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I am very happy to say I’ve completed another art journal. This was a loose leaf type journal. Technically it was a Creative Memories album but I knew in my heart I’d never actually scrapbook this album…or any other for that matter if I’m being completely honest with myself.

album turned journal

On Friday night I completed my last entry. It was a very simple page that started with a piece of artists paper from one of the Stampington family of magazines. I used distress paints to alter the color.

Next I used gelatos to created the base of a flower using my finger to spread the color. On top I drew the loose details of a flower with India ink.

I wrote with a white gel pen some thoughts I had at the moment. I purposely wrote very messy so I’d be the only one who knew what it said while creating some visual interest to the page.  This was one of the quickest pages I’ve ever completed and a perfect way to end my journal.

Although I really love working in loose leaf I do struggle with a completely blank page. Many of the papers I used as backgrounds were surface protection pages already smeared with ink, paint and glue.  I think I will always tend to stay with vintage books as the base for my journals. The background text and texture of the pages inspire me.

Art journal. It’s been so long. I’ve missed you.

I sat down to create the other day. I had nothing in mind. No colors, technique or even medium planned. A piece of paper caught my eye. It was one that had been used to protect my works pace, journals and the like.

It was covered with random bits of color, stamping, scribbles and even a couple of holes. Not much to look at really but better than the blank page staring me in the face.

I adhered it with a glue stick and began to add more color to balance things out using gelatos. Have I mentioned how much I love gelatos?!?

After adding the cool blues around the edges I was really beginning to like where this was going. I then added the orange as a bit of a transition to the center pinks.

MY love affair with circles came shining through as I began using my finger to create white islands in the sea of wild color.

A piece of painted watercolor paper from my scrap bucket seemed to jump out at me to give a bit of dimension to the page while still keeping the over arching theme of circles going.

The last piece was a bit of found text. It fit so well.  Back to creativity. Back to circles. Back to blogging. Back to life as I knew it.

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Art Journal Journey

Some quiet reflection brought me to this page.

new happy ending

I used light cardboard for my substrate adding layers of paper and paint.

glass-look mason jar using punched plastic

Gelatos were used on this paper pieced mason jar. I punched a jar from a plastic sleeve and adhered over the butterfly giving the illusion of glass.

charcoal doodles with white pen journaling

Before punching holes in the page for my polka dot journal I did a bit of paint scrapping, doodling with charcoal pencil and personal thoughts in white pen.

nearly full polka dot journal

My polka dot journal is basically full. I may do two more pages that I can adhere to each of the inside covers before called this one complete. I originally thought I’d do something on the front cover as well but unless it’s non-dimensional…which has not been my MO lately….it’s likely better that I leave it just plain.

I hope you forgave me for being so insensitive…so long old friend.

I had so much fun making this page! It didn’t go the way I planned…like at all but in reality I didn’t have much of a plan. I’m really enjoying blue and orange lately. I used gelatos over the top of a scrappy background that was glued down with ModPodge. I’m not a fan of this glue but I’m using what I have. The thing I do like is that once the surface is sealed with the ModPodge the gelatos move and blend so beautifully. That being said…if you don’t then seal them down with something they will just keep on moving and blending with subsequent layers. So I tried something…I used a foam brush and gently covered the page with another coat of the ModPodge. Shockingly it worked…other than the surface is a very plastic feel. Yet I pressed on.


I added black craft paint through a stencil then some washi tape. I ended up using the washi tape to cover some words I was originally planning to use. They fit in the beginning but by the end my thoughts had changed.


This sticker felt right and I couldn’t agree more. I added a bit of scribbling randomly around the page and a bit of journalling before calling this page a done deal.

Art Journal Journey

Linking up with Art Journal Journey today for the November theme of Collage….but no faces, wings or leaves are allowed. It’s funny how often those things are used in my collages…and I’m sure many others have that same issue. 🙂

Spending time out doors since the weather has finally started to cooperate is definitely inspiring me to create. Seems odd but there it is. Fresh air and sunshine can do a lot for ones perspective…especially after days of sticky, hot disgusting weather. The kind that has you wanting to take a shower…again…after walking out to the mailbox. Those days just make me crabby.

wonderful world

For this nature themed page I used cardboard from the end of a notepad as my substrate. I covered it with random book pages then used gelatos for the background. I was originally thinking I’d have a whole forest of trees with a small break of blue sky in the middle. Then I decided that just one large tree would be a better visual statement.

wonderful world

I once again was able to use some recently gifted collage fodder on this page. These daisies from Krisha were the perfect edition to the edge of the vellum word block. The wooden bird in the tree was another recent gift…this time from Patty. These two elements came together quite nicely to add the right finishing touches to the page.

After I punch the properly spaced holes, this page will end up in my polka dot journal.

I’m linking up with AJJ today to meet the current months theme of Nature’s Wonders.

Art Journal Journey

Another art journal page on the books…er…the book. *wink* I was heading in a different direction with this page when I began last night. I walked away while waiting for the gesso and a bit of light green paint to dry. I was feeling as if I’d make another abstract geometric type page. Those have been my favorite kind lately. I feel as if they are becoming my “signature style” so to speak. This morning my muse took a sharp right.

beginning to blossom

I was in the mood to use some gelatos. I used a light hand when applying several shades of green and yellow. I used a baby wipe to blend.  At this point I was at a loss so I started looking though my scrap bucket for inspiration. I found a book page with the words and knew then I had direction. The scrap of vellum got me thinking about a sweet paper pieced daisy I recently received from a generous fellow blogger…more on that in another post. (em-hem…Tuesday)

Daisies are really one of my very favorite flowers. I journalled a little about how they make me feel before stamping the date. Incidentally while doing that I realized that I had inadvertently stamped August on the last two pages I did. DUH! I’ll have to go back and fix those.

I’m once again linking up with Art Journal Journey for the current months theme of In my garden.

Art Journal Journey

After my previous mellow subdued journal page, my inner wild child was kicking and screaming to get out.

 simple machines textural journal page

Bold texture and color makes me so happy.

 simple machines textural journal page

As well as finding words that speak to me in the moment.


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