T Tuesday: behind the scenes edition

This post was meant to be published last week. That just didn’t happen so I’m presenting it this week for T stands for Tuesday. I must also confess that I’m scheduling this as I will be on a college visit with J. AAAHHHH…did I just say that!?! My first born can’t be ready for this right?!? Time…whoosh.

Anyway….back to the post.

I wanted to share a journal page that I started with the intention of fitting a challenge theme. I quickly took a sharp left and did my own thing.

I used a preprinted background in purple and gold….everything else just seemed to happen over the top.

Little bits of this and that…napkin, ribbon, trim and found text.

In the end even though my creativity went in a different direction I was very happy with the result.

Shortly after taking the photos of my newly created page I turned around and spied this…

Now you know the secret of my backdrop. It’s a barn wood frame I picked up at a garage sale. It is a perfect backdrop in my opinion for the majority of my projects.  

Currently the barn wood frame rests on the bottom of the plant cart…and Marvin rest upon it.  Soon the frame will have to move as I will be starting my seeds. I can’t wait for gardening!! We got a new LED grow light in the mail the other day that should help immensely with a full spectrum set of bulbs. I’ll likely share that in a later post. 

Until then Marvin is enjoying his new found sunning spot. Just look at those whiskers!!!!

The other thing I managed to do over the weekend was the reorganization of my primary work zone. I won’t show the rest of the area right now because it’s still kind of crazy! And frankly will be until at least next weekend…did I mention my craft room is my laundry room? My washing machine is on it’s very last leg…as in, I’m afraid to wash another load. Mr. G has replaced several parts over the years to keep it in service but alas this last repair would cost nearly what a new machine would so I have ordered a new one…delivery on Thursday.

So as I’m off visiting a college campus…what are you doing?


  1. Linda Ksays: Reply

    oh how time flies doesn’t it? Good luck with the college thing. Beautiful collage art. And I love the photos of your sweet Marvin:) Happy T day!

  2. Nice shots of Marvin. And, I like the different textures you used to make your art piece. I remember those college visits. And I cried the whole way taking her to school even though she was 35 minutes away. I think its the end of era though…good luck with your visits and the new washer. happy T day-I think a glass f wine would loosen me up to clean my space, or make me ready for a nap, depending on the time. 🙂

  3. Marvin definately looks pretty comfy lol I love how cats do that. I really like your journal page I think its more fun to do just do our own thing lol Good luck checking out colleges.

  4. I see you already linked, which made me feel good. Your mixed media collage is lovely, although it doesn’t feel like you. I like that you surprised me with this unique art.

    Marvin is such a sweetie. He looks quite content, too.

    You do SO much with that small space. I’m always impressed with how much you can cram into a tiny area for making art. Of course, having a glass of wine while cleaning (or after as a reward) more than likely helps.

    Wow, MOM, you are going to have a college student soon. Time sure flies.

    Thanks for sharing your art, Marvin, your proposed trip to colleges, and your clean art space with wine for T this soon-to-be Tuesday.

  5. Love the page it is so elegant. Marvin is in just the right place. Wish I was small enough to curl up in the sun somewhere so cosy looking.

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Meggymaysays: Reply

    Wonderful art it was super to see all the details you added into the page. Marvin looks so content and happy and seems to have a good view of all that is happening around him.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  7. Oh my, your Stolen Moments artwork is stunning! The materials and the design is so romantic and detailed, I love the vintage look and feel to it too – perfect! Marvin looks so happy sitting in the sunshine, I think he has made your barn door frame his new home … ha-ha! He is so handsome and you got some great photos of him and his whiskers! I like your tidy craft space, maybe you could come and tidy mine too … lol! Happy T Day! J 🙂

  8. Just love the lovely pictures of your cat!! What a lovely girl/boy? What a sweetheart.. Love seeing your workspace…I’m so interested in that right now as i’ll soon be designing my craftspace… Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. Aww, Marvin looks so content. You may have to give up your barn door backdrop – lol.

    Your collage page is beautiful. Sometimes it’s fun to let a project take you where it will. The results may surprise you.

    Your crafting space is awesome. I need some small cubby hole shelves that that white one with things separated and organized so you can see what you have.

    Happy T-day, Halle! Hugs, Eileen

  10. Yes, time flies! Tell me about it. I still remember the college visits of youngest son (who is 40 now). It is good you are getting a new washing machine, because every time your boy comes back from college, he will bring a bag load of dirty washing! lol!
    Your journal page is beautiful and I just love that amazing photo of Marvin and his whiskers.

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