Refreshed flags

Several years ago I made a banner for the deck rail.  It added a bit of whimsy to the deck box garden.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

 When we added a second garden I made flags for that as well. Over the years the elements have done a number on the flags. Up until last winter I always took them down at the end of each fall. Knowing that they really needed replacement I left them up to continue the whimsy throughout the cold months.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Today’s version of the flags are single sided. They still blow sweetly in the breeze adding a fun element to an otherwise boring fence and deck rail.

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Refreshed flags | Halle's Hobbies

Next is the planting….


  1. Now that the flags are flying high, you may come help clean up my garden (tee hee). Seriously, they look good and so does the box you made for your earth worms. I have them in my garden, too, but they just decided to visit because I didn’t do anything to attract them. Your first photo of your previous garden looks wonderful. Hope this year’s is as good.

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