A second look: Christmas poem

I had forgotten about this post so when I found it today I knew it what the one I had to share.

Take a look…


T Tuesday: Christmas rhyme edition

T Tuesday: Christmas rhyme edition | Halle's Hobbies

T’was the Tuesday before Christmas and the day before break,

my mind was a whirl with all I’ve yet to make.


The presents are wrapped, all tied up in bows,

 the cookies are baked, but calories? Who knows


The tree lights are twinkling and sweet treats abound,

it really makes more sense when there’s snow on the ground.


So I looked out the window, and what did I see?

A dusting of snow! I squealed with glee.


So funny how quickly my mood turned bright,

and all it took was a light coat of white.


Merry Christmas to all my family and friends,

I bid you adieu as my rhyme has reached it’s end.

Merry Christmas from Halle's Hobbies


Hope that blast from the past put a smile on your face.




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