T Tuesday: updates edition

Welcome to another edition of T stands for Tuesday hosted by Elizabeth.

fusion breakfast

When I took this photo last week I was intending to show you both my Indian/Mexican fusion breakfast and my new journal. Turns out the journal is no longer mine. Mini-me came home and asked if Micheal’s had more like this one but with a J monogram. Lucky for her a whole alphabet of monogram letters came in the back of the journal. Looks like I’m out of a journal.

You may have noticed my announcement on the main page that I’m working on my site. I’m attempting to make it more user friendly with category pages as well as the main front page to find the newest content. I know I have some readers who could care diddly squat about my garden but came to see crafty projects. Hopefully this change will happen as I imagine.

Speaking of gardens…


my seedlings are coming along quite nicely even with the late start they got.  I have them in a large plastic bin with a clear top so that Marvin can’t get to them but they still get the grow light and sunshine from the patio door.


Look at that innocent face while he’s sleeping.


“No I wouldn’t cause any trouble”


Yes, yes he would. He’s definitely still a kitten…just a giant, clumsy kitten.

I’m off for my usual Tuesday craziness. I’ll get around to visiting eventually.

Until then….What are you doing today?


  1. Linda Ksays: Reply

    Awe, Marvin is so sweet! Breakfast looks good to me. I admire you to grow plants from seeds. I am a complete failure when it comes to those things! Your blog is looking really nice. Happy T day!

  2. Marvin is such a fun cat, and quite the poser. Not sure how you got so lucky, because both of mine are now so camera shy they run as soon as they see the camera.

    Your seeds look better than mine, but I’ve only started cilantro/coriander and dill. The dill is from seeds off plants I grew last year and the other I bought in a packet, since all mine died last year. I think the seeds got wet and didn’t germinate properly.

    It was so sweet of you to give Little J the journal. I guess that’s what good mothers do, though.

    Indian/Mexican fusion? That’s a new one to me. But it looks great as does your coffee (even though it’s not white enough for me).

    Thanks for sharing your great seeds (must have missed that post from before, as I see it on your sidebar), your ex-new journal, and your wonderful breakfast with us for T this Tuesday. And Marvin gets two paws up from both Squiggles and Bleubeard.

  3. I care more about the garden than the crafts lol, but it takes all kinds, doesn’t it. I love your kitty photos. Makin’ himself right at home, I see. Sweet! Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Hello. So nice to discover your lovely blog. Marvin is a beautiful cat! And your fusion breakfast looks amazing. Lilly sends her meows to Marvin. My best wishes to you, Pat

  5. Hi Halle, Happy T for Tuesday! Marvin looks so cuddly!
    I split out my crochet but there is no sign that anyone cared about me doing it!

    Cazzy x

  6. Marvin looks like he has huge paws…does that mean he will get lots bigger?! a real handsome guy…love your little seedlings in the egg shells, and the peek at the (no longer yours) journal! heck, my kids still do that, and they don’t live here any more! (grin) they never stop being our kids, no matter how old! happy T day a bit late! ♥

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