They had charm

Another day of playing…well, not the whole day…not even close.


Today I worked my white journal. It’s getting pretty full. I’m definitely going to need to remove some more pages.


I’m continuing my love affair with pattern envelopes. The old images are simply wonderful.

I’ve also been going crazy with the washi tape. I finally got out my new dispenser…purchased last year about this time and hidden for Christmas…then forgotten. Nice. I got mine at Costco for WAY less $$ than Amazon has it listed.


I kept with the sewing theme and used a bit of a very old measuring tape as an accent. The sunburst was an unused piece from a graduation card that has been floating around on my desk for quite some time. Never throw anything away! No, don’t listen to me…things need to be tossed otherwise you’ll end up getting a dumpster or two next time you move.

I also broke out the dimensional paint for some texture and bling. I had it out for J to decorate a mask for school. They are reenacting the masquerade ball from Romeo and Juliet in his English class.

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Art journal shenanigans

Having a bit of fun in my door journal today. Nov 19 2014Bits and pieces….accumulation. Found text. Paint, pens and stamps. Ah, the fun and freedom in creating.

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T Tuesday: knitting edition

Happy Tuesday! T stands for Tuesday_200

I snapped a photo at dark:30 of my morning coffee spot.dark 30

The coffee is gone and I’ve moved on to tea. This polar vortex is the pits. It feels like January outside…heck, in the house too.  Cold seeping in everywhere. It’s going to be a L…O…N…G winter if this keeps up.

The cold temps have me thinking about knitting. Not just thinking…doing.20141118_7269After some experimentation with my own pattern and a you tube video on stretchy binding off…I completed these boot cuffs. I know they fit a tweener size girl but I am waiting on a friend who has average size calves to see if they fits her. Too tight on me to be comfortable but I have those wonderful large Norwegian calves made for trudging through the snow along the fjords. 

So I mentioned that I did some experimentation. I found out two ways not to make boot cuffs. But I made use of them anyway. Two new American Girl hats ready to hit my etsy store just in time for Christmas shopping.


Today is a stay-home day…lots on the list…likely a bit of knitting too.

What are you doing today?

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Calendar catch up

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that I never showed my October calendar completed nor had I even made my November. Geesh…talk about falling behind.

oct finished

I love the colors of Fall…warm and cozy.

My November page I’m not so fond of…the color dried my lighter and more pinkish than expected. But I’m just going to roll with it. I totally forgot to photograph November before writing on it….oh well. It’s a sneak preview.


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T Tuesday: Veterans Day edition

snow teaHappy Tuesday! It’s Veteran’s Day here in the USA. Time to remember and pay tribute to those who have served and are still serving in our armed forces.

Here’s my favorite veteran…my dad…in 1946.3-3-2013 12-35-3_051 edit

Below is the original scan of the slide image.

3-3-2013 12-35-3_051

I’m thrilled I was able to coax the colors back to a more natural look. What a difference.

As for the rest of my day…I’ll be home catching up on housework and shoveling out the end of the driveway. I’d forgotten that it needs to be widened at the end…if it doesn’t we windup with a very narrow driveway once the snow is several feet deep at the street.

What are you doing today?

EDIT: I almost forgot…my second sale went well. I sold out of one item and nearly of another. It was a good day.

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A day of firsts

For the first time in a very long time…since August I think…I created an art journal page. No question LOVE

I noticed after completion that my color scheme is leaning toward Christmas. It must be that we are getting our first snowfall this season.  They say it’s going to be a big one too!

Little J was supposed to leave on her first overnight field trip this morning but they postponed due to weather. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the disruption.

I’ve already shoveled the driveway once and I know it’s only the first of many.

This also is the first blog post that wasn’t a T stands for Tuesday post in quite sometime. I’m getting back on track…hopefully.

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T Tuesday: one down, one to go edition

T stands for Tuesday_200

Happy Tuesday!


After my endless talk about creating a craft sale inventory, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the event last Saturday. craft sale 2014It started out really slow…I was genuinely getting worried….but then it picked up. I sold quite a bit and got such wonderful comments. Little J helped me for the first couple hours and then left with my in-laws.

One more sale on Thursday! I’m really excited for this one. Last year was great, so I’m hopeful that with much better weather this year (no blizzard) it will be even more successful.

I’m off to vote, errands and knitting…for the first time in ages for the knitting. Hope I remember how. ;)

What are you doing today?

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