T Tuesday: better late than never edition

I think the title says it all… this whole working outside the home is really cutting into my artsy time. Of course I knew it would but eventually I’ll find time for creativity again. I have so many ideas float through my head when I have a moment to pause my brain. Now I just need to execute said ideas.

My first week of school was good…exhausting…but good. This week we are starting to get into some routines which can only mean that things are about to change! The kids have had a busy week as well. Mini-me had a game 1.25 hours away on the first day of school and tonight is playing in our capital city of St. Paul. Crazy how far they travel to play teams not even in our conference.

This little guy is so confused as to why mom’s not home…he’s a little mopey about it.

Also since I’m not out in the yard all the time, the deer have decided it would be fun to jump over the garden gate and eat all the leaves from basically every living plant in our yard. Makes me wonder if we will have a really harsh winter or if they are just opportunity eaters,

I did manage to finish the mixed media piece I was working on last week. Anyone remember those I AM LOVED buttons? I want to say they were from the early 80s?? I happened to still have one floating around. Yep it’s a sickness…never get rid of fun stuff like that.

Over the weekend we roasted hotdogs for supper again in the chimenea. Some neighbors showed up and we had a impromptu party on the deck, capping off the night with a couple games of cribbage. Β Thank goodness we got a light under the umbrella!

What did you do today?


  1. I rise up and salute your genius. We’ve tried numerous time and finally gave up learning to play cribbage. We’ve decided we’d need a real human being to teach us, and we don’t know anybody who plays.

    What a pretty cat! I find your 2 of diamonds playing card an appropriate companion for the button πŸ™‚ Wildlife has its downside, I guess πŸ™

    Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Sorry I am even later than you tonight. I absolutely adore the mixed media piece you created. Your use of the playing card was brilliant. The entire piece was fabulous.

    Your poor veggies look like they have taken their toll and met their match. And I admit, I’ve just never even seen a cribbage board, much less played it.

    Thanks for joining us late for T this week with your cold drink, your updated week, and your cribbage game.

  3. I teach full time and once it’s back to school so many things slide. The gardens go downhill. the house gets full of dog hair. I squeeze in a bit of art time, because it helps me unwind. It’s good, but it is different. Glad you made it to T day. Hope work continues to be good.Hugs-Erika

  4. hope the new job is going well…sounds like you survived the first week! love the collage piece, so pretty. here’s hoping we have quite a few more hot-dog-over-a-fire days left! enjoy your Fall! β™₯

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