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Happy Valentine’s day! We are very low key around here with holiday much like the others. Must be more of that Mid-west mentality I so often spoken about.

I was inspired to create a journal page though.

It has hidden journaling under the greeting card I recycled. I like to disguise my journal thoughts when they are more personal and private. My journals sit out where anyone can pick them up and look through.

I added our initials to the heart. Sappy, I know.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey since I just noticed the current months theme is Animals A to Z.

Art Journal Journey

As always here’s a little update on the current photo a day challenge.

5.  Three ….salmon patties

6. Skyline

7. Doorway ….kid toys are the best

8, Beautiful

9. Pink …my favorite color

10. On the table …small burst of creativity

Happy Tuesday!

What re you doing today?

Hello and welcome to T stands for Tuesday…thought I should introduce myself…LOL…just foolin’…

I missed last week. The nasty cold/virus I had took me out of commission for anything outside of work and the most meager of household duties. Friday I wasn’t even able to work…I drove there walked into the building and realized that I just wasn’t going to be able to do it…turned around and went back home. Rest was what I needed….and a respite from the billions of germs that are on every surface at school. Blech.

I do have an art journal page to share. It’s been a work in progress for quite a while. 

I just love how it turned out. The image is from a circa 1970s calendar. So sweet.

Layering of bits of papers has been on my list of favorite techniques lately.

As well as staining and drippage using more liquid mediums.

My photo challenge has definitely been going better than last month.


 1) I am here  2) Yellow  3) On the floor
4) Plain 5) Stack  6) Happy Place


7) Bright 8) Splendid 9) Everyday moments
10) I like this  11) Me 12) Sweet

Notice the Vikings logo for 10: I like this. Yepper…life long Vikings fan, that’s me! The Vikings miracle in the last seconds victory last night isn’t likely on that many peoples radar (especially to my overseas friends) but I must say that I am still pinching myself. It feels a bit like a dream. Hopefully the Vikings can BRING IT HOME for the Superbowl! That would be amazing…home field advantage and all. We heard that JT(Justin Timberlake) is going to be partying at Paisley Park next week…maybe I’ll have a celebrity sighting in the next couple of weeks. Who knows?!? Of course it will have to warm up a bit to be able to see anyone braving the frigid temps. Using the snow blower to move snow today was insanely cold. Made much quicker work of the chore though.

What re you doing today?

I’m finally getting around to posting an art journal page I created last weekend.

live in your strength

I challenged myself to work outside my comfort zone, using colors and combos I seldom gravitate towards. It was a good challenge. It made my stretch my creativity while still working within my general style.

live in your strength

Recently I’ve noticed that when I go to peruse through a completed art journal or altered book from my collection, I tend to grab one that has something interesting peeking out from the pages. Bits of lace, fibers, buttons or beads…you can find them all on my bookshelf. To that end I decided this page needed a bit of movement. Besides, my handmade paper beads fit the color scheme

live in your strength

This tea tag quote spoke to me along with the butterfly pin.

Think of the Monarch…so fragile yet has the amazing strength and endurance to migrate 2500 miles each year. If it worried about how fragile it was it would never go anywhere or do anything. It would not live.

Be strong in your fragility.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey for New Year, New Adventures


Art Journal Journey

I was battling the cold whilst creating this page. Usually when it’s cold in my basement art space, I tend to go for warm colors. This was not the case. I was embracing the cold with lovely cool tone colors and texture like snow.

joyful journal page

I felt the colors around the edge resembled a cold winter night with the moonlight reflecting off the snow.  I’ve always wished I was a landscape painter…which I am certainly not…but I do give it a whirl from time to time.

I left a light space in the middle and pictured a grove of evergreen trees at the edge of a lake. The boughs heavy with new snow.

joyful journal page

My vision didn’t quite come to fruition but it’s not as bad as it could have gone. (glass half full) 

The words weren’t what had originally thought I’d use. I had words of silence and peace…the sweet silence of freshly fallen snow. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what I’m talking about.

joyful journal page

This thought made me feel joyful! It’s always good to celebrate even the most simple things in life. Fresh snow, a creative muse, birds in the trees, bunny tracks through the snow…

Linking up today with Art Journal Journey for Let’s Celebrate

Art Journal Journey

It seems as we get older, time speeds up. The years that seemed so far in the distant future are now upon us. I know in my brain that time is a constant but my heart has a different idea.

I get very nostalgic at years end. It has extra special significance for me. Mr. G and I reconnected and made plans for our future on New Years Eve 24 years ago. And our daughter, Mini-me, was born New Years Eve eve. reflective thoughts

As I was creating my mind began to wander. Thinking about how life has changed over the past year.

reflective thoughts

It feels as if my baby girl has been 14 for about a minute. How can she be about to take her permit test.

reflective thoughts

What happened to the cute little dresses she wore while playing rough and tumble with her brother and the neighbor boys.

See what I mean…nostalgic. Not that I’d want to start over by any stretch of the imagination but I do wish that for a moment I could step back into that time and bottle it up.

reflective thoughts

Well T stands for Tuesday friends…here’s a page dedicated to all of you.

I am totally loving this page…basically because the words fell into my lap as I was looking at my teapot and cup rubber stamps.

I didn’t use a filter on the photo and couldn’t figure out why my photos were turning out so soft. Then I got the bright idea…hey…how about I wipe down the lens on my phone camera. It might have a bit of smutz on it. Evidently finger prints, dust and other junk make a nice filter if you want that soft sort of look.

Linking up with AJJ for 101 ways to keep warm theme as well.

Art Journal Journey

See….all clean…and truth be told…different lighting. I’m finding that taking photos in natural light when you get at or after dark is difficult. Hmmm…will have to work on that conundrum.

This is where I’d typically share my photo a day collage. Unfortunately, I’m quite behind. The cold, I’d been fighting, won. I ended up staying home from work on Friday. Totally lost my voice for 3 days, much to the amusement of my family. I am on antibiotics, starting to sound less like a pubescent boy and was able to return to work for my very short week (two days) due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I had posted this photo on Instagram at the beginning of the month…totally unrelated to the photo a day….saying “run turkeys run” since they’d be on the menu soon.What I think is so funny is that this was taken in an industrial complex adjacent to Paisley Park. Although, I must admit, that there is still a lot of preserved land around the area. Thank goodness.

This week is filled with family time, food and fun.

What are you doing today? (or this week)

I am very happy to say I’ve completed another art journal. This was a loose leaf type journal. Technically it was a Creative Memories album but I knew in my heart I’d never actually scrapbook this album…or any other for that matter if I’m being completely honest with myself.

album turned journal

On Friday night I completed my last entry. It was a very simple page that started with a piece of artists paper from one of the Stampington family of magazines. I used distress paints to alter the color.

Next I used gelatos to created the base of a flower using my finger to spread the color. On top I drew the loose details of a flower with India ink.

I wrote with a white gel pen some thoughts I had at the moment. I purposely wrote very messy so I’d be the only one who knew what it said while creating some visual interest to the page.  This was one of the quickest pages I’ve ever completed and a perfect way to end my journal.

Although I really love working in loose leaf I do struggle with a completely blank page. Many of the papers I used as backgrounds were surface protection pages already smeared with ink, paint and glue.  I think I will always tend to stay with vintage books as the base for my journals. The background text and texture of the pages inspire me.


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