T Tuesday: cabin fever edition

I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Every day I get up and its the same thing….freezing cold temps and the kids are home from school.  Today marks the 5th day this month that school has been canceled due to dangerously low temperature and windchill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are safe at home but everyone is starting to get a bit stir crazy. I was reminded yesterday that the wind chill scale changed several years ago to sound a little warmer. Yesterday, for instance, we had windchill of -46°F.  On the old scale that would have been -71°F. Brrrr.   If you getting tired of me complaining about the cold, I thought I’d share this article….These 20 U.S. Cities Are Allowed To Complain About The Cold …since we are #1.

Lets all think some warm happy thoughts.

winter bloomsAh that’s better. My Christmas cactus says “screw you winter….I’m going to spread some joy with my blossoms.” Okay, okay…I don’t actually hear it talking to me..thank goodness. Otherwise you’d know how stir crazy we are all getting.

Being indoors has had me crafting a bit.

yo yo yo Sewing more yo-yos in a slighter bigger size. I’m thinking about making a throw pillow cover.

Also working a bit in my journal. Here are a couple of work-in-progress shots.

WIPWIP2Still not sure where I’m heading with it so I just keep adding layers.

round is a shapeAnd what would a T stands for Tuesday post be without a furry feline?! Miss Gracie doing what she does best…well, maybe second best. Hmmm…maybe I should say this is her third favorite activity after eating and sleeping. Speaking of eating..had to share this photo.

what dietGracie fed herself yesterday morning. I couldn’t figure out why she let me sleep so late until I got into the kitchen. A head-size hole chewed into her food bag. Notice that the hole is right next to “weight control formula”. Yeah…guess she’s not in the least bit concerned about being out of shape. 😉

Stay warm and safe everyone!!

LATE EDIT: See I was so addled in the brain I even forgot to include my tea for T stands for Tuesday…good thing Elizabeth isn’t a stickler for rules. 🙂



  1. Cold weather makes me extra hungry…so I get where Gracie is coming from 😉

    When I think of winter weather troopers I do think of Minnesotans…and cannot even imagine operating in those MINUS degrees!

    good you have some artsy craftsy distractions to help keep you warm and occupied … hope the kids get on a regular schedule soon…they will be going to school well into the summer at this rate

    Happy T Day to ya

  2. It was minus 15 this morning when I checked, and feels like minus 30…so I guess you have us beaten! but we are just not used to this…wowza! your projects warmed my heart today, though. The cactus bloom is beautiful, and love the yo-yo’s! great journal pages too…stay warm, and maybe sing the ‘Cabin Fever’ song from Muppet Treasure Island! that always makes me smile…

  3. Every day when I get up (today was just after noon), or right before I go to bed (today was nearly 7 am), I check the weather at the weather channel. I pay special attention to your area, since your part of the world is in the news so much these days. I thought it was cold at my place today, but nothing like what you have to contend with. And my electric bill was through the roof this month, too. I’d hate to see it if I wasn’t on the conservation rate.

    I think Bleubeard did the same thing once, only the bag was unopened and because he smelled the food before I got it placed into containers. And this is a cat that has NEVER been deprived of food. I’m sure Bleubeard can relate to Gracie’s actions.

    At least you manage to get some art done. I’m not leaving this office (I’m even sleeping on my office couch) except to potty or get coffee or food until it warms a bit more in the house. Even Bleubeard refuses to leave the warmth of this room. Right now, it’s 51F. and the heat has been on all night (or day as the case may be). So, stay warm dear friend, and thanks for the visit during T today.

  4. Linda Ksays: Reply

    So glad you gave a link to the cold cities-I was wondering where you lived-yikes!! But I still feel like you do and PA is on the list although I live further east of Pittsburg. Wonderful projects! Your yo yos are so Spring-like. The Christmas cactus blooms are gorgeous; and your journal pages are looking great. aaah, but poor Gracie was starving:) (I know she wasn’t really-I have a dog who 24/7 acts like she hadn’t been fed.) Happy T day!

  5. my city isn’t on the list, but i’m complaining about the cold anyway. brrrr!!!! we’re expecting a low tonight of 10F, i think, and we aren’t used to it around here. i can’t imagine what it must feel like where you are. i agree with your cat: more food is definitely called for!

  6. Hey! Fargo doesn’t even make the list–LOL! Well, I was born and raised in Minneapolis, so that has to allow me some complaint leeway, right? 😉
    I was kind of surprised to find out they changed the wind chill temp configuration, too. Seemed cold enough before I heard that last week.
    I had to laugh when I saw that bag!! That’s why I keep Karma’s in plastic or glass containers. She’s on weight control food, too. Maybe if her favorite activities weren’t also eating and sleeping…
    Happy T-Day! 🙂

  7. That is a lovely shot of colour on your Cactus. I had to giggle at Gracie! That’s was one hungry cat!
    Keep warm and keep crafting!

  8. You’re entitled to any commentary you might have. I would be crying by now …. I didn’t know about the wind chill factor changing. I grew up in northern Illinois and the lowest we would get to was about 20 below. I can’t even fathom 70 below.

  9. I have a very dear friend who also resides in your city and she has been sarcastically bragging about being #1. Living in Fargo, ND, with said friend as kids I know what COLD is, so I feel for you and your cabin fever. BUT I am glad I now live in California, where this year we are in a drought and unseasonable warm weather.

    I side with your Christmas cactus!

    Great starts on those journal pages.

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