T stands for Tuesday

We’re back from our 4th annual Mother Daughter retreat in Northern MN.


It was another great weekend.


We had a really cool cabin that we shared with approx 50 mothers and daughters. I think I heard there were around 250 of us total this weekend.


The weekend was filled with lots of activities such as hay rides,





farm animals


and of course, horse back riding.


Mini me had a horse named Patches


and mine was Quilta. It hard to tell without a frame of reference but this is a very tall horse but just a sweetheart to ride.

We also did some craft projects. Two projects came home unfinished as there just wasn’t enough time.

We did complete our fairy garden.IMG_1005

and a couple of stamped leather pieces.


We had a great time, over-indulged on treats, laughed, got soaked in the rain, walked countless miles up and down the hills at camp and slept very little.

Sounds like a blast huh?

Now that life has returned to normal, I’m trying to get back to eating healthy again.


I’ll start with this green monster smoothie. I have plans to walk with friends later this week. If it warms up enough today, I may walk or ride my bike over to Paisley Park to pay my respects.

What are you doing today?

I feel like I’m always behind in posting lately. Not sure why that is but it happens all too often in my opinion.

Last time at craft club,  I was trying to replicate this card that I had found many years ago in my dad’s room at the nursing home. It was such a sweet card with a clever design. I knew one day I wanted to try it for myself.


I decided to use a pack of cards from Michael’s that were color-coordinated as my base.


Of course this is just a start.

I’ve also started work on a commission. I’m making a scrapbook album from a children’s board book.


I started by ripping the printed images off all the pages.


So far I’ve only gotten the outside background papers in place. I realize that I can’t force it…either I’m feeling creative or I’m not. Evidently I’m not feeling scrapbooky right now. :)

Mini-me and I were out of town this past weekend for our annual mother daughter retreat. More on that tomorrow.

board3Look at this fantastic cutting board Big J made in school! He gave it to me for an early Mother’s Day gift.

It started as two planks of wood. One hickory and one oak. The mix of woods gives interest to the board.


It’s nice and thick…more of a butcher block. It’s beautiful.


I can’t wait to see what he makes next in the metals portion of this class.


Remember to be good to our planet today and everyday,

PS…stop by my friend Elizabeth’s blog today and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday!

Today also happens to be my wedding anniversary. 22 years! I’ve officially been married for half of my life. Wowsers!

wedding kiss

We eloped to Las Vegas…yes, lots of people do that…no, we weren’t drunk and yes, we planned it ahead of time and no, we weren’t married by Elvis.
He looked more like Friar Tuck….not even kidding…can’t make that stuff up.

Not many thought it would last since our courtship was so very short. Most were polite enough to keep their mouths shut about their doubts. Some friends…not so much. By the way…those impolite folk are no longer friends.

We came home to a small champagne celebration in our newly “furnished” apartment. (Note the moving box and folding chair)

wedding drinks

Now…here we are…half a lifetime later… a few moves, 3 cats, 2 kids, numerous vehicles, crazy storms, deaths, job changes, vacations, surgeries and celebrations in between.

Many things have happened along the way….the good, the bad and the ugly but what remains the same is the commitment we made as young twenty somethings to have and to hold, for richer and poorer, in sickness and health, til death do us part.

So what does today hold… Well it’s Tuesday…so the usual busy schedule prevails with a couple curve balls just to mix things up. We are planning on getting Chinese takeout tonight so there will be no cooking or cleaning involved. Hooray!

What are you doing today?

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday hosted by Elizabeth.

fusion breakfast

When I took this photo last week I was intending to show you both my Indian/Mexican fusion breakfast and my new journal. Turns out the journal is no longer mine. Mini-me came home and asked if Micheal’s had more like this one but with a J monogram. Lucky for her a whole alphabet of monogram letters came in the back of the journal. Looks like I’m out of a journal.

You may have noticed my announcement on the main page that I’m working on my site. I’m attempting to make it more user friendly with category pages as well as the main front page to find the newest content. I know I have some readers who could care diddly squat about my garden but came to see crafty projects. Hopefully this change will happen as I imagine.

Speaking of gardens…


my seedlings are coming along quite nicely even with the late start they got.  I have them in a large plastic bin with a clear top so that Marvin can’t get to them but they still get the grow light and sunshine from the patio door.


Look at that innocent face while he’s sleeping.


“No I wouldn’t cause any trouble”


Yes, yes he would. He’s definitely still a kitten…just a giant, clumsy kitten.

I’m off for my usual Tuesday craziness. I’ll get around to visiting eventually.

Until then….What are you doing today?

WIP Halle's HobbiesI am working at making some changes. I’ve had things very wonky a couple times already. Feel free to let me know if you see any bugs or anomalies as you browse.

 Thanks for your patience.

After completing the cover on my last art journal, I had some scraps of stamped tissue paper laying around. I layered the lovely brown tissue on the pages. This gave my background instant texture and an even more aged feel than the original pages already have.

dramatic colors | Halle's Hobbies

I really enjoy this color combo. It’s bold yet not something that makes you search for your sunglasses.

It didn’t occur to me until just now that this journal entry is very similar to a small canvas creation that adorns my livingroom.

dramatic colors | Halle's Hobbies

Someone is very curious about mom’s camera…

Halle's Hobbies

As I was saying…before my ADD had me running up to take a photo of the livingroom wall…this color combo is obviously something I like a lot. The complementary colors work so well and the black and white accents give a nice pop.

dramatic colors | Halle's Hobbies


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