Upcycled t-shirt scarf

While cleaning out my closet this week, I discovered this chartreuse t-shirt. It was destined to be donated¬† since I just couldn’t get used to the color on me.
I had seen a tutorial on Pinterest for a fringed t-shirt scarf so I figure…why not try it.

So back to my project. I cut the shirt below the arms then cut fringe about half way up the shirt.
I then tugged on each fringe until it stretched nicely giving it nice texture and movement.
And the completed scarf…
I think I can handle a splash of chartreuse much better than a whole shirt of it.
Sorry that each of my photos are a different hue. The actual color is somewhere in between this photo and the previous one.  Bad photo day for me and Photoshop can only do so much.


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