T Tuesday: evening edition

Hello…welcome to a late edition of T stands for Tuesday. I know our wonderful hostess, Elizabeth, won’t mind that I’m running way behind today….hope you don’t either.20140916_7008

My morning started with one sick kid, a forgotten item and errands. I’ve been running ever since.

One of my errands was to Michaels. They are having a big sale right now including storage containers… Yeah! I’m working on organizing my art zone.20140916_7007

I’ve managed to get a few things under control but additional storage was definitely needed.20140916_701120140916_7010

When everything has a place, it is much easier to put it away where it belongs….instead of stacked here there and everywhere.20140916_7009I’ve still got some work ahead of me for my space but I’m hopeful that with it organized, I’ll be much more inclined to create and then clean up. One can dream right?!?

I’ve still got a little bit of homework helping to do but then I’ll visiting my T Tuesday friends…at least until I get too tired…then the rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

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August/September art calendar check in

Yes, I know it’s already the 10th of September. Happy Birthday MOM! But I have been a busy girl including but not limited to…taking my mom out for her 85th b-day today.

OK…enough of that stuff…on with the calendars.august complete

Here we have my completed and date corrected August calendar. I forgot that there were 31 days in August initially.  I made it work though.september

And then, of course, I lay out September and what do I do…add August 31st to September. DUH!! Showing my blonde self, I guess.

Here’s to an uneventful month. :)

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T Tuesday: harvest edition

Hello, hello!  I finally made it for T stands for Tuesday! I’ve been MIA here in blogland lately but hopefully things are settling down and I can get back into my routine.        Create–>photo—>blog. 20140909_6923

I found this mug at a garage sale last week. There were actually two but I only took the one. Why the significance? We got married in the Canterbury Wedding Chapel inside the Excalibur Hotel a little over 20 yrs ago. We also attended the Fantasy Faire show while there. I just couldn’t pass up the mug.

On to the harvest….20140909_6921

Most of the tomatoes came from the plants I have in the ground at my in-laws house. My garden is really poor this year. Between the deer eating the tops off my beans and the squirrels snacking on the tomatoes…it’s been a little disheartening.20140909_6922I’m planning to make a spicy jam with these little babies.  We’ll see how that turns out.

Otherwise…I have been crafting some. Listing cards in my etsy store, getting an inventory built for the craft season and finding more ways to upcycle.  I’ve found that my back bothers me when I sit at my computer so I’ve been trying to stay away from it…besides I get more accomplished when not lost in cyberspace. :)

I’ve got some shopping and outside chores on my list today. The weather is supposed to turn colder tomorrow so I better get it it!!

What are you doing today?

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Every free moment

This color combo is one of my all time favorites. 20140830_6872The polka dots add a vintage feel to it.20140830_6874

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment from this Dove wrapper.

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T Tuesday: play it cool edition

Good morning! Welcome to T stands for Tuesday!T stands for Tuesday_200

I missed last week but I’m back and ready to show you another journal page. Art journals seem to be my major creative outlet these days.

play it cool

I got a little crazy with the colors on this one. Wild and messy yet soft and subtle. Really I threw every I had at hand at this one. Painted then torn book pages, washi tape, India ink and even an envelope seal sticker. Then I found the words…play it cool close up

It fit my mood. I was creating in a chaotic manner…freeing my mind.  The words made me think of being a teen and goofing around…then all of a sudden an authority figure comes into view. Play it cool… Or was that just me? *grin*

Speaking of playing it cool…

poolWe were lucky to have one last dip in the neighbors pool before school starts next Tuesday! Sunday was a hot and sticky day…perfect for some splashing and an adult beverage.

Errands and laundry are on my list for the day… What are you doing today?

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The words appeared for this page and I fell in love. The streaks of grey give the illusion of objects falling. The heart was already on the page. Love it when things work out like that!20140822_6828

I’m also loving the font of the book I’ve been using to find text. It’s a children’s or maybe a tween novel called Ghost in the Machine Ryan’s Journal.

Feels good to be creating again.


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Time…there is never enough

As Labor Day approaches, so does the start of school. We are attempting to ring out every last bit of enjoyment and family time as possible in addition to orientations, job hunting, checkups, back to school shopping and the rest of the usual business. We’ve been creating memories…not art.

Although I did do a little bit of art journalling this week. I was catching up on laundry from a weekend away had me in my art space quite a bit.20140822_6829

My heART journal seemed to need some attention.  I’m still at the bright tones of summer but I’m sure soon I’ll shift along with the season. I’ve already seen several maple trees turning and dropping leaves. 20140822_6830

The little scrap about the mystery of time seemed to fit my thoughts of late… It’s funny how time is a constant but depending on the situation it can feel as if the hands on the clock are slowing down or traveling at warp speed.

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