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I haven’t been abducted by aliens or went off the grid or any other highly improbable ideas…just taking some time off from computers. I’ve been diligently working at organizing my craft area, doing taxes for the family and caring for my mom. It seems there is no leftover time.

That being said…I did take time to create a journal page. I once again created an overly thick page in a very skinny journal. The poor book will soon be permanently splayed open.almost forgotten art journal page

I layered small pieces of both card stock and scrapbook paper one opposite sides of the spread as the base of my composition trying to create a sense of balance and movement through the pages. Then added torn bits of fabric and finally some thick upholstery trim again to each side.

almost forgotten art journal page

I then came in with color mists in a couple shades of brown. I dragged color along the edge of the page then lightly spritzed with water to make it run…dabbing off any excess as I went. Drying with my heat gun at various stages when I wanted something to stay exactly the way it was.

almost forgotten art journal page

Oh yes…I almost forgot. I lightly added modeling paste BEFORE the color mists making sure it was dry before the color processing. This gave some great texture.

After I was happy with the color I lightly drew around some of the papers and smudged with my finger to create a shadow.

The last piece was my found text. The phrase almost forgotten fit both the feel of the page and how I was feeling about my blog and the actual creative process lately. I’ve been putting creativity on the back burner for a little while and it’s making me crabby. Hopefully I can squeak in a bit of creative time here and there so I don’t get too snippy.

almost forgotten art journal page

I’ve fallen a bit behind with T stands for Tuesday in both posting and visiting. I blame it on the holidays and birthdays this time of year. Time seems to slip through my fingers like sand through an hourglass.

I did finish up an art journal page on Christmas morning while we were trying to determine if we’d have to delay our family get together due to the sheet of ice covering everything. Instead of worrying, I created. grateful heart

The words reflect what I was feeling.

grateful heart

I even included a coffee cup as each morning I start my day with that as well.

Today will be spent on laundry, sewing, maybe a bit of shopping and quality time with my girl.

What are you doing today?

I keep forgetting to post this journal page. Not sure why…just absent minded I guess.

search for your dreams

The page feels a little too scrapbooky for me now but at the moment I made it it felt right.

search for your dreams

I still like the message on this side…be brave, make it happen.

search for your dreams

This side seems as if I was an after thought now. I still like it but not in conjunction with the first.  The little dress came together so quickly. Made me think back to the Dress-up Project. Such a fun year long challenge.

overly thick journal start

After completely my page I realized that I have made a grave mistake with my new journal. It’s going to be insanely thick…no hope of ever closing.  Oh well…I’ll have to think of something to make it work. Another challenge right?!?

It’s a two-fer today here at Halle’s Hobbies!

Art Journal Journey

I had planned to do two separate posts on consecutive days but a bout of stomach flu wiped me out completely yesterday. The day was all about sipping lemon lime soda and eating saltine crackers. I’m nearly 100% now…thank goodness…but a little slow to get my post up and running.

ajj collage

After going a bit wild with the colors, I went for maximum texture with this journal page. I feels a bit ’80’s to me with the dayglow colors.

ajj collage

I didn’t add any personal journal thoughts on this one just some found text that spoke to me at the moment. Once the words were determined. I sought out a square brad from my stash to bring the idea home.

new journal

This was the first page in a new journal. It won’t be long until this one is full since there are very few pages. I removed about half the bulk before starting but the pages are quite brittle from age so each spread will definitely have to be glued to the adjoining page.

I’m getting caught up on tasks I failed to do yesterday while watching the rain change to sleet and snow and back again. I know eventually it’s supposed to be all snow…just hoping the teen driver gets home first.

What are you doing today?


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