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I think the title says it all… this whole working outside the home is really cutting into my artsy time. Of course I knew it would but eventually I’ll find time for creativity again. I have so many ideas float through my head when I have a moment to pause my brain. Now I just need to execute said ideas.

My first week of school was good…exhausting…but good. This week we are starting to get into some routines which can only mean that things are about to change! The kids have had a busy week as well. Mini-me had a game 1.25 hours away on the first day of school and tonight is playing in our capital city of St. Paul. Crazy how far they travel to play teams not even in our conference.

This little guy is so confused as to why mom’s not home…he’s a little mopey about it.

Also since I’m not out in the yard all the time, the deer have decided it would be fun to jump over the garden gate and eat all the leaves from basically every living plant in our yard. Makes me wonder if we will have a really harsh winter or if they are just opportunity eaters,

I did manage to finish the mixed media piece I was working on last week. Anyone remember those I AM LOVED buttons? I want to say they were from the early 80s?? I happened to still have one floating around. Yep it’s a sickness…never get rid of fun stuff like that.

Over the weekend we roasted hotdogs for supper again in the chimenea. Some neighbors showed up and we had a impromptu party on the deck, capping off the night with a couple games of cribbage.  Thank goodness we got a light under the umbrella!

What did you do today?

So many things happening around here. So many that I’ve been completely neglecting my blog and my art lately. Neither of which makes me happy…the neglect that is.

Let me give you a brief and incomplete list… Kids going back to school one week from today, Mini-me starting high school, packed sports schedule, college applications, jury duty and a few other items I’m not at liberty to discuss right now.  Don’t get me wrong, this list is exciting for sure but a definite shift in gears for us.

That being said…I did clean off my desk and start playing around with a mixed piece.

I also did a bit more canning…

4 pints of diced tomatoes and 7 pints of spicy beans.

Oh yeah and painted the front door…that turned out kind of crummy though so I’ll need to sand and touch it up. Basic white…fairly boring.

That’s it for today…other than my obligatory beverage photo.

What are you doing today?

I had to try out another girl right away but on a sturdy substrate this time. 

I glued random bits of papers down onto a discarded book cover for texture and a first layer of color. I added paint in various colors covering up the blank areas next. I loosely sketched my girl and began filling in with paint, gelatos, neocolors, charcoal pencil and even plain old colored pencil until I got the look I wanted.

NExt I added stamping with Staz-on and lightly colored them in with watered down paint. Again I used Tim Holtz stickers for my words. Lastly I added the yellow lace trim at the top to give it a finished and feminine look.

I’ve already sketched another face this time on an old canvas. Hopefully you’ll be seeing that one real soon.

I’ve been very prolific with my art over the past few days. I have two journal pages that I can’t wait to share as well. (well…I am going to wait until the next post to share them) Stay tuned.

Last week I worked on a piece for possible publication and sent it off to meet a deadline. I wish I could show the whole piece because I was so happy with the way it turned out.

This is just a piece of a corner.

I’ve also been working on my scrappy quilt again. I decided to change how I am doing the binding so I needed a solid border around the whole quilt. I got that finished yesterday and started making the binding. I’ll share my quilt progress in another post.

I also had to share my traditional gift to my neighbor for his New Years eve birthday. They generally have a party with all the neighbors invited. It’s really great since it’s right across the street. No driving required.

Each year I give him some sort of beer but in recent years I’ve been trying to be clever about it. Last year was Rein-beers.

And this year I got him some Canadian beer…of course, it’s cold there so they needed some hats to keep them comfortable.

I’m still chuckling at the little hats although I am easily amused.

Today is more sewing, laundry and cleaning. And shoveling. It’s currently snowing and we are expecting 2-4 inches. Hopefully it will stop and the roads will get cleared before the teen has to drive home from school. It was bad enough that he took off for school as the mess was beginning. The grey hairs have started from worry with a kid driving. Glad I’m blonde…..I should be able to go gracefully into grey. HA!

What are you doing today?

T stands for Tuesday

Today I’d like to share a second look at an assemblage I created a couple years ago.  This is one of those pieces that I keep thinking I’m going to give as a gift or list in my etsy store but I just can’t seem to get myself to do it.  In fact, it’s currently sitting right beside me on my desk.


Perhaps I need to make another similar piece so I can let go of this one.

Take a look….



I spent some time on YouTube last week….likely sent there from Pinterest.  (See why I try and stay away from the screens…I get lost…sidetracked…and waste oodles of time.)  I often like watching “fast forwards” of journal pages, collage and painting. I’m most interested in seeing how people go from blank page to competed project. Not the particular products they use. Not to emulate what they did.  Just the process. The stumbles.  The bad choices of color or image and how they kept going and turned it into something amazing…or not.

 I often search out new unique ideas in an effort to continue to use the stacks of book pages I’ve torn from my journals and salvaged books. Since I’d been using some paper flowers on my cards and other projects recently, I thought I should potentially make them from book pages myself.  I found a rolled rose tutorial. The technique is very well explained yet I immediately deviated a bit from what she said. I’m not big on following the rules and directions. I prefer to make it up as I go along. 20140603_5026This first one is made mostly like the tutorial states…so it’s a tightly rolled flower.


These are more my own style and lay much flatter…more useful in a variety of projects.

But the ones used in the project below are my first blossoms. I just had to see how some spray mists would look on them. Gorgeous! Now what…20140601_4994Well…I had picked up a bunch of embroidery hoops at a garage sale a couple weeks ago to add to my ever growing collection. I have a thing for circles. I can’t seem to pass them up. This hoop happened to roll onto my work surface and land on some glimmer mist splattered paper. The idea I had seen on YouTube popped into my head. An embroidery hoop as a frame. Of course, that video used 3 hoops and was a wall hanging scrapbook layout. Like I said…I use videos as inspiration…not copy.20140601_4995It’s a little bit vintage… a little bit shabby chic…and a whole lotta me. 😉


Thanks for joining me today for Second on the 2nd.

I’ve been very drawn to the multi layered look of journal pages, collage and mixed media of all sorts lately. The more textural, the better. As I sat down to create, I had two things in mind…texture and spray mist color.

wishes and dreams art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

I placed masking tape down the spine then layered joint tape randomly in opposite corners of the pages. Next I gave the whole thing a thin coat of gesso.  Even with the thin coat of gesso, I got impatient waiting for it to dry so I started spraying sooner than I likely should have.

wishes and dreams art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

At this point everything was so wet I had to walk away.

After it was thoroughly dry, I began laying down some texture.  I used foreign text from a Brothers Grimm fairy tales book, leftover burlap from my monogram wreath, rusted fabric, a clothing tag and a bit of calico fabric for my layers.

wishes and dreams art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

In addition I used a punched square from an old greeting card as a focal image on the left hand page. A sweet little girl blowing a dandelion seed head making a wish.

wishes and dreams art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

Which ties into the words I used on the clothing tag. The words are from a Tim Holtz sticker pack.  I cut the phrase apart to place on the clothing tag.

I watered down some black craft paint to make splatters but was unhappy with the result so I attempted to soak them up with a cloth.

wishes and dreams art journal page | Halle's Hobbies

Lastly I used vintage photo distress ink to stamp a floral vine in opposite corners to give balance to the pages.

Art Journal Journey

I am linking up with Art Journal Journey today. The theme of the  month is Inspired by Autumn colors. The warm browns and splash of orange fit into my vision of the Autumn landscape around me.

Nothing like waiting to the last minute or the final hour to work on the Art Journal Journey theme for this month… TIME

Art Journal Journey

Honestly I wasn’t working directly towards the theme but after placing the focal image down the idea that she was in a hurry came to mind. Then it was just a point of find the right words to fit her look.

Time to go Art Journal Journey entry| Halle's Hobbies

I find it ironic that the happens to be an ermine on the page….part of the weasel family…often associated with being sneaky. Fun how things work out sometimes.


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