Recycled T-shirt bags


First of all, I have to admit that this is not my original idea. I’ve seen many versions of this on Pinterest.    box pleat

But after going through the kids clothes and coming up with 2+ garbage bags full to pass along to a friend, it inspired me to keep a couple school shirts for this project.

This project couldn’t be an easier. I turned the shirt inside out then stitched the bottom closed.  Next was the box pleat to create a flat bottom. Basically you sew perpendicular to the bottom seam at each corner. You end up with a triangle of fabric that is not usable bag space. Gosh, I think I’m making that more complicated than it really is!! Here’s a link that shows the process if I just confused you.

Anyway…then I turned the shirt back right side out and cut off the sleeves and made a scoop cut at the neckline. No pattern just start cutting. We all know what a plastic handle bag from the grocery or discount store looks like….that’s what you are going for in shape.

All in all, not too shabby for a few minutes work. It saved a couple of shirts from the rag pile since  they’d likely never be worn again.

Little J claimed the lime green one as soon as she returned home. It was her shirt to begin with so now it will continue to serve her in a different capacity.


  1. What a great project…bet you can’t stop once you get going!

    I saw something similar making a bag out of an old sweater (it might have been felted..I forget now)

    you make sewing sound easy 😉

  2. This is a really, really cute project. I would never have been able to cut so straight. Guess that’s why I tear everything, and this is definitely NOT a project you can tear. It was fun to watch and read how you made it, though.

    BTW, that e-mail addy is for your eyes ONLY.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. These would make great grocery bags! Put a little cardboard in the bottom for extra strength and all good. Much better than spending money on those bags in the store they sell.

  4. This is a great idea for some easy shopping bags! I tend to bring some along, but sometimes forget, … t’would be easy to have some of these in the car, just in case!

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