So glad you came to visit today for T Stands for Tuesday where we share a beverage and a little something from our week.

breakfastI’m doing my best to eat a healthy breakfast each morning. It takes some time and effort but I think it’s worth it. Fuel for the day. Today is 2 eggs scrabbled up with yellow pepper, onion. tomato, mushroom and spinach with a little bit of jalapeno salsa for kick. Only 265 calories.  I couldn’t even eat the last 2 bites!

bookWhile eating I skimmed through this library book. Truthfully, I’m not sure that I got much from it. However, I was reminded of a technique that I have yet to try. Printing on tissue paper with a printer. I have to see if our old printer still has ink since it has to be a straight feed printer not the kind that loops the paper through. *Fingers crossed for ink.*

Jan 20 journalYesterday, I worked in my kira-kira journal a bit. I had started cleaning up my desk and the journal sucked me in. Or perhaps it was just procrastination.

changeChange is a theme that we are seeing a lot around here. We are making some healthy changes in our life…slowly. Our children are changing into young adults. I’ve made the change of working very part-time after being a SAHM home for 13.5 years. We are wishing for the weather to change to Spring.

Change can be scary…or exciting…or devastating…or uplifting. Change can be methodically planned or come up and smack you in the face. One can embrace change or flee in terror or perhaps slip into denial about it. But change is an integral part of life. I’m choosing to embrace these changes and am looking forward to what it will bring to our lives.

Wow…I guess a healthy breakfast gave me a mental boost as well!! I don’t usually get so deep and introspective in the morning.

What are you doing today??

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