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These last few weeks of summer have us trying to squeeze every bit of summer fun and activities that we can. We’ve already started the school ramp up. Orientation yesterday…during the second half of the eclipse…nice timing people. At least it was raining like crazy at that time so no one cared.

Speaking of the eclipse…did anyone see it? I built a couple boxes in case the clouds cleared. We got peeks at it as it was eclipsing.

The clouds rolled in thick enough to obscure our view minutes before the greatest point of totality in our region. It was very strange though….the temperature suddenly dropped and the crickets started chirping. So awesome…just wish we could have seen as well as felt it.

The eclipse reminds me that I should show you my still work in progress of the acrylic pour project.

Somehow I seem to have lost the chipboard 3 overnight….I’m guessing Marvin had something to do with that.  I think I’m going to paint the numbers either white or black…leaning towards white. Then seal the whole works before attaching the clock parts.

I’ve also been playing around with my button collection again…

I have some ideas for projects. More button stacks. I just love how they look.

Over the weekend we had an evening that was just perfect for a fire. Hot dogs for dinner anyone?

As I waited for the fire to get going I checked out the garden. Late summer has done a number on some of the plants.

Such as the pumpkin  plant..totally dead and gone.

The green beans have totally taken over. I’m surprised since they were really poor early in the season….which is completely opposite of the last few years. I’ll definitely have some spicy beans to can.

And diced tomatoes as well.

Since the thick humidity, as seen here over the weekend, has finally cleared out. I’ll likely tackle the canning today in between playing taxi driver of course.

What are you doing today?

Just a quick post with my latest art journal page. I’ve got some neck/shoulder issues going on so sitting at the computer or sitting in general too long is very painful…so bear with me.

I was inspired by the new theme of Out and About over at Art Journal Journey this morning. I hadn’t even intended on doing anything creative today. Once I saw my neat as a pin work space I knew I just had to make a mess. 🙂

I didn’t have a plan as usual. I just knew I wanted to make a loose leaf page. It all started to fall into place for me as I added more media. The stacked paper and button flowers were not at all what I was going to use but my drawn and painted one just didn’t look like I wanted. Now I glad it didn’t. I like the whimsical touch these add. Since they seemed a bit oversized the words I found were perfect.

I made a bunch of paper pieced embellishments at craft club on Saturday evening. It’s a fun get together where we all bring our own thing to do and get to craft with friends. Now I have a stash for later projects.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey today.

Art Journal Journey

I haven’t worked in any of my art journals in quite some time. I’ve been kind of obsessed with sewing lately. But today I was inspired when I saw the new theme of Autumn over at Art Journal Journey.

sounds like autumn art journal page

When I think of Autumn, the rustle and crunch of leaves comes to mind. Memories of shuffling my feet through the leaves alongside the road and jumping into piles of raked leaves abound.

sounds like autumn art journal page

Warm colors and abundant texture dominate the landscape.

sounds like autumn art journal page

 I love this kind of page…  I used to be afraid of white spaces. Now I embrace them on my pages. Negative space can be quite powerful.

Art Journal Journey

Today’s version of T stands for Tuesday will be short and sweet…hopefully.

healthy bfast

I’m continuing my effort to eat a good healthy breakfast in hopes of making better choices throughout the day. Especially now that I’m finally. *knock on wood* better…with the exception of a little cough.

I made a few more of my button pendants…

button pendants

Now if I’d only get around to listing some in my etsy store. As much as I love creating, I hate the time and effort the listing process takes.

I’ve also been working on painting a set of tiles for Settlers of Catan. Here’s a sneak at the work in progress.

catan tile peek

I’m trying really hard to remember to take photos as I go with my phone…there will definitely be more to come.

I haven’t forgotten about art journalling either…

Never doubt your instinct | Halle's Hobbies

You can see the entire post here.

That’s it for today! Time to go shovel. This time I’m determined not to fall. Yikes! My knee is still slightly off colored and that was 2 weeks ago. At least my brain didn’t get scrabbled as well…although I did see stars. 🌟 🌟 🌟

What are you doing today?

A few months ago, one of the knitting ladies casually asked me if I could use any buttons in my art. She had come across her mothers collection while cleaning out the attic and wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them.  The next time I saw her she had the stash hoard with her. I was shocked! It was a huge box. Over the past few months I’ve slowly sorted through… cleaning and throwing out broken bits from the several pounds of buttons.

vintage button stacks | Halle's Hobbies

This is just a very small fraction. Seriously.

vintage button stacks | Halle's Hobbies

I thought it may be fun to make some necklaces so I turned on Netflix then started sorting and stacking.

vintage button stacks | Halle's Hobbies

I kept auditioning different buttons until I found a stack that that spoke to me.

vintage button stacks | Halle's Hobbies

vintage button stacks | Halle's Hobbies

I used E6000 to adhere a bail to the back of each stack as well as gluing the buttons together.

I also saved out a few fancy mother of pearl buttons to try out some wire wrapping. So far my results are less than pretty with that endeavor. Practice, practice.

I’ll share the completed pendants when they are good and dry.

Was that a confusing title or what?!?  But it is accurate. Thanks to my friend Patty, I now have a quick and easy way to make a collage or mosaic of photos… The program is called pixlr and I just love it!card collage2 card collage1These are just few of the cards I’ve made as of late.  I’d been slacking a bit on my etsy store inventory but figured it was time to get back at it.

I put some finishing touches on about half of the mini collages I’ve made over the last couple of days. They are addictive to make.

20140426_4636The rest I think should go on colored card stock and I didn’t have any of that cut, folded and ready to go.  Plus I’ll likely match each collage to particular paper before cutting.

These are my favorites from this batch of cards.20140426_4647 20140426_4648 20140426_4659 20140426_4649 20140426_4661The flowers just seem to dress them up in a perfect way.


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