Sew Somerset feature article!!

Several weeks ago I mentioned an upcoming article but wasn’t at liberty to discuss until now…

  It’s here! My complementary copy of the Summer 2015 edition of Sew Somerset.

sew somerset summer 2015

Last September I was approached by an editor of Sew Somerset about my fabric collage cards I had listed on etsy. She asked if I’d send some to her for possible publication. You betcha! (sorry my Minnesota is showing) So I sent of a dozen cards and didn’t hear anything more until February when I get an email requesting that I write an article to go along with the cards they planned on publishing. YES!!

sew somerset summer 2015

I am in absolute awe of how lovely they made the layout.

sew somerset summer 2015

The closeups and color combinations…wow! And that is why those people are pros!!

sew somerset summer 2015

All in all I have 5 pages! Amazing….I’m thrilled! Seriously thrilled!!

I want to thank Sew Somerset for publishing my words and art. It’s very uplifting to have asked to be a part of this wonderful publication.

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T Tuesday: work in progess edition

Hello , hello…welcome to T stands for Tuesday!T stands for Tuesday_200

I’m finally back. From where you ask? Absolutely nowhere. I’ve just been caught up in the end of school year craziness.

When the kids were younger it seemed as if actual learning stopped about 3 weeks before the end of school and the rest was just filler. Now there are speeches, presentations, projects, concerts and finals.  Throw in some appointments and after school activities and driving lessons…whew!   I have a teen with a drivers permit now!!  He got it on Friday. We’ve been out practicing twice now. Last night I heard…”when can I drive again?”

Enough reasons excuses for neglecting my blog. You’re here for T stands for Tuesday. Grab your drink and sit a spell.

Currently I have half a dozen or so projects going…well truth be told if I dug all my UFO’s out there would be at least twice that number.

WIP bottlecaps

After receiving a couple more bags of bottle caps last week, I was inspired to drag out my supplies. I turned on the TV to re-watch a show I fell asleep during last weekend while wiring and beading.  Sometimes having the background noise helps me work and other times…not so much.  Yesterday was a mixed bag.

WIP painting

I’m also continuing work on this painting I started so long ago. I keep adding layers as the mood strikes. I don’t have an end vision of this piece at all…I guess I’ll just know when to stop…hopefully.

Lastly I thought I’d share a garden update.

WIP seedlings

These are the seedlings that will go in my in-laws garden likely this weekend. The tomatoes are getting quite tall.  The rest have been planted in my gardens….WIP garden

you’ll have to take my word for it of course.

WIP deckbox

We had a frost warning last night so I had to cover everything up and hope for the best.


Luckily it didn’t get quite as chilly as they said but I’m still waiting until the temps get over 40°F to uncover. I don’t want to shock them.

Errands then an appointment are on the list today, along with pesky household chores. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more creating in as well.

What are you doing today?

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AJJ challenge: the sea

dream beach vacationAnother cold and dreary day had me wishing for a beach vacation. It’s something Mr. G and I have talked about many times over the years. We just haven’t taken the plunge on booking our tropical dream vacation.

Now I worry…because coming up with more things to worry about is super healthy…that we’ve raised this dream vacation up so high in our minds that the real deal won’t be able to measure up.

charming dream beach vacation

My thoughts lined up, once again, with the monthly challenge at Art Journal Journey.

Art Journal Journey
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Origami dress journal page

bright red

Hazzah! I finally completed this page. You can’t even imagine how many layers and colors are under this background or how many times I have walked away from this page in disgust. Believe it or not this page started out all cool pastels. I just couldn’t get myself to like it.  Yellow isn’t my usual color either but it just felt right. Now I have to say that I love this page.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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It’s almost here

I popped on the Stampington website this morning and look what I found.

table of contents

Do you see it?

Here’s a closer view…table of contents closeup

My article listed in the table of contents for the summer issue of Sew Somerset!!

I’ll tell you all about how the article came to be after I get my hands on a copy June 1st.

I can hardly wait!!

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T Tuesday: birthday edition

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Mi cumpleaños es el cinco de mayo. The only sentence I remember from my years of Spanish. Translation: My birthday is May 5th.

Our lovely host for T stands for Tuesday, Elizabeth, sent me a a wonderful gift last week. She’s so funny…if you click on the image you’ll see what she wrote that makes me laugh.


 We have a running joke about being late for each others birthdays even though they are within 2 weeks of each other.

She sent me some of her wonderful handmade paper that I absolutely love and a beautiful handmade book.  I was having issues taking these photos so I apologize for them not being the greatest.






Each page has carefully selected words and images that speak to our friendship. I’m so happy to have received such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Thank you dear friend!

I do know that Elizabeth is planning to share about this book later in the week and will likely have much better photos now that she has a good camera.

Thought I’d also show you my seedings…20150504_7705

again…crappy photo. My photo mojo was totally off yesterday. The whole day was a bit off to be honest. Here’s to a better day!

I plan to watch a mid-day movie from the comfort of my couch….possibly with an adult beverage…it’s my birthday I can do that.  No cleaning. I threw a roast is in the crockpot and the family can make the rest happen for supper.  A Tuesday birthday during the school year doesn’t work so well for an evening celebration. Too busy. The way I figure is I just get to celebrate longer as we have time. :)

What are you doing today?

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A second look: Travels postcard book

SecondlookThis month for Second on the 2nd I decided to share a second look at a postcard book…well, actually two books…I created to hold my postcard collection.

The original post was dated July 13, 2011.  Come along for a trip down memory lane with me.



This spring I got back into swapping postcards on Swapbot.  Of course, they have other things to swap but I’ve had the most fun with postcards.

Who doesn’t love getting mail, right?!

What do you do with a big stack of postcards to make them a little more fun…

You make a book!

This book was a great size and had the perfect title.

I made 3 tiny signatures and attached them to the cover with a pamphlet stitch. I used a dry adhesive tape runner on the front side of each of the postcards to “tip” them into the book.

These postcards came from all over the globe…

Places such as South Africa

New Zealand


And as close as the next state.

Years ago, before starting this blog, I made my first book to hold my postcards.

Kind of a cheesy title….

But I was happy with the the way a bound the signatures as well as attached envelopes to hold some extras.  Good thing too…the pockets are filled to the brim now.

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