T Tuesday: Fishing edition

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”  I’m feeling a little Mad Hatter this Tuesday. cupMy coffee cup is still sitting where I left it this morning…before the ortho and an impromptu fishing trip. With 9 lakes in our city limits, it’s not hard to find a pier somewhere close to fish from.fishThe good news…for us… is that we actually caught a couple. More of an appetizer than an entree.

Happy T stands for Tuesday!


  1. We used to go fishing for sunfish a lot when I was a kid!
    I’m always one of the last on Tuesdays. Oh well. Unless I start posting them on Monday that will continue to be the case. 😉
    Happy T-Day! 🙂

  2. Linda Ksays: Reply

    What kind of fish have you caught? And how do you prepare them for dinner? Only time I was fishing and caught and ate them (mackerel) was with my French family on the west coast of France about 18 yrs ago. Happy T day to you.

  3. Robynsays: Reply

    Lovely color on that mug.
    Have you ever tried making prints from your fish?

  4. Appetizer, maybe, but I bet the kids were excited. It must be fun, and nice to be able to fish and eat what you’ve caught. Our rivers (that traverse around my neighborhood) are so polluted there are signs warning to NOT eat the fish, in case any are caught.

    Thanks for sharing your fish (or fishy) story with us during T this Tuesday.

  5. Debbiesays: Reply

    I lost my comment so will try again…
    I had to chuckle at your Mad Hatter comment since my post today was a quote from the Mad Hatter. I’ve never fished even with the lake right down the street…. Too much of a city girl to bait a hook or take the fish off!

  6. Happy T-Day!
    What a lovely catch! Appetizer or not, it’s still great because you caught them yourselves. We always go fishing when we get together with my brother’s family. My Mom always catch some but I never do.

  7. dawnsays: Reply

    Hello Halle, I’m actually a little late to comment. Happy to hear you had a nice day and great job catching some fish. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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