T Tuesday: Too cold for school edition

For the second day in a row, my kids have the day off due too dangerously cold temps. They are thrilled. Me…not so much. I am thankful I don’t have to worry about them getting frostbite while standing at the bus stop but keeping them from fighting and away from screens is a challenge when I can’t just throw them outside. 🙂

breakfast tea

I made myself a sandwich for breakfast today alongside my red rooibos tea. I tend to have non-traditional breakfasts. I need to have protein in the morning otherwise I can feel my blood sugar get all wonky.

sew what

Since hanging out in my basement art space isn’t an option, I’ve been back at the sewing machine.  I just love patchwork!

Next I’m going to check out the T Stands for Tuesday link list on Elizabeth’s blog.

What are you doing today?



  1. Hi, Happy T Day! My son is currently making a paper house for his toy dinosaurs (fun!), so I get to have a little iPad time now. Hope you’re finding ways to have fun at your house–the quilting certainly looks fun. Always great to mix up a bunch of patterns and colors and make something cheerful and pretty.

  2. Oh wow. I need one of those cutters, since my only cutter for fabric is still my guillotine cutter. Sad, but true. I like the looks of that sandwich and your tea looks SO inviting.

    Thanks for letting me know what you used for your days of the week. Very creative. Now I know why you needed to find a link to that stitch we talked about awhile back.

    I can’t wait to see what you make with your fabric scraps. They are all so pretty together, too.

    Bleubeard and I are still laughing over Gracie’s graceful antics. That’s too funny. And we both agree that she doesn’t live up to her name. We also agree it can’t warm up soon enough, as I’m struggling this morning. It is much colder this morning than it was yesterday. My house always lags a day behind.

    Thanks for sharing T today. It was fun to hear your voice again. I forgot to ask if you got your tip-in.

  3. Hi Halle, happy T day to you! We are just as cold here in Massachusetts as you are and boy, do I wish it were spring already! Thanks for sharing a great photo of your morning breakfast, I love roobios tea too, and I had a real good laugh to myself when you said the word “wonky”! I use the word all too frequently myself!

  4. Oh gosh! I cannot imagine how cold your temperatures are having only been at a mere -23c in Prague one year! Brrr!
    Love your style of breakfast.
    Your quilting looks great. I have a quilt on the dining room table right now. We have a quilting exhibition in June so I am nibbling at my quilting of the tops I have made. A little bit every day and they will soon get done ….I hope!
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. That sandwich looks yummy. I totally understand the fights between siblings. I face it here too when both my sons are together at home.

  6. dawnsays: Reply

    Hello and Happy T Day! The sandwich looks yummy and the fabric is so pretty! I feel your pain over having the kids home another day, same is going on here too. My house forgets what it means to be quiet and kid free all day. So far school hasn’t been canceled yet for tomorrow, crossing my fingers for both of us!

  7. Hello kinda late for T today Halle…
    I was here earlier but I have had an interrupted day with Mr M working at home…
    hope you made it thru the day OK…it is nice having quiet time and time to create too!

    Your sandwich looks delicious anytime to me!

  8. Debbiesays: Reply

    I never did get my post up yesterday but wanted to stop by and wish you a happy T day anyway. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and am anxious to try it out on a T Shirt quilt. I love scrappy and patchwork, too.

  9. I hope your weather has warmed up by now…maybe even enough so you can get into your studio. The patchwork looks so pretty.

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