Everything glowed

Yesterday afternoon while searching for my heart shaped journal….which I still haven’t found…I came across 2 art journals I had started years ago. One is almost full and the second only has a handful of pages complete.

The large butterfly image fell into my lap as I was digging around through my stash. I decided it was high time that I used it.everything glowed

I began with gesso and paint for the background in greens and yellow. Sort of thinking rainforest  backdrop. After it dried I was convinced that it needed more color and texture. Out came the gelatos! I’m loving them…my new favorite supply! everything glowed closeup

I went over top with a little more paint sponged through a bit of punchenella.  I searched my bin of found text until some words spoke to me.

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Beyond the veil

More Gypsy journal play yesterday. I started with acrylic paints and ended with gelatos.

I used masking tape down the center of the pages to help protect from moisture bleeding through to the rest of the book. I ripped off way to long of piece so I ripped it up and stuck it randomly on the pages. I added the mesh tape as more texture before giving a light coat of gesso to the entire page.beyond the veil texture

I started with pinks and purples…then added the circles in yellow. After it was dry I went back and started layering on some blue hues. All of this with my fingers. I have so much more control with my fingers and the paint flows and melds so nicely together.beyond the veil

After drying again I decided it was too blue so I came back in with some gelatos to highlight some of the pink and purple peeking through the blue. I also enhanced the circles with a couple shades of yellow.

This journal has me writing and thinking deeply. Perhaps it’s a stage in my life…getting older…seeing my kids getting closer to leaving the house than the cradle.

Or perhaps it’s writing with a nib pen and ink that inspires me. My grandpa used to write his sermons with a nib pen. I have a couple pages of sermon notes in my treasures. My handwriting is very similar to his. Genetics are amazing!

Halle and GrandpaMe and grandpa…circa 1974

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T Tuesday: new supplies edition

Hey, it’s Tuesday…you know what that means… T stands for Tuesday_200I am so excited about the new supplies I ordered. I’ve had them on my wish list for quite some time. T Tuesday new suppliesI’m already having fun playing with them. Yesterday, I used my gelatos to create this background. So much fun!!

I’ve also used the bubbles stencil with some molding paste and sprays on the cover of my Watkins journal. Amazing what turns up when you start organizing.watkins coverwatkins cover

Look at the fun texture!! watkins coverwatkins cover

I used a vintage map of Hawaii as the first layer to cover the bright orange covers of the original cook book. Why Hawaii? you ask… Why not?!?!  I love the colors on the back…kind of wish it were the front. watkins journal

Here’s a little recap of the pages inside. It certainly was a quick little journal to fill.

While admiring my new supplies…I had a friend join me for tea….gracie

Oh so helpful cat when trying to work and get organized. “Here let me sit on your lap so you may have the privilege of petting me.”gracie

She’s not so happy to get her photo taken. Just look at that crabby face. Likely because I stopped petting to take the photo.

I’ve got grocery shopping on list today…

What are you doing today?

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Dream a little dream

I’m loving my new clutter free work zone. I’m working very hard at putting things back where they belong when I’m finished. I’ve also been purging some items that I will never in a millions years use. Mostly items that I’ve picked up at sales…when you get a whole box lot of things for one price. Sometimes you find real treasures but others…ick…awful cutesy scrapbook supplies from the really early days.

Another reason for me to keep things clutter free and organized is that I’ve gotten a few new supplies and they of course need a home. I’ll tell you more about those tomorrow…I know…such a tease.dream a little dream

I will show you the journal page from yesterday though. I used one of my new supplies on the background. Can you guess what it may have been?dream a little dream

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New journal page

I’m continuing to be drawn to my new Gypsy jounral. I’m going with the flow…letting it happen naturally. This is not a favorite page in it’s entirety but I am fond of parts of it.blossom jounral pageI feel as if I could have married the two pages better for a more unified look.

For some reason the flower makes me think of an artichoke…not a fully mature one but it has that shape in my mind. Or perhaps if an artichoke and a water lily had a love child…this would be the product.

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Rusting fabric

This is not a new technique for me. I’ve rusted fabric in the past. The only difference is that is was summer and much more pleasant to be outside.  The random results of rusted fabric have always appealed to me. I felt as if it was time to make some more. I keep my rusty bits in the shed safely bagged up. Since I was already outside attempting to scrape the driveway free of ice, sleet and snow..it was the perfect time to make a few rust bundles.

I brought out a torn dishcloth as fodder for my project. I used my ice covered garbage can as a work surface…not ideal but it worked. It was just too darn cold to bother setting up a proper table.

rusting fabric

After this round of rusting my brake shoes will need to be replaced. Luckily I have a good source for those. :)

rusting fabric

For my final and smallest bundle I emptied all the rusty bits left in the plastic bag down the center and rolled it up.

rusting fabric

Two bundles I tied and the third I just tucked the loose end inside.

rusting fabric

I placed all 3 bundles in a new plastic bag and added what ever snow and ice I could scrape off the top of the garbage cans for moisture. The bundle will live in the garage until I get too inpatient to wait any longer. I’ll be sure to share the results.

I must add that you need to wear gloves when handling rust.

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What?? A clean work desk!!

Our little kitchen fire this weekend got me thinking about how quickly accidents happen and what a giant fire hazard I had going on at my work desk. I didn’t take a before photo…I really should have but I just dove in head first to cleaning. I got my main work area totally cleaned up and a good dent on the “standing workspace”.

Of course, whenever I get it cleared off it calls to me to create.20150211_7438

I completed journal page #2 in my new journal which I have nicknamed my Gypsy journal due to the title of the book. I didn’t like the spelling of it though so I changed it. My book, my rules.

I was a really good girl and cleaned up all of my materials when I was done with my journal page including washing up my glass paint palette which happens to be a vintage art deco style pickle & olive tray. I picked it up at Goodwill last week and only after cleaning the price sticker off did I notice that one handle was broke. I couldn’t take it back at that point so I decided to repurpose it. It works really quite nice having 3 different wells to work from. And it’s stylish too. 20150211_7440

The cold wind howling outside made this journal page possible.

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