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That’s what I decided to call my near inability to follow a pattern. I’ve decided that I’m ok with that. I crochet mainly for myself making dishcloths. My stemware really doesn’t care if I have too many or too few stitches. Why should I?interpretive crochet

Honestly, I can and have followed a pattern…once for sure.  The green hexagonal dishcloth proves it. I’m pretty sure the purple one is correct as well. The rest of them..not so much.

interpretive crochet

I tend to crochet when I’m waiting or watching TV. I think its the TV that screws me up with the whole pattern thing. OH well. They are pretty and will certainly clean dishes so that’s all that matters.

Incidentally…the purple yarn is the last of my cabbage dyed yarn.

Now that we’ve had a bit of snow that stuck for a few days…although it’s mostly gone again…I’ve been getting into a festive mood.

Christmas tree at night

The tree looks so pretty even with a meager amount of ornaments this year. The ones that are on the tree are not breakable just in case.

Marvin enjoying the lights

Marvin enjoys lounging on the tree skirt and so far has only knocked two ornaments down.

tea for wrapping duty

I enjoyed a cup of tea yesterday morning while wrapping a few presents.


And even my crochet is a festive green color. I know I have tons of flaws, mistakes and goofy stitches in this one. I did it while watching TV, basically in the dark with Mini-me. It doesn’t matter though since this will just be a dish cloth. My stemware really doesn’t care if the stitches are right.

Mr. G is on vacation again this week so I have no idea what the day has in store. It’s kind of fun to have a blank slate once the kids are off to school.

What are you doing today?

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday.

T stands for Tuesday

Last week I was lucky enough to stretch my birthday celebration out over several days. On Tuesday (which is one of the reasons I missed last week) I was treated to lunch with friends. We actually celebrated two birthdays. We had a great time although I never snapped any photos. I did receive this wonderful violet from the other birthday girl.


On my actual birthday. May 5th, I was running errands in the morning and picked up my free drink from Caribou…the best chain coffee shop in my humble opinion. (not affiliation…just a very happy customer)


Since it was a hot day, I decided on a cold press coffee with room for cream.


Mr. G surprised me by not only coming home early that day but also with a lovely bouquet of flowers. I have no idea what the orange ones are but they are so cool! I was really worried Marvin wouldn’t be able to resist them but he was surprisingly restrained after a few initial attempts to get to them.


The look of innocence.

I did see a very strange sight during the week as well.  I was taking J to the eye doctor when we saw the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo cartoon.


Stranger yet was the very old police car ahead of it. It was as if it had rolled off a movie set or something. I’d guess late 1950’s classic black and white with a single cherry light on top.  When I shared this photo on FB, my cousin suggested that perhaps they were on the way out to Paisley Park which was just another mile up the road. No clue…just one of those things that really makes you do a double take. Glad I had J to quick snap a photo for me.

On Saturday, Mini-me and I went shopping using some of the birthday coupons and specials I had received then picked up yummy sushi to bring home. It was a really nice cap to a great week of celebration.

I actually have done a bit of crafting…


I used a skein of cotton yarn to make 4 small dish cloths. I like them small so they can fit down inside skinny glassware more easily.

I’m also continuing work on the commissioned scrapbook album. I’m half done with the pages. Eventually I’ll show another little peek at it. It’s always a tough endeavor to show a scrapbook without showing photos.

I’ve got an outdoor project in mind with some leftover fireplace stone veneer I was given. Hopefully I have enough to do my plan. When the rain stops, I’ll have to lay things out and see.

What are you doing today?


This month for Second on the 2nd, I’m sharing a post from February 2012 that still makes me laugh at how all over the place my creativity takes me. Sometimes even in the course of a day. Right now I’m just wishing that creativity would kick back into gear…I’m in a bit of a dry patch on the creativity front.

Join me for a look back…


I’ve been all over the place lately when it comes to creativity.
I think I may have Art ADD (attention deficit disorder).
Ok…some might argue that I have ADD in other areas of my life as well but the Art ADD is self-diagnosed.
I blame the other on Motherhood. Children steal you’re ability to keep a clear running thought in your head. 🙂 But I wouldn’t change a thing.
Anyway…these are the things I’ve done in the past week.
I papered our recycling cabinet to match the fridge.
Knit another dishcloth on the loom

Knit a cowl on the loom…

Miniature terrain on a recycled CD…
Another terrain piece…
And last night I started another twirly crochet scarf because my elbow was hurting from the repetitive motion of the knitting.
Crochet seems to work my wrist more and doesn’t bother me.

In addition I’ve been washing and ironing my way through a large box of old linens. Deciding what is decent enough to save and use and what I can use in my artwork. Vintage linens and fabric are part of my idea for the Postcard Challenge book.

So, yeah…definitely Art ADD.


That was a crazy amount of creativity in a short amount of time. It would have been really great to bottle a bit of that enthusiasm for a later date such as now!

On a side note…what do you think of my blog makeover? I was feeling the need for a change. I’m still tweaking things here and there.  Please let me know if anything is weird or not functional for you. Thanks!!

My art ADD has come back in full force.  I have many different projects all in progress at the same time and in the same small space.


I’m reworking a canvas as another edition of my friend Sandy’s poem.


I finished a couple of crochet dishcloths this week. Neither one is perfect by an stretch of the imagination but I’m fine with that.


Journal page in progress. I’m trying to remember to leave this free of bulking embellishments as this spiral journal is filling fast and the pages will soon not turn on the tiny spiral if I keep up with the bulk.


In the past week I sold 3 pieces of terrain. I’m thrilled! It has inspired me to make more. I’ve been priming and trying out different combinations for my recycled pieces.


As well as playing around with foam and a plastic bottle. I love the challenge of making something out of nothing.  I’m hoping that this will look like a crashed vessel that has weathered over time.

See what I mean…all over the place! My mind is going this way and that. So many ideas, so little time and space.

Ok…it took me three rounds to to notice my mistake.  Do you see it?


Here’s a clue…


We all learned in school that hex means 6, correct?!

And now lets count together…


 Like I’ve said many times…I’m pattern challenged.

I think watching TV while crocheting isn’t the best idea to begin with but I can’t blame it all on that. Maybe next time I’ll try and easier pattern…and learn to count more accurately.

I’m not giving up and starting over. I’ll just have a pentagonal dishcloth. There’s nothing wrong with that. If a Pentagon is good enough for the U.S. Military…it’s good enough for me and my dishes.

20130501_1908 20130501_1909 20130501_1910


What’s a girl to do when she has a bunch of boring white cotton yarn?

Dye it of course.

I used a batch of red cabbage dye that I saved in the freezer from dyeing eggs.

I decided  to use some crochet skill to try out a dishcloth.

I love that the yarn isn’t a solid color. Some people would look at that as a flaw but I think of it as a bonus.

I made up my own pattern. Frankly, it looks like a thick doily to me.

I’m not sure how the color will stand up to repeated washings but who cares! It’s a dishcloth after all.

Next I’m going to attempt to follow an actual pattern. We’ll see how that goes…since I seem to be pattern challenged.

PS…it’s snowing here again.



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