and winged it as I always seem to do.


This was how it looked when I was ready to remove it from the frame. weaving3

And the finished product…  I went and broke a branch off our crabapple tree then scraped it down a bit with a utility knife. I would have preferred driftwood but that is pretty hard to come by in January in Minnesota. Everything is frozen solid.


The colors made me think of the sea so adding shells and sea glass was the logical choice.


I can’t wait to start my next one!! At least I found another use for all the yarn I’ve been collecting lately.

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New scarf

At knitting on Tuesday, I learned a new pattern for a quick and easy scarf. I had some random yarn in my bag so I decided to give it a go.

quick knit scarf

The pattern is cast on 9 stitches. Knit 40 rows. Cast off. Then you cut 6 ft lengths of fringe…double over and thread thru the folded  knit piece effectively closing it into a loop. Wrap it around you neck and pull the long ends thru the knitted loop. Easy peasy…just think about your colors….

quick knit scarf

In my hands the 3 colored skeins of yarn looked really nice…and maybe as wide stripes it would have worked…

But all I see is BACON.  And now I bet you do too. :)

I’ll likely end up tearing this back apart and using the scraps for something else.  Oh well…at least I learned something.

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T Tuesday: problem edition

I’m linking up once again with Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesdaylist tea

I spent the morning with my cup of coffee preparing a list for today.  Lots of errands. I worked a couple days last week so I feel a bit behind.

This morning as I was getting my knitting bag ready, I realized I have a problem… A big one. yarn problemI can’t stop myself from buying yarn at Goodwill!!! Yikes. I buy it WAY faster than I can use it.  At least, I can say that I AM using it.

What are doing today?

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WIP painting


Not really sure where I’m going with this one but I’m having fun!


Perhaps if I gave myself some more room, I’d be more productive.

So many projects…so little time.

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Journal vs altered book

I found this simply wonderful book at a rummage sale last Fall. It had a tattered and faded dust jacket hiding the purple goodness underneath.IMG_0119I wish the color showed a little more true in the photo. You’ll just have to believe me on the luscious color.IMG_0118

I purchased this book since it had a sewn binding which makes for a much more stable book when altered.

Before I begin, I really want to make a decision about journal vs altered book. This could make a really fun medical theme book. Perhaps a little gruesome. Not sure. I need to think this through a little more.

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T Tuesday: sketchbook edition

Last evening I began thinking about this T stands for Tuesday post as well as my coffee theme altered book. The book that will seemingly never be finished at the rate I work in the darned thing. sketching tea cupsI have some ideas in my head about a cupboard filled with mismatched cups. I think I could cut them from scrapbook papers once I get some designs figured out.

I’m not in love with any of the handles on the cups…that is my issue. I’m thinking perhaps I could just do without most of them pretending that the cup handles are just facing away.  More thought and experimentation is needed with this idea.

I have a few errands to run as well as trying to stop at knitting for a bit. Then it’s back home to work on some organizing. Not my favorite thing but I love it when it’s done!!

What are you doing today?

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Roll with it

I discovered that using cardboard chunks as pages in my new journal has opened up a freedom in creativity that I hadn’t realized I was stifling.

I think perhaps it is due to the fact that if I totally stink it  or wreck the page in some way…I can easily be trashed without ripping out pages. IMG_0113

Take this page for example.  Is it my best most fantastic work? Nope. but I worked in a very intuitive way. Just letting it flow onto the page. Whatever struck my mood at the time. Refreshing my mind. IMG_0115

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