Recycled Christmas card ornament

This is definitely not a new craft…but it was a new one for me. I hang on to all our old cards. They are so pretty I can’t bear throwing them in the recycle bin.

Of course, Pinterest played a big part in me actually creating one of these. Ah, Pinterest… How much time I spend with you… The thousands of pins we share… Time organizing and reorganizing when I should be organizing the real things in my life.


Maybe this is a better clue to the size. IMG_0051

It was created with a 1.25″ punch. IMG_0054

The green one on the left. My neighbor borrowed the blue 2″ punch. I’m curious how much exponentially bigger another one will be with that punch. Yes I’m aware I could do the math…but I’ll just give it a whirl in the physical dimension and compare. Results to follow…soon.

Unless I’m crushed under all the Christmas goodies I’ve been making…treats2

These are just from this morning. I’m getting a sugar rush just smelling them.

I’m getting to the point that just thinking about eating any of it just doesn’t sounds appealing. Just like when I worked at Baker’s Square when I was a teen…when you are around pies, cookies and muffins all day long…you have desire to eat any.

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T Tuesday: Holiday edition

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of T stands for Tuesday!  T stands for Tuesday_200

After several glorious days of way above normal temps that took away all of our snow…the cold has returned and as well as the snow. And the bonus…there is a wonderful layer of ice underneath. Treacherous driving conditions today for sure. Too bad I had to drive J to school this morning when his bus never showed…20141216_7343

I’m having a cup of tea….Earl Grey…while I get some work done preparing for Christmas Eve and Day that we’ll be hosting here.

Notice the goblet behind…there is quite a story behind that one involving one finicky Miss Gracie. This table is the only one she is allowed on in the house and she respects that rule completely. You see, it’s an endtable that sits under the front window adjacent to her cat perch and scratching post.  I tend to sit on the couch next to the table such as today with my tea. A few weeks ago I spied her drinking out of my water glass on that table repeatedly. Ewww. She doesn’t typically drink enough water so this was a good sign…except, again…ewww…my water. So I went to Goodwill and bought her a fancy goblet of her very own to drink from. She loves it and now hopefully will be more healthy with a proper amount of water. IMG_0042

Last evening was the Holiday concert at the high school. This being our first year with a high schooler we didn’t know what to expect. It was beautiful. I was amazed at how many students participate in choir. For the final number they had all of the choirs on stage together plus invited an alumni(only 4 yrs worth)to join in singing the traditional closing song. There we so many kids that they were in the wings of the theatre. So awesome!


My gorgeous poinsettia from the concert. A wonderful but late night…for a school night.

Today…back to reality. Housework, baking, wrapping the last couple gifts and checking the packing mini-me did for her 6th grade trip tomorrow.

What are you doing today?

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T Tuesday: Monday evening edition

I figured I’d post a bit early since tomorrow I’ll be busy with my final craft sale before Christmas. My mom says that the people in her complex are really excited about it, so I’m very optimistic for a good turn out.

Over the weekend I decided to make another new crafty item just perfect to share on T Tuesday.

20141206_7329 20141206_7330 20141206_7332 20141206_7334

Aren’t they cute!?!  This last one I assume would have been a votive candle holder. I’m in love with the pink velvet on it. I’m going to have to make a tea cup one with the pink velvet for myself. I just need to find the right cup.

I put a bit of steel wool inside the batting so the pins get sharpened with use.  I used E6000 to glue the cup to saucer; those babies aren’t going anywhere.

I’m off to load up my van to be ready for the morning.

What are you doing today?

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Loom knitting experimentation

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. So often I see something that I fall in love with and want to create for myself and the link either goes now where or just to the photo of the thing I was enamored with in the first place even if it clearly stated that it was a tutorial. This is where the experimentation takes over. I see my goal…now I need to figure out how to get there.

I’m continuing to experiment with  different stitches and patterns on my knifty knitter loom. I saw a really cool dish scrubbie on Pinterest but the link did no good. After studying the photo a bit I came up with my version.20141206_7331

I honestly don’t know the terminology for all the stitches…I am a visual learner.

If you are here actually looking for the pattern I will sum up what I did in “Halle speak” and hopefully it will make sense. :)

Using 2 skeins, cast on all 24 pegs continuing the circle as if making a hat. Knit 20 rows. Bind off. Close both ends of tube and flatten. I sent the strings from one side through to the other and tied them off so it would stay flattened.

So maybe after all my complaining…I’m guilt as well.  I have no step by step directions. Good luck!

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T Tuesday: Tea for two edition

tea for two

Mini-me (otherwise known as Little J) and I had morning “tea” yesterday since they had yet one more day off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I had tea, she had cocoa with a generous portion of Redi-whip leftover from pumpkin pie time.

We had two Thanksgivings…one at my in-laws and one here with my mom. I completely missed T stands for Tuesday last week. We were just too busy with everyone off including Mr. G. Today I have the house to myself…except for Gracie…she’s snuggled in my bed. Darn cat…sleeping the day away after keeping me up fighting for space in the bed.

I wish I could just sit and be lazy today but I need to get caught up on errands.

Hopefully I’ll have some more art to share real soon. I started a painting a few days ago but am not excited about it so far…I set it aside to wait for inspiration.

One more craft sale next week. A little impromptu sale at my mom’s senior building. She’s handing out flyers to all of her friends and Bingo buddies.

What are you doing today?

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November Art Calendar complete

I’m totally on time this month! Even a day early a few might say.

november complete

December is ready to go…


All that is left of this challenge is binding the calendar pages into the book I selected. I have a plan in my head…lets just see if it translates to reality in the same way.

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They had charm

Another day of playing…well, not the whole day…not even close.


Today I worked my white journal. It’s getting pretty full. I’m definitely going to need to remove some more pages.


I’m continuing my love affair with pattern envelopes. The old images are simply wonderful.

I’ve also been going crazy with the washi tape. I finally got out my new dispenser…purchased last year about this time and hidden for Christmas…then forgotten. Nice. I got mine at Costco for WAY less $$ than Amazon has it listed.


I kept with the sewing theme and used a bit of a very old measuring tape as an accent. The sunburst was an unused piece from a graduation card that has been floating around on my desk for quite some time. Never throw anything away! No, don’t listen to me…things need to be tossed otherwise you’ll end up getting a dumpster or two next time you move.

I also broke out the dimensional paint for some texture and bling. I had it out for J to decorate a mask for school. They are reenacting the masquerade ball from Romeo and Juliet in his English class.

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