Hello and welcome to the one year anniversary of T stands for Tuesday! Elizabeth asked us to “dig deep” in our archives to find our favorite T Tuesday post from the past year. What a task!!  I had a hard time choosing just one….it’s like asking who’s you favorite child or pet. So I sat down last evening with a glass of red wine and my eBook reader to contemplate.20140714_5879I finally settled on a post from last October.

Lets take a look….


It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here since last week. I think the last time I’ve had two hours to rest during the day was when I was in the salon, last T Tuesday, getting my hair done.


I’ve been sewing like crazy. On both fabric…

cup cozy

And paper.

sewn cards

Of course, some painting as well.

painted series

In fact I have some spray painted goodies in the garage right now. Hopefully I’ll get everything done for Saturday. I have so many ideas now at the last minute for my craft sale. That’s the way it always works with me. I come down to the wire and my mind starts racing with new items to add to my table.

In addition to my “crafty crap”, as Mr. G so affectionately refers to it,  I have these this on my list.

  • a chapter to read for my bookclub tomorrow.
  • finish A Wrinkle in Time for Big J’s “partners in reading” project….yes, I get homework too.
  • mow the lawn…bagging it since there are so many leaves.

As well as the regular Tuesday stuff…knitting group, pesky household chores and  visiting T Stands for Tuesday blogs.

What are you doing today?

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