Pattern challenged

Ok…it took me three rounds to to notice my mistake.  Do you see it?


Here’s a clue…


We all learned in school that hex means 6, correct?!

And now lets count together…


 Like I’ve said many times…I’m pattern challenged.

I think watching TV while crocheting isn’t the best idea to begin with but I can’t blame it all on that. Maybe next time I’ll try and easier pattern…and learn to count more accurately.

I’m not giving up and starting over. I’ll just have a pentagonal dishcloth. There’s nothing wrong with that. If a Pentagon is good enough for the U.S. Military…it’s good enough for me and my dishes.


  1. i am completely pattern challenged…and crochet challenged! lol! i think it looks great! is it snowing at your house right now? ugh…i have to walk the dog…will it never end??? arghh

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