Just a quick journal page for today… Needed a little art therapy.

focus on the important

The words…a reminder.

focus on the important

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday! This week I wanted to share the progression of a painting…from blank canvas to hanging on the wall.

size comparision

I’ve had a 30×40 inch canvas standing in the corner for a good month waiting for me to get inspired or brave. My original thought when I got the canvas (at 70% off) was to do another poppy painting. After some time had passed, my excitement for more poppies dwindled.

Since last week we had a couple of simply perfect Fall days, I decided to set up outside. I tried to hang it, brace it, stand it etc but in the end I set up on the ground on a sheet with it leaning against a tree. I used latex wall paint…I know…crazy right?! But I had 5 small partially used cans of paint tucked away in the storage room.

I started out using brushes and a large plastic lid as my palette…soon I was dipping my hands directly in the cans.

painting progression

At this point I knew things has gone terribly wrong…I hated every single bit of the painting. I went in, washed up my hands and grabbed my phone to snap the photo. I decided that this was going to be a good learning experience.

Next I got the garden hose…yep…the hose. I sprayed off the still wet paint and scrubbed the canvas with a rag.

painting progression

It was already looking better and had some amazing texture. I left it to dry for a good hour and thought about what I might want to do next. Since I was experimenting I thought it was a good time to use the brayer I bought over a decade ago and still hadn’t used.  Keeping the rule of thirds in mind I painted the bottom two-thirds a grey tone and the top off-white being careful not to completely cover the background.

painting progression

I then added some red iron oxide (actual artist paint) then some little touches of black craft paint with a palette knife. At this point I was totally happy. I let it dry completely and brought it inside. It stood in the livingroom for a couple of days and kept bugging me…I liked it but…  Finally, one evening staring at the painting while chatting on the phone with a friend, I envisioned something curving down through the empty space…but what? Circles of course…I love circles!!

30x40 abstract acrylic painting

The next morning I added the circles at the kitchen table. I was so excited about the way it looked I couldn’t even wait for it to dry before photographing and posting to social media.  I had to stand on a chair to get the whole canvas in frame. 🙂

painting progression

And here it is on the wall above our bed. In reality, it’s hung a little to high but I was just reusing the nails already in the wall. The previous framed print we had there was a little larger, I also really want to repaint our bedroom…since the painting doesn’t especially “go” with the icy blue wall color…it’s a good excuse to make that happen.

t tuesday new wine

I congratulated myself for a job well done with a glass of new kind of wine. I almost forgot to snap a photo before it was gone.  It was a prosecco in a lovely gold bottle. Honestly I think I bought that particular one totally based upon the pretty bottle. It was good but not something I’d bother with very often.

Tuesday has the last volleyball game of the season and the first choir concert of the year. A day of firsts and lasts. I’m excited for both! At least they are in the same building and won’t overlap time wise. Of course, fitting dinner in for all will be a challenge.

What are you doing today?

Over the weekend I decided to dig deep into my supplies for a bit of “use it or lose it” type of editing.  Not surprisingly my inner art supply hoarder found use for these items so I wouldn’t be able to justify getting rid of them.

fall is marvelous art journal page

I used torn bits of scrapbook papers, book page, mod podge, craft and distress paints, glimmer mists, fine glitter and embossing powder to cover the textured card stock. Honestly I wasn’t sure at this point if I’d gone WAY too far with it.

After layering the fabric, scrapbook paper and silk leaf I knew the page could be salvaged.  I dug out some leaf shaped brads then heated and dipped them in several shades colors of embossing powder until I achieved the desired look. The framed letters were leftover from the title I made but never used on the cover of my Vintage Fashion altered book. The “L’s” are in reality “I’s” but you’d never have even known that had I not blabbed it to you.

fall is marvelous art journal page

Once I adhered the page into my scrapbook journal I noticed how great these two dark pages fit together…love it when things work out like that.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey again for Autumn.

Art Journal Journey

I’m happy to say my quilt top is complete! I’ve set my sewing aside for a little bit…I’m sure it won’t last too long but it is nice to have my sewing table free of clutter again.

scrap quilt top complete

It’s a throw quilt not a bed size. We are a family who likes to curl up on the couch or chairs. There are always the couple favorite blankets such as this flannel one I made a gazillion years ago and the least favorite one, a small crochet throw made with acrylic yarn. It was made by my great aunt and I haven’t had the heart to get rid of it even though it matches nothing, isn’t that warm and no one really likes it.  I’m staking claim to this new one as soon I finish it…at least for the first few snuggles.

quilt label perhaps

I ended up with 2 extra blocks that I cut and resewed to make this small block that I’m thinking I want to use as a quilt label. I’ve never labeled any of my quilts in the past and now kind of wish I had. I have a hard time remembering exactly when I created most of them. I’m not sure what sort of pen I should use to write along the white fabric. Obviously I know it needs to be a fabric marker but I also need to make sure it doesn’t bleed or fade. Any suggestions?

dark coffee or coffee in the dark

I was contemplating the backing for the quilt this morning while having my coffee and making lunches. I have a bedsheet that I dyed long ago as a tablecloth in our first house. My folks had given us a large table to use but it was not very pretty and was extra wide. A bedsheet seemed the most affordable option of a tablecloth at the time. I also am thinking about the binding…I’m thinking scrappy might be fun for that as well but only if I sew a plain border all the way around the outside to give some rest to the eyes. Oh well…it’s not like I have to decide yet but Winter is coming.  🙂

I’ve got a few pesky household chores on the list for today but first I’m going to go for a walk…got to enjoy these warm Fall days while I can!

What are you doing today?

While sorting through photographs I came across one of a Hen-n-Chick succulent that I snapped a couple of years ago. Actually, right about this same time of year. The colors were reflecting those of the great outdoors even though they were that color all year long.

everything has beauty art journal page

Now these succulents aren’t necessarily what one would consider “beautiful” in the classic sense. I do feel that they have a certain beauty especially in the mathematical sense. Or perhaps that would be more of a fractal. I’m not sure anymore other than I know that the pattern is pleasing to the eye.

Once again I have layers upon layers. I started with a piece of scrapbook paper this time. I kind of threw the proverbial “kitchen sink” at this one. I have book page, washi tape, salvaged cardboard that was run through my Cuttlebug, glimmer mists, leather, printed tag, paints, phrase sticker, staples and white pen…oh an let’s not forget the photograph.

My colors fit into the Autumn theme over at Art Journal Journey again. Did I mention I love Fall?!?

Art Journal Journey

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Since yesterday’s “art therapy” session went so well for me and left me in better spirits, I opted to book another appointment for myself in my artspace. I grabbed the second sheet of scrap, drip paper on my workdesk, cut it down to 7×7 so it would eventually fit in my scrapbook-turned art journal.

Fall, warm colors are my go-to palette. This could be part of the reason I love Fall so much. The outside reflects my favorites.

Sight and Sound of Fall art journal page

I layered torn pieces of my scraps until I was happy then added paint in layers over the top to blend.

Sight and Sound of Fall art journal page

I did a little bit of journalling off to the side about my love affair with Fall.

autumn art journal pages

Two pages in two days…I like how they complement each other yet have a very different look to each.

Once again, linking up with Art Journal Journey for Autumn!

Art Journal Journey

It’s been a couple of no good, rotten days. I decided that a little art therapy was in order.

I was starting to clear off my workspace when I noticed a paint splattered, stamped and ink stained piece of paper. I decided this should be the base of my journal page. It was a bit of a metaphor for me….turning something ugly and messy around.

wonderful day art journal page

As I was creating I was jotting down words on the page…feelings…thoughts…

A mind dump.

The amazing thing is that it helped. I covered my words as now that I’ve dumped them, it was time to make a fresh start. A better day. In the end…It’s a wonderful world….we just need to remember to look for the good and not dwell in the crap.

I’m linking up with Art Journal Journey again for the Autumn theme.

Art Journal Journey

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