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This month for Second on the 2nd I’d like to share a handmade book that actually came up in conversation just last week. As I went searching through my blog for the post I was so surprised at how many years had passed. Over the years I’ve made at least 20 of these paper bag books. Every single one was different. The ones I had the most fun with were when I knew the recipient and could tailor it for them in particular. Now that being said, I didn’t actually know my friends uncle but she had told me so many stories and memories of him that I think I did a pretty good job of channeling that into the book. Plus I’ve known a couple authentic cowboys in my lifetime.
Take a look….
I got a call this morning asking if I’d want to make a custom paper bag book that would be at a memorial service. My friend Sandy explained that her uncle had been a real Montana cowboy if there ever was one. A simple man who spent his whole life being a cowboy…working cattle and horses…riding the rodeo…
I was touched that her mom had requested one of these books for her brother’s service. I got to work immediately since time is of the essence. She told me I could share the photos of the book.
There are lots of tags as well as some vintage postcards from Montana tucked into the pockets. Plenty of space for friends and family to write little notes, tell stories or simply sign their name.


It’s not too early, is it?
The last paper bag book (previous post) I made had more of a vintage feel.
For this one, I went with the typical red and green Christmas theme colors.
It’s filled with tags awaiting photos and memories.
I found some fun embellishments in my stash of goodies for the binding as well.
Beads, bells and trinkets give it fun texture and movement.
I feel like I’m starting to get my mojo back. It must have been lost in the yard…all the raking must have brought her back to me.

I’m in the home stretch from getting all my Holiday fundraiser items ready.

This was my latest project.

Here’s a couple of my favorite pages on the inside…

As you know…I love being creative. But when it comes to scrap booking, I am a complete failure!  I think I get way too uptight when I think about preserving those memories. I’m determined to put this scrapbook together in a timely manner and not get to stressed out about each page and each photo and each piece of paper I choose. It doesn’t have to be perfect…

Maybe once I get this one done, I will start the kids baby books! AGH! I know…bad mommy. I’ll get them done before they have their own kids, I promise.

I put this scrapbook together for my mom.

She loves having something small to bring with her when they visit with friends.

Here’s a little tiny peek at the inside as well.

I sent off more art to Somerset Memories in hopes of getting published again. This time it’s an altered book about my dad and his childhood.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek:


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