T Tuesday: canvas edition

I’m a little late for T stands for Tuesday again. I went to set mom’s hair this morning then stopped by knitting for a bit. Those ladies are so funny sometimes! The stories they have to tell…wowsers…had me blushing this morning. HA!caribouYesterday I had mentioned that I’d been painting a lot. In fact I was almost late for my study group because I lost track of time.

heartstringsThis one I call Heartstrings. It didn’t come out exactly like I had in my head but I still really like it.  It’s on a 12×12 canvas. There are many layers and lots of texture.

ocean abstractThis is the one that had me almost running late yesterday. I hadn’t intended on an abstract landscape but that’s how it ended up. This is a 6×6 deep edge canvas. I picked up a 4 pack at Micheal’s last week. It’s a perfect size for me.

bold intentionsThis is my favorite. I call it Bold Intentions. I used a palette knife to create the red drag marks down the left.

I’m heading to lunch now with a friend so I’ll be back to catch up with my blog friends later this afternoon.

What are you doing today?

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Painty fingers

Always a great way to start out the day…paint handI’ve been very inspired lately by paint and canvas.  I have 3 canvases drying. Wow! That has never happened.  Can’t wait to show them…

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T Tuesday: mixed media edition

I’m slow at getting my post up today for T stands for Tuesday. I decided that I really needed to get to the gym…for the first time in longer than I’d like to admit. I certainly knew it when I got there…yikes. Out of breath and out of shape.

I also stopped by for a visit with my knitting group…it’s been a while since I’ve been there as well. In fact, they had a new member. It’s always fun to meet someone new with like interests.

So yesterday I was compelled to create something for a friend. I haven’t given it to her yet but she has so much on her plate at the moment that I know she’ll never stop by here before I get it to her. 20140407_4574Here’s the finished piece…20140408_4575Thanks for stopping by today.

Just an FYI…I generally don’t answer T Tuesday comments with a personal email back but I do visit and leave comments on the blogs listed if I am able.

What are you doing today?

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T Tuesday: April Fool’s edition

Holy smokes…its April already! We’re a quarter of the way through 2014.  I better get myself in gear with my get healthy initiative. monster smoothieGreen monster smoothie…check. I already finished my coffee for the day and what would T stands for Tuesday be without a beverage.

Mother Nature decided to play a trick on us.

Here we have yesterday…yesterdayAnd today…todaySnow…wind…sub zero “real feel” temps. Booooo!!

Another trick I noticed after being up for 2 hrs was this…no foolingAn ugly bruise at the base of my thumb joint. I think maybe it was partially dislocated…I adjusted the joint. It still doesn’t hurt,  just feels weird. No clue…I guess I’ll wait it out for a day or so and see what comes of it.

An last but not least…I have to share this photo Little J took the other day.magic pawWhat’s even more amazing to me is that she took it with an iPad mini. No foolin’!

I also thought I’d direct you to our flubber results if you hadn’t already seen them.

I’m going to go ice my thumb a bit before visiting the link list over at Elizabeth’s blog.

What are you doing today?

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Calendar challenge

I’m keeping up!! I’m so excited that I dove in and took this art calendar challenge hosted by Kate over at thekathrynwheel.blogspot.com.

First I’ll show my completed March calendar. See… something every day. March completeAnd I’m on time with my April calendar too! April calendarReally pastel and spring like. You can’t see it but the page is very rough from a new gesso brand I bought so we’ll see how that works out for writing on all month.

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Journal rant exposed

A couple days ago I had something that was eating me up…interfering with my entire day. Someone that I care about…not living in my house…but that I care about…had hurt me once again.  After supper, I decided to do what always helps me…WRITE.  Just get it out. A simple rant.  An unloading of all the bottled up ick. Spill it out on the page…and so I did.rant blurredIt’s funny because as I write I see myself working through it in my mind. Of course…you…cannot see it since I blurred it. Sorry…personal stuff…no peeking.

So today…feeling much better I painted over my rant. I still know its there. I know what it says. It helped, so it can now become something positive.

let it goThese words of wisdom come from the recent Disney movie “Frozen“. If you’re not familiar with it here’s the song that inspired the end product of this page.  Both the song and movie are a new favorite in our house.

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Messy kids stuff

Ok, in the grand scheme of things…this wasn’t that messy at all.  Little J spotted this recipe for homemade flubber on Pinterest.20140325_4531I was careful to use glass bowls and disposable plastic spoons to begin with.

20140325_4532After pouring off the excess water…it was time to dig in with my hands…at least I remembered to take off my wedding ring. ;)

20140325_4534Little J thought it looked like I was having way too much fun with her flubber so she traded off the camera to me.

20140325_4537We made the flubber a pale lavender color that doesn’t show terribly well in the photos.20140325_4538Finally it was time to play. The flubber is more viscus than silly putty and a little wetter feeling. It’s a solid that behaves as a liquid. Some cool science going on there.

Of course, I had to show the kids that when stuck in a jar with any air gap, pushing on it makes the most satisfying “toot” noise.  You know…passing gas…breaking wind. I’ve always used the word “toot” instead of the version of that word that starts with and f and ends with a t.  I hate that word….not sure why but it just irks me…even more so when I hear young kids saying it. There, now you’ve just learned another quirk of Halle…you’re welcome.

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