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Hello…welcome to a late edition of T stands for Tuesday. I know our wonderful hostess, Elizabeth, won’t mind that I’m running way behind today….hope you don’t either.20140916_7008

My morning started with one sick kid, a forgotten item and errands. I’ve been running ever since.

One of my errands was to Michaels. They are having a big sale right now including storage containers… Yeah! I’m working on organizing my art zone.20140916_7007

I’ve managed to get a few things under control but additional storage was definitely needed.20140916_701120140916_7010

When everything has a place, it is much easier to put it away where it belongs….instead of stacked here there and everywhere.20140916_7009I’ve still got some work ahead of me for my space but I’m hopeful that with it organized, I’ll be much more inclined to create and then clean up. One can dream right?!?

I’ve still got a little bit of homework helping to do but then I’ll visiting my T Tuesday friends…at least until I get too tired…then the rest will have to wait for tomorrow.

I’m so done with Winter’s bitter cold that has been plaguing us for the past month or so.  The kids have yet another day off of school. I’m glad…crazy cold temps and wind chill today. I’m afraid the school is going to have to add a day into the schedule somewhere to make up for the 3 days they have had off due to extreme cold.

coldSo….since it was a cold day in Hell, I decided to organize. *grin*

yarnI got all my yarn into one bin.

fabricFabric into another…well, the fabric that was in random boxes anyway.

emptyAnd look at this…I ended up with an empty bin. It won’t remain empty for long.

puzzle prepI did do a tiny bit of playing with another giant puzzle while I was waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle. It was just to darn cold to hang out down there any longer than necessary.

yo yo maI found this photo when I pulled the pictures off my camera today. Little J had set up the yo-yos I had sewn yesterday into a fancy little display and photographed them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess. 🙂

Seems to help me sometimes. It is yet to be seen if it did the trick 
this time. 

Yesterday, I ran across someone asking about ATC storage. Some people use trading card sheets in 3-ring binders, others have them in baskets and so on.

I have several storage methods.

My first option was to use this very old photo album. It was in rough shape. I decided to make it my own by stamping and painting randomly on the pages for visual interest. I used photo corners to attach each ATC. The thing I like about this album is that you can see the backside of the card through the opening.

This book filled up rather quickly so…

I came with with my own storage option by creating a book that can have my ATC’s upright whether they are made in a portrait or landscape style. This was very important to me. Once again I use photo corners to attach the ATC’s so they can easily be removed to look at the back.
I wrote a tutorial when I created a second one.

I recently acquired this vintage wooden cheese box for the sole purpose of housing my ever growing collection. I tend to put ATC’s that are thick, uneven or heavily embellished in the box. This box sits on my desk right by the computer so I can hopefully be inspired daily.

Do you have an ATC collection?  How do you store yours?

Recently, I was asked about my craft area. Did I have my own room? How do you handle storage? Lighting?
Here’s a glimpse into my world.My art space has gone through several transformations.

Above is the view from utility portion of the space. My back is pressed against the water heater as I took the picture.

This area has remained mostly unchanged. I have TONS of stuff within reach when I sit in the “command chair”. I use the cute Chicks Rule bucket to hold my scraps. My little girl was kind enough to let me use it. Thanks sweetie!
I have a small florescent fixture that hangs for direct task lighting. There is also a large florescent fixture smack in the middle of the room that provides light but since it’s behind me when I work, I tend to create a shadow for myself. Fabulous…

I love my Pampered Chef tool organizer. I know it’s meant for kitchen stuff but it is perfect for all my “go-to” items. I use a self-healing cutting mat to protect my counter top. The stamp pad and ribbon storage rack was bought on eBay a couple years ago. Can’t image what I did without it!

This cabinet was the latest piece we added to the space. I sold the old TV stand that was here to make room for this.

Now I have a standing working surface as well!! I love it.

Look at the rolling shelves! Awesome storage!

My husband put up this cabinet several years ago to help control my creative clutter. I have it jammed full as well. Although, I do know where every single thing is!

This is how I store my 12×12 scrapbook papers. Not the prettiest system but it works for me. Your eyes do not deceive you either…yet another storage piece under the counter top. It’s on wheels so I can pull it out to store my sewing machine behind it when not in use. I didn’t take a picture but there is also a tiny 2 shelf bookcase under the counter. It was way to messy for a photo.

The large orange file cabinet is also “new”. To me at least. It came from my folks place along with the cabinet. The top 2 drawers just boring administrative stuff.
Oh, did I mention my craft area is in the laundry room… The dryer makes a great spot for my guillotine cutter.

But the bottom one holds all my scrap sorted by color and other ephemera.Well, that’s probably more than you ever cared to know about where I work. Now I should probably start using my space instead of just talking about it!

I’m so happy with these glass jars I was able to find at the thrift store.

It got me to clean off my pile of random junk so I could display these jars full of wrapped ribbons.

I’m hoping these colorful additions will provide lots of inspiration.

I saw this post a while ago and knew I wanted to emulate it.
I finally made it to a dollar store to get some old fashion clothes pins.

The wrapping process has begun.

I think a trip to Goodwill is in order to find some pretty glass jars to store them in.


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