T Tuesday: half of December edition

I admit it…I’ve been neglecting my blog again. I haven’t had anything artsy or craftsy to share so I figured I wouldn’t bore you to tears with nothingness. As I began to pull photos together for this post I realized that I have a multitude of things to share, with many different facets.

Last week I skipped T Tuesday entirely both posting and visiting….in fact, I hardly touched my computer all week. I realized how truly close to Christmas we were getting. With something on the calendar every night after work, I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around blogging too. Gosh I miss it though. Sitting at the keyboard typing away is so soothing…it’s like therapy without paying someone to listen to you bare your soul. No, there will be no soul baring today.

Where should I start since I can’t remember what order things came in anymore. Ok…first of all…I’ve abandoned my December photo challenge. As I got further into my list I was just not loving it or getting inspired for that matter. It’s supposed to be fun…not work. I’m sure I’ll do another at a later date but for right now…I’m good with my occasional random Instagram posts.

Speaking of Instagram…I posted this the other day…after getting it from Fitbit.

I thought that was pretty cool! I can’t wait to see what my next badge will be.

We had some beautiful weather so I decided one of our favorite summertime meals was in store.

Crab boil or Low Country boil complete with a Corona beer. See how I snuck that beverage in there. πŸ™‚

We attended the kids Holiday choir concert.

And got to hear the boy sing up close and personal.


The weekend was spent in the kitchen….

J and I made Krumkake…his favorite. My old vintage Nordic Ware iron is well seasoned….it may not look pretty anymore but it makes the best krumkake. Way better than the electric one my mom had given me a couple years ago.

Mini-me and I tackled lefse making. Neither of us have perfected rolling them out round but they taste the same no matter the shape.

After we got the majority of the flour swept up…(trust me…its everywhere…ugh.) I was recruited to help out with a mouse trap car.Β Thankfully Mr. G was available to lend a hand as well. That wire is tough!!

It’s not the prettiest thing but it definitely moves!

I have made some progress on the hat I am knitting but I set that aside after work today to make this little hat for a very special early delivery.

It’s hard to believe that will actually fit on a little ones head. Hopefully not for long!!

I’d also like to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

What are you doing today??


  1. How wonderful about the fitbit badge. Wish I knew more about that. I feel like technology has left me in the dark.

    YYour cookies look wonderful, and your krumkakes look good enough to eat. I’ve never had lefse, but would love to try them someday.

    Big J looks SO much like you. He is getting so big. It’s hard to imagine how young he was when I first “met” you.

    LOVED the mousetrap car/racer. That was clever.

    WOW, I would have gladly joined you for crab boil. That would even call for a beer, even though I don’t drink alcohol. Thanks for sharing your week with us, your baking, your cooking, your fun car, and your crab boil and beer with us for T this Tuesday.

    Merry Christmas to you, too, dear friend. Your gift is NOT in the mail (grin).

  2. Kathyinozarkssays: Reply

    oh yum the crab boil looks so delicious and gorgeous cookies too.
    the mouse trap car was something I have not see before.
    good for you on the fitbit I am not a tech person at all-I had looked at those and decided it was not me and went with a pedometer that was fairly pricey but is not accurate at all-so have gone the old fashioned way to measure miles.
    Merry Christmas and Happy T Day

  3. Meggymaysays: Reply

    Your crab meal looks delicious and the cookies look really inviting. You must have had a super baking session.
    The mousetrap racer is such a clever idea and would be a super fun gift.
    Happy T day and Holiday wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  4. You may not have been blogging but looks like you’ve been having a lot of holiday fun. That’s what the holidays are supposed to be all about. πŸ™‚ Hope you have some fun right up to and including Christmas. Happy T day too. πŸ™‚ Erika

  5. Fitbits are so much fun and I love the badge you got – well done! I hope you enjoyed all your busy evenings and it must have been amazing to listen so closely to the choir 😁. All you baking looks so delicious, please can I try one of each…lol πŸ˜‰…yum! That mouse trap car looks such a great gift, I bet it’s so much fun and really zooms along. Such an tiny hat for a special early delivery, I’m sure they will look adorable in it 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Day and a very Merry Christmas! J 😊

  6. Linda Ksays: Reply

    Well done on the monarch badge! I know how you feel about blogging. Sometimes i just need a break but it never lasts for long because i do miss it so. What wonderful goodies you have been baking!! Only just started mine. And no better way to treat yourself than to a summery crab boil. I imagine the choir sounded so beautiful.
    Happy T day and a Merry Christmas too!

  7. So many things new to me here! I have never heard of krumkake, for example, or seen a piece of equipment like that. And that mousetrap car? Interesting πŸ™‚ Your goodies look delicious! I imagine the music was lovely. Happy T Tuesday

  8. That Halle is the cutest little baby hat i have ever seen!!! just adorable! I think its wonderful that you still use the vintage iron.. I’ll bet it makes the experience just that much more magickal.. I know i need a break now and then from the computer.. And now that i think of it, its been awhile.. I might need to schedule one.. lol Happy T day and Merry Christmas!! Hugs! deb

  9. Congrats on the Monarch badge. I just earned my Italy one, which was “only” 836 miles. So, wow! Good for you.

    The crab boil looks fabulous!!

    I haven’t started my Christmas baking yet. Maybe I should take blog break πŸ˜‰

    I’m puzzled by the mousetrap and why it’s on wheels.

    The teeny hat is adorable.

    Happy T-day and Merry Christmas! Hugs, Eileen

  10. Love your Monarch badge! Your look as tough you have been in the kitchen a lot!! I don’t bake much these days – just the odd loaf of bread and scones! Have a wonderful Christmas! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

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