Retreat weekend

You never know what you’re going to get in Minnesota.

Little J and I traveled 2.5 hours north to a camp for a weekend of Mother Daughter quality time. The lake was still iced over when we got there. Frozen Lake in MayIt was cold and drizzling but we decided to make the best of it…even horseback riding in the rain. We wore several layers of coats, topped with rain-gear, hats and gloves.horseback riding

There were 14 in our group all sharing our cabin which incidentally had no bathroom but at least it had a furnace!! It was wonderful getting to know this group of women more over the weekend. All of our daughters got to know each other and fostered some new friendships.

There were over 400 women and girls at the camp!! I’ve never been a part of anything like this before. So much fun. I can only imagine that it would have been exponentially more fun if the weather was better and Little J had been feeling better. But she was a trooper and didn’t whine or complain or beg to go home. We had ridden with a friend so leaving would have been a major issue.

We did lots of crafting…fabric headband Fabric headband

leather craftLeather stamping

picture frame

Painted frame

mousetrp note holder

Mousetrap note holder


Clothespin caterpilars

We skipped most of the outdoor activities. We spent enough time in the cold drizzle walking from building to building for activities.

Tomorrow I’ll show one last weekend craft that is a technique that I’ve seen others, such as Elizabeth, demonstrate on their blogs. Super fun!!


  1. How special for you to get away for an event like that and extra nice to have girl time!
    Probably June or July would be a safer bet for a little warmer weather but I’m sure scheduling was the reason for a May retreat up NORTH (that even sounds chilly LOL).
    Fun creativity going on too. TFS

  2. Jan L.says: Reply

    Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate but it looks like you had a good time in-spite of it!

  3. I am not sure where I’ve been all this time, but I can definitely relate to the weather. rain, wind, snow, cold, wet. It sounds like we are both stuck in that same weather pattern.

    I want to try leather stamping, but I don’t have the right tools. Thanks for showing all you made.

  4. Looks like it was a terrific weekend…lots of wonderful and fun projects. You guys up in Minnesota have sure had more snow and cold than necessary…hoping Spring gets there soon for you!

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