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As I continue to recover from a neck/shoulder issue…which incidentally is doing much better… *quickly knocks on wood* …work has slowly progressed on the crafty zone. Over the weekend Mr. G replaced this old florescent fixture over my workspace

with a new energy efficient and natural daylight color LED fixture.

It not only gives me better light but really cleans up the space.

As you can see I haven’t only spent time cleaning and organizing…I’ve been doing a bit of creating as well. I just can’t help myself. There are currently two work in progress pieces on my desk.

Tuesday has an afternoon appt and a giant pile of paperwork to complete on my desk since I’ve been pretty much avoiding the computer for going on two weeks! Although it has seemed to help.

What are you doing today?

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday…grab a cup and stay a while.

Last week I had a scheduled post as the boy and I were on a college visit. It was a dreary day but we enjoyed our time on campus very much.

As we were eating lunch in the dining hall, J said “I could see myself going here.” That’s good sign. This of course was just the first of several visits to different colleges that we plan to see. It’s a tiny very rural college, in fact they have a horse barn so students can stable their horse if they like. I can’t even make that up! It feels as if you are driving to the middle of nowhere. This thought had me giggling when we opened the info packet. The slogan on their brochure was “Welcome to the middle of somewhere”. Very clever!!

The other thing I mentioned in last weeks post was that I was getting a new washing machine…here it is! I’m super happy with it so far. I’ve been working at rearranging and purging a bit in my laundry room/craft room first in preparation and now after the fact.

Here’s a work in progress shot. So much stuff and so little space! Time to make some difficult decisions.

Two bags of books and a box of misc was easier than I thought to get rid of. I also threw away half a bag of random bits and pieces that weren’t worth donating and brought a small stack of papers and supplies to my crafty neighbor to share with her extended craft circle.

Ah yes…looking better! But now we just learned that my in-laws want to give us their treadmill….that means my sew table will have to be taken down and all my sewing supplies will need to find a new home…somewhere. It seems that my quest of organization and pairing down has only just begun.

I have done some crafting and a bit of art journaling. My latest journal page is in the previous post. I’ll share my crafty bits I made at craft club in another post.

That’s it for now. I have some errands to run today including a trip to Goodwill with my donations.

What are you doing today?

This post was meant to be published last week. That just didn’t happen so I’m presenting it this week for T stands for Tuesday. I must also confess that I’m scheduling this as I will be on a college visit with J. AAAHHHH…did I just say that!?! My first born can’t be ready for this right?!? Time…whoosh.

Anyway….back to the post.

I wanted to share a journal page that I started with the intention of fitting a challenge theme. I quickly took a sharp left and did my own thing.

I used a preprinted background in purple and gold….everything else just seemed to happen over the top.

Little bits of this and that…napkin, ribbon, trim and found text.

In the end even though my creativity went in a different direction I was very happy with the result.

Shortly after taking the photos of my newly created page I turned around and spied this…

Now you know the secret of my backdrop. It’s a barn wood frame I picked up at a garage sale. It is a perfect backdrop in my opinion for the majority of my projects.  

Currently the barn wood frame rests on the bottom of the plant cart…and Marvin rest upon it.  Soon the frame will have to move as I will be starting my seeds. I can’t wait for gardening!! We got a new LED grow light in the mail the other day that should help immensely with a full spectrum set of bulbs. I’ll likely share that in a later post. 

Until then Marvin is enjoying his new found sunning spot. Just look at those whiskers!!!!

The other thing I managed to do over the weekend was the reorganization of my primary work zone. I won’t show the rest of the area right now because it’s still kind of crazy! And frankly will be until at least next weekend…did I mention my craft room is my laundry room? My washing machine is on it’s very last leg…as in, I’m afraid to wash another load. Mr. G has replaced several parts over the years to keep it in service but alas this last repair would cost nearly what a new machine would so I have ordered a new one…delivery on Thursday.

So as I’m off visiting a college campus…what are you doing?

For several years I’ve wanted to join in with Karen of My Desert Cottage for her annual blog party but have missed it due to busy schedules. This year I finally made it!

My Desert Cottage

So without further ado….Welcome to Halle’s Hobbies!

I’d like to introduce myself for you first time visitors. I’m Halle, which is pronounced Holly. I know..it’s different. I’m am a self taught mixed-media artist from Minnesota. I’ve been crafting since I was a kid. Over the years I had played around with a little bit of everything…plastic canvas, embroidery, painting plaster ornaments, quilting and even tried scrapbooking when I had my first child. It wasn’t until I discovered altered art in 2005 that I realized I had a passion for art. I started blogging in April of 2007 on Blogger then eventually purchased my own domain and moved my blog to WordPress. So here we are today.

On with the tour…

I have a couple of creative areas in our house. I’m am very lucky that the family puts up with my creative chaos.

I’ll start with my art space.

where this blogger creates

It’s not fancy or sweetly decorated but it’s mine! Although I do share my space with the laundry, deep freeze and utility room. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not complaining. I’m lucky because I have room to spread out and bonus, I have a sink to wash hands and brushes!  I also have tons of storage for all my bits of this and that. Somehow I still find that I’m running out of room!

where this blogger creates

This is the view to the left of the previous shot. I keep my guillotine cutter on the clothes dryer. It happens to be a perfect height. The top of the file cabinet and the deep freeze have become storage spots as well. I’ve been organizing and purging bit by bit.  Slowly but surely I’ll get it finished.

Remember I mentioned my family being patient with my creative chaos…

where this blogger creates

This is my sewing table that resides in a tiny corner in our family room. I tend to sew a lot so having a space that is constantly at the ready is key. Beyond creating and repairing basic utilitarian objects, sewing finds it’s way into my art as well. Currently, I have a feature article in Sew Somerset where I share my technique for collage cards.

And where would a blogger be without her computer…I love my big monitor. It makes photo editing a dream!

where this blogger creates

 My “office area” sits in a nice little nook in the game area of our family room.

where this blogger creates

Truth be told, my desk is usually covered with papers. It’s just how I work best. I can’t explain it but it works for me unfortunately it drives Mr. G crazy. Thankfully he is tolerant.

Thanks for coming along on this little tour with me. I hope you’ll stop by again.

Hello…welcome to a late edition of T stands for Tuesday. I know our wonderful hostess, Elizabeth, won’t mind that I’m running way behind today….hope you don’t either.20140916_7008

My morning started with one sick kid, a forgotten item and errands. I’ve been running ever since.

One of my errands was to Michaels. They are having a big sale right now including storage containers… Yeah! I’m working on organizing my art zone.20140916_7007

I’ve managed to get a few things under control but additional storage was definitely needed.20140916_701120140916_7010

When everything has a place, it is much easier to put it away where it belongs….instead of stacked here there and everywhere.20140916_7009I’ve still got some work ahead of me for my space but I’m hopeful that with it organized, I’ll be much more inclined to create and then clean up. One can dream right?!?

I’ve still got a little bit of homework helping to do but then I’ll visiting my T Tuesday friends…at least until I get too tired…then the rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

T stands for Tuesday…you know what that means…I’m linking up at Elizabeth’s blog for our weekly virtual tea party.

mammoth muffinI’ve got my snack…how about you?

too big for the mug Just look at the size of that Mammoth muffin from Perkins. No affiliation…my kids just love the place.  We went out with my mom and I skipped the toast and brought home a little bit of sin. Now that my muffin is out of my mug I can enjoy a bit of coffee with my sin.

Last week for T Tuesday…on Wednesday I mentioned I would be sharing some news. I finally got an interview for a position I applied for about 7 weeks ago. Sadly, I didn’t get the job. Not the news I was hoping to share but I guess it wasn’t the right place for me right now. That’s ok…I’m still subbing and this way I have a lot more flexibity.

workdeskOver the weekend I started cleaning up my crazy workspace…only to get sucked into art journaling. I saw that nice empty space and there is just some sick need of mine to immediately fill it with something. I got called away from creating and cleaning for that matter when it was decided that it was time to do some rearranging of the house.

I executed some fish gave our fish a whirlpool ride…then took down the aquarium. It was sitting on a desk that would be much better served as a homework station than supporter of several hundred pounds of water.game areaIn its place we put a much smaller antique desk that holds misc game supplies such as cards, dice, paper and pens. Since this is in our game area we decided to group some vintage toys and games to fit with the theme. The mason jar is filled with random bits and pieces from old games.

The other desk went into Little J’s room…where the antique one had resided previously. But we still were not done with organizing…

cat cubbyLittle Js room has this very awkward space that is about 4ft off the floor.  The space has  always been a collector of crap junk treasures. While measuring for the desk we realized that one of these 9 hole cubbies would fit perfectly in the opening. We left the back off the bottom three squares since there is still a good 2.5ft behind it…just in case stuff fell behind, we’d be able to retrieve it.  Look…someone has her own clubhouse now…

I’m not entirely sure what my plans for the day are but I do know I’ll be checking out the other T stands for Tuesday posts. 🙂

What are you doing today?


As much as I love Minnesota…I hate days like today. When it’s dangerous to be outside with exposed skin.  It has risen to a balmy -3°F since this screen capture.

I got distracted…


… while writing this post.

long shadows

It looks beautiful outside with the fresh snow…  The long shadows from the low sun.

You may remember that I was having a couple of craft boutiques this past week. The first was a bit of a bust. Not much traffic but still a good times spent with Little J and friends.

The second was great…even though we were in a fierce snow storm. They even dismissed school a bit early to get all the kids home before dark.  Only in MN would a snow storm bring out the shoppers. 🙂

crazy messSince I had been mad crafting up until the last minute…I have quite the mess.  I’m only showing you a little snippet of the mess.

Seriously embarrassing.

But maybe a bit of public shaming will help me get it cleaned up.  One can hope. 😉



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