T Tuesday: November into December edition

I can’t believe we are into December already!! I think its because we have no snow that I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.  Although that is supposed to change in the next couple hours as I write this. I am happy to say that we at least have the tree up and the house decorated…as much as we do. We aren’t outside light people. I admire those who do…it’s just not us.

Last year after the holidays I bought a tree on clearance at our grocery store of all places….totally sight unseen. All I knew was it was pre-lit with white lights. It was such a steal that I couldn’t pass it up especially since out old pre-lit tree had a band of dead lights smack in the middle.Isn’t it pretty!?!? Not bad for $34.

Mini-me put together some new hanging decor for a bare corner of the livingroom.  I gave her a little springboard idea and she ran with it while I was busy. It turned out really cute.

Last Friday I had the privilege of supporting a couple of students on a field trip to Orchestra Hall. I hadn’t been there since Mini-me was in preschool.

It is so unique inside…and beautiful, not that my quick phone picture really captured the beauty.

I spent a good share of Saturday trying to decide between designing a photo card and writing a Christmas letter to send out this year. Who knows…I may do both.

Oh that’s right…I need to update you with my photos to finish out the November photo a day.

22. A favorite thing…..Marvin, of course

23. I made this! ……fabric star ornament (shared the tutorial links last week)

24. I need to do this! ……put all this crap away…just keepin’ it real folks.

25. Time……clock I made over a decade ago….likely should change the battery one of these days.

26. Wall…….my favorite wall especially this time of year.

27. I’m thankful for this…… Love

28. Black…….J’s school chrome book

29. So, this happened…..inflation of the new activity dome outside my school (it’s truly immense)

30. I bought this! ……not telling what’s inside though.

And with that…November is done.

This is my new challenge for December. I followed an old version of the October challenge by this same site. I’m enjoying the creative challenge of these photo a day prompts especially since most days this is my only creative outlet.

Want to see what I’ve already gotten for December?

What are you doing today?



  1. love your Christmas decorations! here we use to put the tree up at Christmas (until 6th of jan), but i think it is better the way you make it for getting into the mood…

  2. I love your $34 tree. Such a deal since we went to the tree farm to cut ours and it cost $45-and that is just for 1 year. Think it is time to get an artificial one or at least think about it. Your house looks festive. I know what you mean about not feeling like December yet, but hope you didn’t get too much snow. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. i haven’t decorated as I was hoping to have the living room/dining room painted after we had new baseboard heaters installed. Painters aren’t returning my calls for an estimate. So I think I’m going to slap paint up just so I can decorate. i do have my little advent tree up. You got a great steal for $34 and your tree looks pretty. I love the mobile your mini-me made, too. Have a Happy T Day!

  4. I think you got the steal of a lifetime, Halle. Those pre-lit trees are incredibly expensive, and I thought about getting one for my tabletop, but it was more expensive than the one you got that is full length.

    I want to join this challenge, but I’m not on instagram, so not sure I can post them. I really like how you interpret your prompts. No mince pies in my household, though. It’s definitely a British thing that my grandmother loved to make this time of year.

    Yep, Marvin is a real cutie. And it looks like you shopped till you dropped. Bet those are Christmas gifts.

    Thanks for sharing your tree, your daily photos, and the orchestra hall with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  5. Meggymaysays: Reply

    Your Christmas tree looks beautiful, the lights are so pretty.
    I really liked your photos you seem to be enjoying this challenge
    Happy T day wishes.

  6. The tree and mobile are beautiful, Halle. Mini-Me inherited a lot of your talent 😉 You did good! $34 for a pre-lit tree. It looks like a 7-footer too. That’s what we have and we paid a bunch more than that, I hate to say.

    I’d like to see that dome inflated! I’ve never seen one of those – or maybe I have but just didn’t realize it 😉

    I printed out your fabric star directions last week. Now to find some time … I love them! let us know how they sell at the bazaar. I bet they’ll be gone in a blink of the eye.

    What am I doing today? A couple loads of wash and I plan to get out the non-tree Christmas decorations and maybe the ornaments. Poca a poco (little by little).

    You asked about my front door wreath. Yes I did make it. Thank you.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  7. What a wonderful post! Your new tree looks so beautiful and such a bargain too 😁. I love the bauble Christmas decoration your daughter made, it must have been so much fun creating it 😁. The Orchestra Hall looks so beautiful and I bet the acoustics were amazing! As always I’m loving you photography challenge and the photo of Marvin is my favourite, he is such a cutie! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  8. froebelsternchensays: Reply

    Wonderful christmas decorations!

  9. That’s a great deal on a tree! I love the hanging ball mobile decoration. I hope you get the snow you want. I’d love a bit of it myself, but that may not happen. Happy T Tuesday

  10. Kathyinozarkssays: Reply

    wow that was an extra good price for your pretty tree-I paid way way too much for my little mini tree but I am enjoying it so that’s ok-and I have no place for larger tree anymore.
    Loving your decorations very pretty and enjoyed your photos enjoy your Tuesday Kathy

  11. Well Halle… doing good here… Just got back from a long , hilly walk with my pregnant daughter … and i’m pooped…lol Such a pretty tree and i love the decor your mini me made.. We are starting to put our tree up tonight i hear… Sometimes its just hard to get going with the Christmas decor but once i do i’m glad i did.. Kinda like going for a walk… I’m always glad once i get out there.. lol Hugs! deb

  12. WQhat a lovely tree! You certainly had a bargain there!
    Loving mini-me’s decorations.
    Your potos are great as always. I wish I had the patience to sort out how to use internet on my pone, because I quite like the idea. As it is now, I have to download any potos from my pone to my desk top computer to be able to upload them. I’ll make it my goal for the new year. What I really need is a 14 yr old to teach me….
    Happy belated T-Day,

  13. Well done for getting that bargain tree – it looks fabulous! I do enjoy seeing your photos (mainly on IG!)I think we are about to get snow tomorrow but first a storm!! Happy T day!Hugs,Chris

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