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T Tuesday: sale preview edition

Happy Tuesday!! Thanks for joining me for another edition of T stands for Tuesday.

T stands for Tuesday_200

Yesterday I set up my craft sale table to get a handle on what fits and how it should look. I  thought I’d share my wares with you.20141027_7216

This candle will likely look familiar to some as I have used it as my T Tuesday “beverage” in the past. I’ve decided to part with it after all….unless it doesn’t sell, of course. :)


Upcycled t-shirt baby bibs are a new item for me this year. I made a few for a friend who just had a baby and everyone loved them. So I decided it was a great way to upcycle some of those outgrown t-shirts.20141027_7210 20141021_7203

These bottle cap flowers are the 2.0 version of my original design.  Each one is unique…plus I get to use up a bunch of those beads that never seem to get used.table collage marked

I figured I’d just share the rest in a little collage since time is of the essence. I’m heading out to walk in a bit but I’ll be back in a while to visit.

What are you doing today?

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T Tuesday: walk, talk and craft edition

Happy Tuesday!  Time for another edition of
T Stands for Tuesday.T stands for Tuesday_200

Once again I come to you a little late since I was out walking this morning.20141021_7204

I, of course, had my favorite water bottle with me…never leave home without it. My friend and I have been making a habit of walking at least once a week so we can catch up. We used to see each other twice a week at other functions but that has changed.IMG_2500It was funny because even after walking and talking the whole time, we stood in the parking lot and chatted since we still had more to say.  20141021_7201I’ve been busy at crafting too…more inventory. Today I think I’m going to pull out my boxes and see exactly what I have ready to go. It always feels like a lot but you just don’t know what will be the “hot ticket” item each year. I’m in love with the sideways spool ornament. I may have to keep that one for myself as I used some scraps to create it. It is definitely OOAK.

What are you doing today?

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Projects complete and in progress

I’m feeling accomplished today….I look around and see many projects coming together quite nicely.

Most of all with a painting I started a couple weeks ago.  Amidst the massive craft inventory effort I’ve been putting forth, I starting craving art for art sake. Not for anyone else…just me. An outlet. Apron on and fingers smudged with paint.

circle of influenceI’ve named it Circle of Influence.

Some of the other crafts occupying my time….craft collage

My first sale of the season is Nov. 1st. Can’t wait!!

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T Tuesday: jam edition

T stands for Tuesday_200
Hey it’s Tuesday already….seems all I’m doing with my blog is T stands for Tuesday.  I’ve got to do something about that! Although I did finally finish and post my 2014 Summer Scavenger Hunt wrap-up…so I haven’t been completely lackadaisical with my blog.

tea and aloe

By the way, did anyone notice I changed the background of my blog? I’m thinking that a little more change is due but haven’t given it any brain cells yet.

See now I’m trying to justify things for you and me…silly girl. Anyway…on to the jam!


A while back I mentioned that I’d be making some Yellow Pear Tomato Jam with these babies… I’ve only made jam once before.

cooking jam

I was skeptical at this stage as to whether the jam would ever turn out. It seemed so juicy and not thick. It definitely cooked down though.


Ta-da…the finished product.  It’s a cross between a jam and a sauce in my opinion but that works just fine for pouring over Brie for a yummy appetizer.

This is the recipe I used: spicy yellow tomato jam.  I think I’d back off on the sugar a bit or add more jalapenos and maybe add pectin to thicken it a bit.

Just got back from a 3.5 mile walk with my friend….lost my favorite stocking hat with tassels. I’m going to have to retrace my steps.

What are you doing today?

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T Tuesday: busy bee edition

Good morning…It’s Tuesday already…time for another edition of T stands for Tuesday hosted by Elizabeth.

Once again I have been busy, busy. For starters…I made soap again last week.20141003_7103 20141005_7104
I used a new recipe so we’ll see how it turns out in a month.20141002_7087 20141007_7111

The days seem to be taken up with creating more Holiday inventory. I have lots of work-in-progress.  I get tired of working on the same thing over and over again so I switch off often. I think that’s part of my craft ADD self diagnosis.20141002_7090

There are always more cards to make. I’m obsessed. I love doing these mini collages.20141007_7109

This morning I met a friend for a walk at the arboretum.  It was a bit chilly, so I brought my mittens just in case. I hate having cold hands.

My other new obsession is my fitbit.20141007_7113

I’m working really hard to get my steps in each day. It’s nice to be just over 2000 from my goal by 9am.  It’s paying off according to the scale.

I’m going to help out my mom in a bit then do some more crafting. What are you doing today?

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September/October calendar pages

I’m only a couple days late this month. September got away from me at the end. September complete

We were very busy once again. I guess that is the new normal for us.october

Here we have October ready for all the activities to be entered.  I used Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons for the background. I tend to forget I have them but really enjoy the effect they give when used.

Now that the photo is posted I see that I neglected to actually write in the dates before photographing. Nobody’s perfect., right?!?!

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