T Tuesday: Arch edition

snowyIt’s another snowy day in the neighborhood.The white stuff messed up my plans for the day. I had a list of places to go today including on finally making it to knitting this morning but instead I have a date with the snowblower.

Halle put the kettle onI’ve got a kettle heating so I can make a large thermo mug full of tea to drink outside.

be the light archOn the bright side, I do have some art to share.   I was inspired by a Yogi tea bag and Patty’s word of the year to make this piece.

be the lightThe Gothic arch shape was a leftover from a previous swap. I think I only have one arch left…I’ll have to save that one for a template.

Since the snow is still falling…I’ll be visiting my T Tuesday friends before tackling the driveway.

What are you doing today?

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15 Responses to T Tuesday: Arch edition

  1. i feel like we were cheated here, with record-breaking cold but no snow accumulation. but there are advantages to no snow. i’ve never had need of a snow-blower, for example. lol

    that’s such pretty lace on your arch!

  2. Darla says:

    I really like the artwork and the quote. Can’t say I would like the snow though. Stay warm out there with the snow blower.


  3. Krisha says:

    Burrr! Hope that tea keeps you warm out there!
    Beautiful art piece!

    Happy T-day

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Halle! Happy T Day! Well the fog took away all our snow twice so we have only had the snow blower out once this year. I like your Arch with the beautiful lace and butterfly.

  5. Susan says:

    Love the lace and butterfly on your art piece.A hot mug of tea/ coffee on a cold day sounds wonderful. Happy T for Tuesday

  6. Denise Price says:

    Hello. I love how you used the tag from the tea bag on this sweet little piece of art. Well done! Have a happy T Day.

  7. BRRR. I’m as cold as when I visited Hettie. But this arch is perfect, especially when I think of Patty, because she loves arches so much.

    You did a FANTASTIC job with this arch and the saying. Those tea bags have the best sayings. Super impressive design and execution.

    Thanks so much for sharing this today.

  8. vicki miller says:

    Your little arch collage is lovely. I think it must be as cold there as it is hot here. Glad you had the kettle boiling!

  9. Dianne says:

    Truly gorgeous arch-work! love the layers and of course the lace. Really beautiful!

  10. Hi Halle, thanks so much for visiting my Tea for Tuesday yesterday! I’m sorry that it’s now Wednesday and I’m just playing catch up! Better late than never when it comes to leaving a message though, right? Thanks for sharing your absolutely stunning scrapbook page! Just beautiful. And, I’m sorry you had to snowblow instead of doing the fun crafty things! Booooo!!

  11. Spyder says:

    Love your header to your blog, and that snowy picture looks very cold…my daughter is snowed in, as she lives in USA but we’re just very wet here in England! Happy very late T day!
    ((Lyn)) #13

  12. Kelly Deal says:

    Hi Halle! Lately I’ve been feeling like the snow has been putting a buzzkill on everything! No snow here in Illinois, but the high for today is 19 degrees……Ick! Not doing much today, just working and going out to dinner for my MIL birthday. Have a wonderful day! Love your project too! Pretty!

  13. ~*~Patty says:

    WOWEE so much to L♥ve here Halle!
    Arches always speak to me and talk about a perfect Yogi tea tag…
    what a beautiful piece you created…
    Hope the snow blowing wasn’t too hard…
    I do L♥ve snow but maybe living where I do I am not the best judge of “real” snow ;)…
    I uncovered some fabric arches the other day and must get busy…
    thank you for inspiring me and for the kind mention
    and for spreading Light too :)

  14. Hettie says:

    Lovely archway there and a great snowy photo you have taken. At least your weather is photographical, unlike our wet stuff!
    Keep warm

  15. I’m late. Hope you haven’t had too much snowblowing to do since Tuesday. Awesome red kettle and I love that saying on your delicate piece of artwork. Happy late T-Day!! :)

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