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This week I thought I’d give you a look at how my gardens are doing followed up with some art.

FYI-photo heavy post

The deck box garden holds my yellow pear tomato plants each year to keep them from cross pollinating with the red regular sized varieties, This year I think I got a few seeds mixed up. I have some non-pear shaped tomatoes on a couple vines. Hmmm. Time will tell. I also have my Egyptian walking onions, radishes and jalapenos in there. Resting on the edge is a new to me shepherds hook. Mr. G is going to move one hook about 10 inches down for me when he digs out the welder.

The shed garden is going gangbusters after what seemed like a very slow start. I have tons of tomatoes on the vines. Even the bedraggled plants that came home from Biology class with J are doing fantastic.

The pumpkin and this tomato included. I really had no hope for either of these plants so I didn’t work very hard making a good home for them. Obviously they don’t care a bit.

The yellow summer squash and zucchini are getting large although the zucchini hasn’t produced anything yet.

The yellow ones are tasty though.

The first bit of bounty from the garden has arrived.

I am dealing with this pest though. Anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it without chemicals? I’ve been knocking them off and squishing them but the little munchers keep coming back for more.


We changed things up a little this year and didn’t attend the local parade for the 4th of July. Instead we went to a party close to our old neighborhood. We figured out that we hadn’t been to their annual bash in 10yrs. I forgot my phone at home so no pictures from there.

We came back for the standard evening shenanigans on our block. J had 6-7 friends hanging out by the end of the evening. You wouldn’t believe how quickly 3 large pizzas can disappear.

We joined a neighbor in their front yard for the awesome view of the fireworks, What a fun night.

Of course, there was lots of overindulging of all sorts so my drink of choice the next morning was….


I did take a bit of time for creating. I’m not sure how I feel about this page now that its dry.  The colors of the stains were so fun and vibrant before they dried. Now the page is a little dull.

I went back and added these paper beads I made years ago to try and dress things up a bit. I love that they’ll hang outside the book begging someone to open it up to take a peek.

I’m planning to work on the landscape edging around a flower bed before it gets too hot. The humidity is what is so bad right now. UGH! I get very cranky in the heat.  And don’t even talk to me about my hair.

What are you doing today?

Since I had The Complete Works of Shakespeare text block left over from my book purse, I figured I better do something with some of those pages.

I’m not as happy with the look of these as some of my previous paper beads. I think having just text with no color variation is kind of boring. I’ll likely be going back to magazine pages the next time.

I made some more paper beads this morning. I could make these all day if left to my own devices but that just doesn’t happen around here.

I also made up another “busy bag“.

I cut a denim slipcover from an old chair for the back and handles. The lining is cut from an old tablecloth that had a couple stains in all the wrong places.
I love recycling!!!!

I can finally reveal the full picture from the sneak peek I gave last week.

Theresa got her gifts in the mail and is very happy, so I’m happy too!

These are for a challenge and swap. They are made from links off and old belt and my handmade paper beads. I can’t wait to see what the others players come up with!

PS…thanks to Theresa for the coaster I used for my backdrop. 🙂

After nearly a week of no arts or crafts I was starting to go through withdrawals.

There has been quite a bit of chatter on the Yahoo groups I belong to about charms lately. I made these since ones today from some MahJong tiles I had laying around.
My only question is: Do I have these in the proper direction?

The next item I played around with was some more paper beads. I had used up almost all I had made before. They are so simple and very addictive to make. Now I really want to make some smaller ones. I’m thinking if I get some coffee stirring straws, they’ll be thin enough to make some small beads on.

I have also started cutting fabric for a quilt. I’ve made an all flannel quilt using this pattern but this time I am planning on doing flannel on one side and denim on the other. Today in celebration of a 16lb weight loss…I cut up 3 pairs of jeans to put to good use in the quilt!



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