T Tuesday: still full edition

I swear I’m still full from Thanksgiving dinner! Ok…that’s a bit of a stretch but geesh. Too much leftovers and too many days off. Making me soft(er).

I’ll start with a little catch-up on my Photo a day challenge. I got several days behind but have gotten caught up now.

13. Letters….just one important one. UMD acceptance letter for J.

14. For me….just a little treat of apples in caramel dip. YUM!!

15. Hot + Cold…sometimes I’m a two-fisted drinker. 🙂

16. After…after a long day at work it’s nice to put my feet up a bit.

17. Cooking…I unexpectedly cooked Thanksgiving dinner this year.

18. I love this…Grandma’s dishes.

19. Whole….it was a whole pie….a whole lotta yummy. 🙂

20. Bright….the setting sun through my window.

21. Shoes….I have a love/hate relationship with these. I love them (so cute) but my feet hate me when I wear them all day at work.


I discovered mt latest obsession craft on Pinterest yesterday. 

Fabric star ornaments. I found the link to the original tutorial but it was in Dutch I believe. It had great photos but I was missing something in my understanding. Then I found the tutorial by Betz White that finally cleared things up for me.

I’m considering putting a button on both sides with either hot glue or tied through with embroidery thread.  Not sure but I do know I’ll be making more.

The school I work at is having a holiday boutique for staff so I’ll be bringing my crafts in. I’m so excited both to make a little Christmas cash and to see what crafts my coworkers like to do.

My baby girl starts drivers ed Tuesday…I can hardly fathom it. She’ll get her classroom instruction done just before her 15th birthday but she’ll have to wait until the New Year to take her permit test. That girl is ready to get behind the wheel….me, not so much.

Tuesday holds work of course and a choir concert…at my school. Mini-me’s choir is singing at the middle school. I think they send the high school choirs to perform periodically to keep the younger ones interested in continuing through their school career.

What are you doing today?


  1. Kathyinozarkssays: Reply

    Great photos-and I love those stars! and thank you for the links
    Happy T Day Kathy

  2. Meggymaysays: Reply

    The fabric stars look beautiful and it is a super idea to hold a craft sale at work.
    Thank you for the link, I am not a sewer so seeing how they were made with folded material was great.
    The photos all looked super as well.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  3. froebelsternchensays: Reply

    Love the fabric stra ornaments – I made a back bag with an old jeans for my girl many years ago with the star ornament
    HERE to see>´

    Happy T-Day Halle!

  4. Loving those star ornaments. They look like a lot of fun! You could definitely zip them up a bit too with a button or tassel of something. Yup, Thanksgiving was a nice break. I always love it. The worse thing about all the Thanksgiving food is the big holiday coming along in another few weeks and all that food! 🙂 Happy T day-Erika

  5. Your photos are fantastic and the pumpkin pie looks so delicious, I’d love a slice please …lol 😁. Your fabric stars are amazing and I think they would look lovely with a button in the centre too. The holiday boutique sounds fun! Enjoy your day and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  6. Those stars are wonderful and i do think a button would look good on them… Its never easy to see your child behind the wheel… and its not even their ability in question .. its all the other drivers.. Hang in there Momma! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  7. I love the photos, especially your take on the subject.
    The fabric stars are beautiful. Not very common so I expect them to be a hit with your co-workers. You could sew a little piece of ribbon onto them so that they can be hung up (in a tree?). By the way, the website that you found is not in Dutch (otherwise I would have been able to help you), it is a Scandinavian language. And I guess it might be Danish. (not sure though)
    Happy T-Day,

  8. I really enjoyed your photos. That pumpkin pie looks wonderful. I bet it tasted good, too. I also liked the hot and cold take you captured.

    Those stars are great. You may want to make some of your cork trivets, too. Or even your cork trees. I think they would go over great. But the stars are incredible, and something very new in your repertoire.

    Thanks for sharing your photos, your stars, and your hot and cold drink for T this Tuesday. Little J is going to be driving soon, and you will have yet another person to add to your insurance. No wonder you are working (grin).

  9. Halle, your fabric ornaments are wonderful! I’m sure they’ll be snatched up quickly. Wish I could go to that bazaar.

    A high school choir concert sounds lovely. Ah, they grow up so fast on us, don’t they?

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

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