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Today for T stands for Tuesday I have a whole mess of things to talk about….now where do I start?!

Last week J got his braces off after nearly 4 years!! He looks so different…so grown up!! My friend Sandy sent him a care package of gooey sticky items for his indulgence after so long of abstaining. Thankfully he is my moderation kid and the treats will last a good long time.

I’ve continued to work on sorting and purging and reorganizing in several areas of the house since I had to move my sewing area to make room for the treadmill.  It went from this…

to this…

I love that I can walk/run anytime I want but have to admit that not having my sewing machine set up all the time is really going to cramp my creative style. I sew all the time!!!!! Eventually I will figure this out.  A temporary, easy set up station of some sort.

I finished everyone’s taxes just a few hours ago so I can mark that off my list. What a relief to have that chore done.

Let’s see what else….

I have taken some time to create a couple art journal pages in the midst of organizing. Neither are my favorites but its all about the process at times.

EDIT: I’m linking up with Art Journal Journey for this first journal page as suggested. Thanks Susi!

Art Journal Journey

I realizing that I’m missing using old books for my journals. I guess it’s my art ADD. I was so completely sold on loose leaf until…I wasn’t.  And so it goes.

The kids were really hoping for a snow day Monday morning…wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift after “springing forward” for Daylight Savings Time?!?  No such luck. The street was plowed curb to curb when I got up at 5:30 (the old 4:30)…ugh. That was fine with me I had plenty of items on my list to keep me busy…such as shoveling.

Check that one off the list. It actually ended up to be a beautiful sunny day. Even though the temps never crested the freezing point…the suns rays are warm enough to melt snow.

In addition to sorting my crafting life, I’m also doing a bit of sorting of old paperwork and junk…basically trying to find space for things that are actually important.

Buried at the back of the bottom filing cabinet drawer was a stack of DVDs. I honestly couldn’t even remember getting these…until I started watching them. OH my gosh!! So much fun to see the house I grew up in…relatives that have passed on….how awkward we all were in front of a first generation VHS camera.

One of our relatives was tech savvy back in the day and bought himself a video camera. He brought it to family functions to record them for posterity. At the time I was kind of mortified but now am so thankful for these recordings. I got so see and hear my dad again!  It was a little sad watching these videos but at the same time a gift. Seeing and hearing all the people that have passed on. Getting to show my kids a mini walk thorough of my childhood home. Having them laugh at me being young but still having the same mannerisms as I do now. Even better…seeing the exact same reaction from me as Mini-me has in the same situation. Laughter to tears and back again. So thankful for these awkwardly funny memories.

Tuesday holds errands and a couple appts as well as a college fair at the high school in the evening for us.

What are you doing today?

Just a quick post with my latest art journal page. I’ve got some neck/shoulder issues going on so sitting at the computer or sitting in general too long is very painful…so bear with me.

I was inspired by the new theme of Out and About over at Art Journal Journey this morning. I hadn’t even intended on doing anything creative today. Once I saw my neat as a pin work space I knew I just had to make a mess. 🙂

I didn’t have a plan as usual. I just knew I wanted to make a loose leaf page. It all started to fall into place for me as I added more media. The stacked paper and button flowers were not at all what I was going to use but my drawn and painted one just didn’t look like I wanted. Now I glad it didn’t. I like the whimsical touch these add. Since they seemed a bit oversized the words I found were perfect.

I made a bunch of paper pieced embellishments at craft club on Saturday evening. It’s a fun get together where we all bring our own thing to do and get to craft with friends. Now I have a stash for later projects.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey today.

Art Journal Journey

So far this month I wasn’t feeling the love for the color red. Maybe because from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day we are swimming in it. Finally, yesterday after doing some cleaning and organizing in my art space, I was inspired to create with a whole bunch red.

This is yet another loose leaf page that will go in my scrapbook journal.  I created on the back side of an ugly piece of scrapbook paper using two shades of red and a credit card to scrape it around.  Next I layered some German text from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale book. I find this ironic now as I’m totally obsessed with the TV show Grimm.

I also used a new art supply…it’s plaster casting cloth. I sprayed it with color mists before lightly distressing the edges. I like the texture it adds although it is messy. The plaster likes to flake off if you manhandle it a little too much.

I tried something new with rub-ons as well. I have a couple sheets of quotes that really don’t speak to me so I decided that using them as part of the background in a wildly random pattern would work quite nicely. I do love the effect and I’m not just throwing them out.

The photograph is mine…taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum several years ago. They have a beautiful rose garden…it looks and smells heavenly.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey for the tongue in cheek theme of Fifty Shades of Red.

Art Journal Journey

Once again I’m sharing a piece inspired by strong women.

be proud

Being feminine has nothing to do with strength or weakness. If you enjoy pretty dresses and hats…wear them! Carry yourself with confidence.

be proud

I felt my well dressed girl belonged strolling along on a beautiful summer day . Some mop-up baby wipes in grassy green fit the bill. I layered torn pieces then topped it off with a bit of white fabric to act as a base or perhaps a sidewalk for her to be stepping onto.

be proud

Linking up again with Art Journal Journey.

Art Journal Journey

I’ve tried drawing and painting people in the past with very little success. They generally were disproportionate and had really scary eyes. I mean truly frightening.  I decided to check a couple books on drawing out from the library to see if I could teach myself.

After paging through several step by step tutorials, I felt a had a much better grasp on the technique. Of course not being someone to make things easy on myself, I grabbed a “mop-up” piece of paper to begin sketching on. Perhaps I’m less intimidated by a messy garbage page than a blank white one.

Since the sketching of the girl went well, I decided to challenge myself further and attempt to paint her. be yourself

I had to be really careful not to get the paper too wet as it was only copy paper. You can see that I wrinkled up some of the fibers of the paper in her hair. Luckily I was able to get it to lay back down and not rib a hole in the page.be yourself

The words are from a Tim Holtz sticker pack. They fit my mood…being proud to be a woman and no one can take that away from me. And that’s as political as I’m going to get. 🙂

Linking up today with Art Journal Journey for Every page tell a story.

Art Journal Journey
Out of the mess of everyday life she finds a way to shine ~Hålle

I seem to be drawn to this color combo lately. The Bordeaux wines, creams, and Spring greens. Perhaps it’s from looking outside and only seeing bleak tones of white, grey and brown for the past few months.  I need something fresh yet a bit moody.
Dear Diary art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

Adding stitching and layers also seems to be right up my alley as well.  I can’t get enough texture!Dear Diary art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

I continue to challenge my machine to see how far I can push it. I used to be afraid to stitch on paper thinking I’d need a whole separate machine for my mixed media pursuits. I realized long ago that I was so very wrong.Dear Diary art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

I’m linking up with Art Journal Journey today with my Dear Diary journal page for the current theme of Every journal page tells a story.

Since a diary is very personal there are no actual words shown…they are all hidden. I know what is under the layers and that’s all that matters.

Art Journal Journey
Dear Diary art journal page | Halle's Hobbies
This page ended up in my scrapbook journal. I can’t say enough how much I love working in loose sheets.  It provides so much flexibility in mediums.

I was inspired to create this page after the Holiday choir concert J took part in at his school. The holiday concert is always a highlight of the season but this one felt a little more special. The school went through a rough time just a couple days before and this beautiful concert was a first step in healing and moving forward…erasing the ugly and replacing it with good.music shines through

Yes I know some of my letters are wonky. I’m totally ok with that. It shows yet another way we can turn things around,

The image is cut from a Thomas Kinkade Christmas card…it just worked perfectly to reflect my theme.

music shines through

I used my sewing machine to stitch it down.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey for the current theme of Light and Darkness.

Art Journal Journey

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