Yesterday morning before the impending rainfall I hurried up and planted my garden. I had planned to plant over the weekend but when Mr. G went to rototill the garden we discovered millions of ants and larvae under a stepping stone smack in the middle of the garden! Crud! I grabbed a flat shovel and scooped off all the larvae and hoards of ants and threw them away. YUCK! they were crawling all over us.

While Mr. G went to work with the rototiller, I went inside to look up garden safe solutions to my ant problem. I made a concoction of water, borax and sugar, then soaked some cotton balls in it and placed them in a plastic lid in the freshly tilled garden. I never actually saw any ants drinking my mix. I think it was the heat of the blazing sun that drove them away…that and the search for the larvae. Fingers crossed that they are gone for good.

In the big garden I have the usual fair…although I am trying cucumbers in this garden again. In previous years I haven’t had good luck with them but this year I purchased some really nice healthy looking plants instead of starting seeds. I planted them close to the fence so they can crawl right up.

T Tuesday: planting edition

Some of you may remember last fall that I decided to just leave my herbs in the garden and see what happened. Well the rosemary died as many told me it would but the sage and thyme are flourishing,  I cut back some of the thyme just to make room for a tomato plant. I’m drying a couple of bundles…it smells so heavenly.

T Tuesday: planting edition

I made a last minute addition of a jalapeno plant near the gate. I was planning to put it in the deck box garden but changed my mind. Do you see my plant stakes I’m using as row markers??  A pink teapot and a purple butterfly. I think the teapot works for beverage related post…right?

T Tuesday: planting edition

My deck box garden has just two things…our favorite little yellow pear tomatoes and the horseradish plant I tried to eradicate last fall. Guess it didn’t work. :) My worm tower is definitely looking weathered like the rest of the garden. After it rains again I’m going to try and find some more worms to live in the bin. I fear some of red wigglers perished over winter as the scraps in the tower aren’t going down as quickly as before.

T Tuesday: planting edition

The deck boxes have flower, herbs and onions. I grew green onions from seed in half egg shells this year. Just an experiment. Likely won’t do it again unless these turn out amazing. The shells were hard to crush before planting without crushing the fragile onions. I did find two volunteer onions in the big garden so I moved them to be with their friends.

T Tuesday: planting edition

In addition to the onion volunteers, I found some dill and thyme growing from the dirt I had dumped from the pots last fall. Mother Nature can be very persistent.

I still have 3 tomato plants that I plan to put in my in-laws garden plus whatever seeds I have left.

We also purchased a CSA share this year. We had joined a different one a few years ago and liked the produce but the cost vs amount we received just didn’t make sense or maybe that should be cents. *grin* Our neighbor has been using this CSA for 7 years now and I’ve been able to see first hand the wonderful boxes of farm fresh veggies they get each week. So excited for it to start. Just a couple more weeks! I’ll be sure to share with you our bounty.

Playing taxi driver for my mom today unless her plans have changed

What are you doing today?


Several years ago I made a banner for the deck rail.  It added a bit of whimsy to the deck box garden.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

 When we added a second garden I made flags for that as well. Over the years the elements have done a number on the flags. Up until last winter I always took them down at the end of each fall. Knowing that they really needed replacement I left them up to continue the whimsy throughout the cold months.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Today’s version of the flags are single sided. They still blow sweetly in the breeze adding a fun element to an otherwise boring fence and deck rail.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Next is the planting….

I’m finally picking up my art supplies again. I’ve been occupied with so many other things lately that I almost forgot that I had art supplies.


Each month I put a sticky note on my computer monitor with the current Art Journal Journey theme and more often than not lately that note hits the trash without ever getting more than a passing glance each day. Today I made a point of making art.

Not wanting to wait for paint to dry prompted me to use gelatos to create a background. Since there happened to be a ewe and her lamb on the page I decided that a road through a pasture was appropriate.

Take the scenic route art journal page using gelatos

I did a quick scribble drawing of the road and used several shade of green for the pasture. I blended with a baby wipe. I used a portion of a rubber stamp for the trees…without them the page was super boring. Pitt pens and craft paint was layered over the trees to add a touch of realism. Once I added the shadows at the base of the trees and the sheep I was satisfied with my quick journal page and actually checked a challenge off my list for a change.

I’m not saying this is my first and last for this Art Journal Journey challenge theme of journeys but it could be.

Art Journal Journey


After a weird issue was pointed out to me on my blog, which incidentally I did fix, the discussion came up about how the way web pages display on different systems and browsers. This is something I often forget.

Way back the options were very limited, the majority of people browsed on the industry standard so if it looked good to the creator using the industry standard, it was probably good for most, right? Today the options are vast both in hardware and software. As well as connectivity.

I’m still dealing with another issue that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me but may to others. When I post a photo such as this:

reader preferences |Halle's Hobbies

(don’t be distracted by the cuteness)

If you move your mouse starting at the left edge of the blog content space, about 5mm the image become clickable even though you are no where near the image. This continues until about 5mm from the opposite edge. I’m really not sure how to change this or if it’s even an issue other than accidentally clicking the image.

My first thought to the solution of this problem was to post the image like this:

reader preferences |Halle's Hobbies

But then I wonder if that is just way too big causing unnecessary scrolling and perhaps an image that no longer fits with the blog content area depending on the system.  Or even just it being annoyingly large.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. Is my photo issue a non-issue in the original size?
  2. Does the large image fit in the content box for you? OR is it being cut off or running over the box?



Happy Syttende Mai!

That’s Norwegian for Happy Seventeenth of May which is Norway’s Constitution Day.  Even though I’m an American, I’m a 100% Norwegian American and do celebrate with my Norwegian friends and family.

Happy Syttende Mai

I have a traditional Bunad such as the one on this cup….although it no longer fits me. It was definitely from the pre-childbirth days.

I still fit into these sølje though. *grin*



Sølje, which translates roughly to spoons, are traditional brooches women wore at the collar of their white bunad shirt. Mine are shamefully tarnished.

I even bought a bunad for mini-me when she was about 2. She was very unhappy with me when I put it on her to get a photo before she outgrew it.

Bunad_9-1-05 002

Oh how the time has gone!! Speaking of which… J got his drivers licence yesterday!  Wowsers!!

Errands are on my list today and a couple projects that are works in progress.

What are you doing today?

I don’t know about you but I love it when I am able to barter for something. It truly is becoming a lost art. People now days just go buy or hire someone when they need something. I feel it stems from our lack of community. People don’t know their neighbors. They come home, park in the garage and never step into their yard except to perhaps finely manicure the grass. We are lucky here as we DO know our neighbors and have a good sense of community at least on our block.

So with that in mind, a friend is finishing off their basement and is starting to buy accessories to match the rustic style of the decor they’ve chosen. She’d been telling me about wanting feed sack pillows for the couch but was overwhelmed by the price on Etsy. She purchased feed sacks at an antique store but then was stuck. She was afraid to cut them plus she didn’t have a sewing machine. I told her to bring them on over and we’d get it figured out.


Marvin decided he really needed to “help”.


After getting him interested in some toys we were able to cut them down and stuff the  pillow forms inside. I left the hand stitching to my friend to do at home.IMG_5348

Look how awesome they look!!

So what does this have to do with bartering…well they had leftover stone veneer from their fireplace. I got to take it home.


I’m hoping that I’ll have enough to build a fire pit. The rain is supposed to clear out tomorrow so then I can lay things out to make sure before buying the materials to complete my project.

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday.

T stands for Tuesday

Last week I was lucky enough to stretch my birthday celebration out over several days. On Tuesday (which is one of the reasons I missed last week) I was treated to lunch with friends. We actually celebrated two birthdays. We had a great time although I never snapped any photos. I did receive this wonderful violet from the other birthday girl.


On my actual birthday. May 5th, I was running errands in the morning and picked up my free drink from Caribou…the best chain coffee shop in my humble opinion. (not affiliation…just a very happy customer)


Since it was a hot day, I decided on a cold press coffee with room for cream.


Mr. G surprised me by not only coming home early that day but also with a lovely bouquet of flowers. I have no idea what the orange ones are but they are so cool! I was really worried Marvin wouldn’t be able to resist them but he was surprisingly restrained after a few initial attempts to get to them.


The look of innocence.

I did see a very strange sight during the week as well.  I was taking J to the eye doctor when we saw the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo cartoon.


Stranger yet was the very old police car ahead of it. It was as if it had rolled off a movie set or something. I’d guess late 1950’s classic black and white with a single cherry light on top.  When I shared this photo on FB, my cousin suggested that perhaps they were on the way out to Paisley Park which was just another mile up the road. No clue…just one of those things that really makes you do a double take. Glad I had J to quick snap a photo for me.

On Saturday, Mini-me and I went shopping using some of the birthday coupons and specials I had received then picked up yummy sushi to bring home. It was a really nice cap to a great week of celebration.

I actually have done a bit of crafting…


I used a skein of cotton yarn to make 4 small dish cloths. I like them small so they can fit down inside skinny glassware more easily.

I’m also continuing work on the commissioned scrapbook album. I’m half done with the pages. Eventually I’ll show another little peek at it. It’s always a tough endeavor to show a scrapbook without showing photos.

I’ve got an outdoor project in mind with some leftover fireplace stone veneer I was given. Hopefully I have enough to do my plan. When the rain stops, I’ll have to lay things out and see.

What are you doing today?


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