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It’s been an eventful week around here. so I think I’ll recap a few of the highlights.

I’ve gotten back in the groove of being creative on a semi-regular basis. First of which is some more work on the stocking hat I’m knitting.

Trust me…one day it will be a hat.

I also made a patchwork infinity scarf.

My original intention was to make something red, white and blue for our Veteran’s Day program at school but these colors spoke to me instead.

Speaking of the Veteran’s Day program. It was amazing! I cried all of my eye makeup off. It was very moving. I hadn’t been witness to a 21 gun salute or the playing of taps since my dad’s internment. Needless to say, I was a mess. I seriously am a fairly stoic person but that got me…as well as the Lee Greenwood song, God Bless the USA….gets me every time…especially when all those vets stood up as the line says “And I gladly stand up
Next to you and defend her still today”.
The tears were rolling.

I started a journal page…well at least I threw some color at the tissue paper I glued into my journal. It’s a start right!?!

Here’s the next collection of November photo a day pictures.

7. on the floor….me, Marvin and the toy…a little view from his side of things.

8. a place…DQ of course. love that place and its a braizer so it doesn’t close for winter….yes many Dairy Queen stores close over winter around here.

9. Heck yes! …….saw this sign at school  “Make your life story so amazing that unicorns have trouble believing it is true.”

10. I do this every day….make and drink coffee.  Bam! got my tea Tuesday reference in as well. 🙂

11. A set…my fiestaware of course.

12. normal….my knitting looks normal at least so far.

In other exciting news… J got an acceptance letter from UMD today!! So exciting!!!

What are you doing today??


Last week I wrapped up my first ever daily photo challenge. I stayed on track and was only more than 24 hrs late with a prompt once. That one I missed for days before realizing my mistake. Here are the last four prompts of the month.

28. Pimp it up…not sure what that meant so I shared my freshly decorated coffee table.

29. Costume…I was a cowgirl for work….yes, we were asked to dress up for school.

30. Treats….our bowl of goodies ready for the kiddos.

31. Halloween…our neighbor out having fun along with the kids

This is the challenge I’m doing this month. It appears that FatMumSlim does her challenges in a Facebook group now but I’m still going to do them on Instagram daily and share them in groups here. In fact here are the first 6.

1. Something blue….handmade bowl J made in school.

2. I saw this!….brand new choir sweatshirt lost or abandoned one day after receiving them.

3. Weather….snow before we got the outdoor stuff put away for winter.

4. Can’t live without….my morning coffee. (got my T Tuesday beverage in)

5. 8 o’clock…that was 8AM for Marvin

6. Made me smile today…wearing my late mom’s necklace to work

Over the weekend I was inspired to pick up my knitting needles again. I’ve been helping the past two weeks in a FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class in a couple of intro to knitting sessions. The kids are using pencils as knitting needles. It’s been really fun watching them struggle through and have it click all of a sudden. We’ve had several boys in the class as well. Nice to see them trying something new. 

I’m trying to follow a pattern for a stocking hat.  The pattern is in a very old knitting magazine I found in my mom’s craft bin. She never, ever knit so I’m not sure were it came from but what the heck…I’ll give it a shot. I’m using a self striping yarn…or at least that’s what I believe it to be. Like I said…giving it a shot. I do think I need to be using longer needles. I can’t remember where I put the rest of mine though…hmmm.

The days this week are all pretty much the same but I’m looking forward to Friday this when our school spends the morning honoring Veterans Day. I have heard so many wonderful things about it that I can’t wait to experience it myself.
What are you doing today?

After going through the drop off lane at our local Goodwill store I always step inside to see what treasures I can find.  At the bottom of the donation tax receipt is a coupon. It’s a pretty sweet deal.


But the deal of the day was sweet even without using the coupon.

steal of a deal books

I’m looking for a couple specific books, so I always take a close look. Even though I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I couldn’t pass up these treasures. The novel is for the boys, the knitting directory looked like a really awesome resource and the pink Readers Digest condensed book will become a journal after I remove the text block and replace with my own papers. I simply loved the cover design. I always peek under the dust jackets of those condensed books…sometimes the covers are lovely!

And for the price…


even without using my coupon…it was a steal!

Do you visit thrift stores, second hand shops and rummage sales for bargains? What was your best or most recent deal that had you smiling?


This month for Second on the 2nd, I’m sharing a post from February 2012 that still makes me laugh at how all over the place my creativity takes me. Sometimes even in the course of a day. Right now I’m just wishing that creativity would kick back into gear…I’m in a bit of a dry patch on the creativity front.

Join me for a look back…


I’ve been all over the place lately when it comes to creativity.
I think I may have Art ADD (attention deficit disorder).
Ok…some might argue that I have ADD in other areas of my life as well but the Art ADD is self-diagnosed.
I blame the other on Motherhood. Children steal you’re ability to keep a clear running thought in your head. 🙂 But I wouldn’t change a thing.
Anyway…these are the things I’ve done in the past week.
I papered our recycling cabinet to match the fridge.
Knit another dishcloth on the loom

Knit a cowl on the loom…

Miniature terrain on a recycled CD…
Another terrain piece…
And last night I started another twirly crochet scarf because my elbow was hurting from the repetitive motion of the knitting.
Crochet seems to work my wrist more and doesn’t bother me.

In addition I’ve been washing and ironing my way through a large box of old linens. Deciding what is decent enough to save and use and what I can use in my artwork. Vintage linens and fabric are part of my idea for the Postcard Challenge book.

So, yeah…definitely Art ADD.


That was a crazy amount of creativity in a short amount of time. It would have been really great to bottle a bit of that enthusiasm for a later date such as now!

On a side note…what do you think of my blog makeover? I was feeling the need for a change. I’m still tweaking things here and there.  Please let me know if anything is weird or not functional for you. Thanks!!

I finally finished it!! This scarf has been on the needles for far too long.IMG_0253

I knit two yarns at the same time to make this the weight that I wanted. I got three skeins of the yarn at Goodwill for $2. I still have an entire skein left. IMG_0254I  plan to wear it looped like this for a nice bulky look.

At knitting on Tuesday, I learned a new pattern for a quick and easy scarf. I had some random yarn in my bag so I decided to give it a go.

quick knit scarf

The pattern is cast on 9 stitches. Knit 40 rows. Cast off. Then you cut 6 ft lengths of fringe…double over and thread thru the folded  knit piece effectively closing it into a loop. Wrap it around you neck and pull the long ends thru the knitted loop. Easy peasy…just think about your colors….

quick knit scarf

In my hands the 3 colored skeins of yarn looked really nice…and maybe as wide stripes it would have worked…

But all I see is BACON.  And now I bet you do too. 🙂

I’ll likely end up tearing this back apart and using the scraps for something else.  Oh well…at least I learned something.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. So often I see something that I fall in love with and want to create for myself and the link either goes now where or just to the photo of the thing I was enamored with in the first place even if it clearly stated that it was a tutorial. This is where the experimentation takes over. I see my goal…now I need to figure out how to get there.

I’m continuing to experiment with  different stitches and patterns on my knifty knitter loom. I saw a really cool dish scrubbie on Pinterest but the link did no good. After studying the photo a bit I came up with my version.20141206_7331

I honestly don’t know the terminology for all the stitches…I am a visual learner.

If you are here actually looking for the pattern I will sum up what I did in “Halle speak” and hopefully it will make sense. 🙂

Using 2 skeins, cast on all 24 pegs continuing the circle as if making a hat. Knit 20 rows. Bind off. Close both ends of tube and flatten. I sent the strings from one side through to the other and tied them off so it would stay flattened.

So maybe after all my complaining…I’m guilt as well.  I have no step by step directions. Good luck!


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