Hello and welcome to T stands for Tuesday…thought I should introduce myself…LOL…just foolin’…

I missed last week. The nasty cold/virus I had took me out of commission for anything outside of work and the most meager of household duties. Friday I wasn’t even able to work…I drove there walked into the building and realized that I just wasn’t going to be able to do it…turned around and went back home. Rest was what I needed….and a respite from the billions of germs that are on every surface at school. Blech.

I do have an art journal page to share. It’s been a work in progress for quite a while. 

I just love how it turned out. The image is from a circa 1970s calendar. So sweet.

Layering of bits of papers has been on my list of favorite techniques lately.

As well as staining and drippage using more liquid mediums.

My photo challenge has definitely been going better than last month.


 1) I am here  2) Yellow  3) On the floor
4) Plain 5) Stack  6) Happy Place


7) Bright 8) Splendid 9) Everyday moments
10) I like this  11) Me 12) Sweet

Notice the Vikings logo for 10: I like this. Yepper…life long Vikings fan, that’s me! The Vikings miracle in the last seconds victory last night isn’t likely on that many peoples radar (especially to my overseas friends) but I must say that I am still pinching myself. It feels a bit like a dream. Hopefully the Vikings can BRING IT HOME for the Superbowl! That would be amazing…home field advantage and all. We heard that JT(Justin Timberlake) is going to be partying at Paisley Park next week…maybe I’ll have a celebrity sighting in the next couple of weeks. Who knows?!? Of course it will have to warm up a bit to be able to see anyone braving the frigid temps. Using the snow blower to move snow today was insanely cold. Made much quicker work of the chore though.

What re you doing today?

I’m finally getting around to posting an art journal page I created last weekend.

live in your strength

I challenged myself to work outside my comfort zone, using colors and combos I seldom gravitate towards. It was a good challenge. It made my stretch my creativity while still working within my general style.

live in your strength

Recently I’ve noticed that when I go to peruse through a completed art journal or altered book from my collection, I tend to grab one that has something interesting peeking out from the pages. Bits of lace, fibers, buttons or beads…you can find them all on my bookshelf. To that end I decided this page needed a bit of movement. Besides, my handmade paper beads fit the color scheme

live in your strength

This tea tag quote spoke to me along with the butterfly pin.

Think of the Monarch…so fragile yet has the amazing strength and endurance to migrate 2500 miles each year. If it worried about how fragile it was it would never go anywhere or do anything. It would not live.

Be strong in your fragility.

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Art Journal Journey

I had forgotten about this post so when I found it today I knew it what the one I had to share.

Take a look…


T Tuesday: Christmas rhyme edition

T Tuesday: Christmas rhyme edition | Halle's Hobbies

T’was the Tuesday before Christmas and the day before break,

my mind was a whirl with all I’ve yet to make.


The presents are wrapped, all tied up in bows,

 the cookies are baked, but calories? Who knows


The tree lights are twinkling and sweet treats abound,

it really makes more sense when there’s snow on the ground.


So I looked out the window, and what did I see?

A dusting of snow! I squealed with glee.


So funny how quickly my mood turned bright,

and all it took was a light coat of white.


Merry Christmas to all my family and friends,

I bid you adieu as my rhyme has reached it’s end.

Merry Christmas from Halle's Hobbies


Hope that blast from the past put a smile on your face.



2018….wow! I remember thinking as a young girl that I’d be “so old” when the millennium changed. The last 18 years have flown by and I’m not that old at all! 😉

We went to the neighbors to celebrate on New Years Eve…thank goodness it was just across the street because we’ve been in the deep freeze like much of the country. Lots of food and sweet treats as well as some games.

This was a new one to me…a Christmas gift one of the party goers brought along. It was ok but you definitely need a group of people all around the same age to “get” the jokes you had to make up with random cards.

The kids and I head back to school Tuesday. It’s shocking how quickly 11 days can go. It was so cold that we really didn’t do much outside the home. We had company for Christmas Eve and Day, Mini-me got her braces off and celebrated her birthday.

Mr. G had tried to get tickets to a play the day after Christmas as soon as he found out he was off that day. The shows that day were sold out, so instead he cleaned up the kitchen after Christmas. Best gift ever!!

There were so many dishes over a 3 day period…including the mixing bowl and bundt pan used to make this little gem. This rum cake has become a Christmas tradition at our house. We tried a different rum this year. It wasn’t bad but I think next year I’ll stick with the Captain Morgan.

We’ve been battling against the frigid temps…there are icicles on the inside of my windows…no joke.

As I sat down to do a bit of knitting while Mini-me played a video game I grabbed the remote for the gas fireplace. BRRR…no wonder I was feeling the need for my quilt. I’m sure our lovely host Elizabeth will scoff at that temp but that’s cold enough for me.

I’ve gotten a bit further on my knit hat. I’m realizing now that it won’t be adult sized. Since I’m pattern challenged and not much of a rule follower, I didn’t use the right size yarn or needles according to the pattern basically because I didn’t have any. Oh well. I’ll find someone this hat fits.

The kids start archery tomorrow after school so that should be interesting to hear about.

I’m thinking I’m going to give a photo challenge a go again now that the commitments seem to be fewer again at home. This is my challenge.

What are you doing today?

As I reflected on how I had lived by my word for 2017, I kept thinking that I had really discovered something about myself. It just clicked. Discover would be my word for 2018.

I’m looking forward to discovery in both personal and professional areas of my life. Perhaps I’ll discover a new creative passion. Discover something about myself. Discover how to let go.

All I know is that I can’t wait to see where this path of discovery takes me in 2018.


Looking back the 2017 I feel as if for a time I completely lost track of my word. There was no time for renewal. But then I look at the last 4 months or so and I seen to have gotten back on track.

Returning to the workforce in a full-time capacity was a big step forward in this. It was super scary and many a tear was shed until I realized…this was a new beginning or time of renewal for me. I had a renewed vigor for helping others. A renewed energy I had lost. I was able to renew my sense of purpose outside the home.

Don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t trade those years at home as a wife, homemaker and mom for the world. But having something that is mine is amazing. I hadn’t thought of it before in that way.

Stay tuned for my 2018 word of the year tomorrow!


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