A second look: Asian theme altered book

I decided to dig deep in the blog history for Second on the 2nd this month.


I’ve been scattered lately when it comes to art…a big part of me thinks that the “old days” when I participated in many more swaps and round robins….before postage got too out of hand…I was forced out of my comfort zone and in the process grew as an artist.

This post was definitely from those days. Have a look…


I completed my pages for the latest book I received in my current round robin.

The original drawings from the book were hand-painted by me with watercolor crayons. The chopsticks were shorten by breaking then shaping them in a pencil sharpener before a slight bit of whittling and sanding.

The bamboo was drawn then painted by yours truly. The fortune reads “The luck that is ordained for you will be coveted by others”

I’ve never done any Asian themed art before…at least not consciously. I did do a mixed-media painting a while back that ended up having an Asian flare.


Hope you enjoyed this second look at my post from January 2008

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2015 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt wrap up

Here we are at the end of summer…well, at least the end of the 2015 Summer photo Scavenger hunt hosted by Rinda.

At my last check in I had over half of the items on the list as well as the alternates.

2015photo hunt 1

I am so happy to say that I have completed the list!! Hooray! I love being able to check something off a list. In fact…secret coming…I write stuff on my to-do list after doing it just so I can cross it off. Yeah…I have a problem.

The remainder of the items are as follows….

4. People playing a board game or card game

game time

a rousing game of Scattergories Categories

6. A metal bridge

metal bridge 1

This first photo was taken while passing a company that builds metal bridges. We passed it at least three times so on the last time I had passed of my phone off for someone to snap the photo at my direction.

metal bridge 2

I think this may have been one from that same company in real world use.

8. Someone “plugged in” to social media

plugged in

Sad but true…computer in the van.

11. A cellular tower or television satellite dish

cell tower

Along the interstate…

14. A traffic signaltraffic signal

Rural central Minnesota gas station with really old pumps and the craziest items for sale in a convenience store I’ve ever seen. It was like an episode of Hoarders with price tags complete with a literal path to the “customers only” restroom. Yikes!

15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it

three flags

Ok I’m taking a little liberty with this one…but it was REALLY HARD to find.

18. An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle

overloaded 1

Two examples on the interstate…The first some big piece of farm equipment

overloaded 2

And this one was just crazy and freaked me out when it came into view. I saw this white truck in my lane ahead of me suddenly.  AWH!!!! But it was being towed by another truck piggy backing on the lead truck.  WHAT?!?!  I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Photos taken while on the road were taken by my kids…thanks you two!!  Safety first. :)

21. A photograph of you with a sign reading “2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt”. Note: you may not use a substitute for this item.


This was great fun! I’m already looking forward to playing along next year! Special thanks to Rinda for once again hosting this great summer challenge.

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T Tuesday: abbreviated edition

Hello and welcome to an extremely abbreviated edition of T stands for Tuesday hosted by the one and only Elizabeth. I must admit this is a scheduled post. As you read this Tuesday morning, I’ll be sitting in a waiting room as my mom has cataract surgery.

I thought I’d share a sweet little tea set my my mom picked up for a song at the annual garage sale in her building.

mini tea set | Halle's Hobbies

It’s so cute and so tiny…I really should had set a coin out for reference.  The entire plate is perhaps 6 inches across at the widest point.

Fingers crossed that next week I’ll be here in full capacity …school has started…things should be settling down.

What are you doing today??

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T Tuesday: vacation edition

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday where we share a beverage and catch up a bit.

T stands for Tuesday

Summer is winding down. The back to school preparations have begun. Orientation, picture day, curriculum night.

But before that happened we got out of town for a few days. The weather was a scorcher the day we arrived…105°F heat index. All we could think of was jumping in the lake. It was delightful!!

resort 1

The evening ended with a beautiful sunset.

We woke the next morning to overcast skies and rough water.

resort 3

The kids did their best to try out the activities, I even did the stand up paddle board for a bit. The waves made it a bit more challenging.  Even a bad day by the lake is a better day than at the usual grind.

The following day was even more windy and rough water to start the day. I don’t even have photos of that. The lake looked and sounded more like the ocean with the crashing waves.

But then something wonderful happened. The wind calmed, giving way to another beautiful evening.

resort 2Hot dogs were roasted. Marshmallows were toasted. A lovely final evening for our mini vacation. The rest of the extended family were staying a few more days…we had to hurry home for the aforementioned school preparations.

The kids and I also made it to a local pub yesterday for their Monday special…2 for 1 appetizers and drinks all day.

pub 1

The calamari was delish!!

pub 2

I chose to sit at lucky table #13.

More school stuff today and hopefully I’ll get some salsa canned as well. I have a ton of tomatoes!!

What are you doing today?

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Time to go

Nothing like waiting to the last minute or the final hour to work on the Art Journal Journey theme for this month… TIME

Art Journal Journey

Honestly I wasn’t working directly towards the theme but after placing the focal image down the idea that she was in a hurry came to mind. Then it was just a point of find the right words to fit her look.

Time to go Art Journal Journey entry| Halle's Hobbies

I find it ironic that the happens to be an ermine on the page….part of the weasel family…often associated with being sneaky. Fun how things work out sometimes.

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What a surprise!!

I came back from a wonderful mini vacation to a surprise in my mailbox…I've been published again! Somerset Holidays & Celebrations |Halle's Hobbies

Thanks once again to Stampington & Company for choosing to publish more of my cards. Now that explains why I hadn’t gotten all of them back in the previous package. :)

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T Tuesday: harvest edition

Hello! I made it for T stands for Tuesday…I was beginning to think that I’d be missing it until school starts. I still won’t guarantee I’ll be here every week but I’ll certainly try my level best to join in the fun.

T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's Hobbies

I’ve been collecting seeds from my Cleome plant now that I know what it’s called. I’m guessing there will be a bunch of volunteers starting under the deck next Spring though since so may seed pods broke open before I noticed.

T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's Hobbies

Look at the pretty tomatoes on the vine. I’ve been having Caprese salad for lunch each day. The fresh mozzarella likely isn’t the best for the waistline but you’ve got to eat those tomatoes when they are at their peak!

T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's Hobbies T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's Hobbies

This was my harvest photos from the last two days! YUM!! Look at that ridiculous cucumber though…I finally just picked the dumb thing since it’s been that size for a week.

T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's HobbiesI also so happy with the way my little flower garden is doing this year…

T Tuesday: harvest edition| Halle's Hobbies

The pots are so nice and full.

Little J and I are off to the salon to get haircuts in a little while. I’m thinking I’m going to get 5-6 inches cut off. I’m tired of constantly having my hair in a ponytail or bun. Big J just endured almost 2 hours in the orthodontist chair this morning…poor kid.  We’ll have to bring home him some ice cream to sooth his sore mouth.

What are you doing today?

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