I was cleaning the closet the other day and came across a seriously old unfinished project. Something I started back in the 1990’s…at first house…when I had a strawberry theme in my kitchen. I considered donating the 6 towels and let them be a project for someone else. I have a hard time “throwing in the towel”…pun intended… on a project once I start. 20140706_5787Way back when I started these I finished one right away and started the embroidery on the second.  My trouble was that the fusible web I used was so darn sticky that I had a heck of a time getting my needle through. Frustration level high!!20140706_5788Machine stitching was my only choice even if it wouldn’t match.  I decided that my dishes really won’t care…so I won’t either.

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4 Responses to UFO…finished

  1. Wow, glad you didn’t throw in the towel, because these will sure dry your dishes and clean up after you. It’s always good to be able to mark a UFO off your list.

  2. Debbie says:

    Those are really cute towels! I have a hard time not completing a project that I started, too, but I can assure you there are at least two UFOs hiding that I can think of. When this dang kitchen is done, maybe I’ll pull them out.

  3. Hettie says:

    Glad you didn’t bin these. They are gorgeous.
    It is nice to see someone who has UFOs from almost as long ago as I do!!
    I think it is good to use different styles of sewing as it shows how things have changed. you can now look at those towels and know that you do finish things…even if it takes a while!

  4. ~*~Patty says:

    ooo glad I didn’t miss this!
    Your towels are wonderful…
    you get alot done Missy!
    Something like a sticky needle can sure take the fun out life…
    hate it when stuff like that happens…
    your alternative was smart and it works really well!

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