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I’m so done with Winter’s bitter cold that has been plaguing us for the past month or so.  The kids have yet another day off of school. I’m glad…crazy cold temps and wind chill today. I’m afraid the school is going to have to add a day into the schedule somewhere to make up for the 3 days they have had off due to extreme cold.

coldSo….since it was a cold day in Hell, I decided to organize. *grin*

yarnI got all my yarn into one bin.

fabricFabric into another…well, the fabric that was in random boxes anyway.

emptyAnd look at this…I ended up with an empty bin. It won’t remain empty for long.

puzzle prepI did do a tiny bit of playing with another giant puzzle while I was waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle. It was just to darn cold to hang out down there any longer than necessary.

yo yo maI found this photo when I pulled the pictures off my camera today. Little J had set up the yo-yos I had sewn yesterday into a fancy little display and photographed them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess. 🙂


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