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I can’t believe we are into December already!! I think its because we have no snow that I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.  Although that is supposed to change in the next couple hours as I write this. I am happy to say that we at least have the tree up and the house decorated…as much as we do. We aren’t outside light people. I admire those who do…it’s just not us.

Last year after the holidays I bought a tree on clearance at our grocery store of all places….totally sight unseen. All I knew was it was pre-lit with white lights. It was such a steal that I couldn’t pass it up especially since out old pre-lit tree had a band of dead lights smack in the middle.Isn’t it pretty!?!? Not bad for $34.

Mini-me put together some new hanging decor for a bare corner of the livingroom.  I gave her a little springboard idea and she ran with it while I was busy. It turned out really cute.

Last Friday I had the privilege of supporting a couple of students on a field trip to Orchestra Hall. I hadn’t been there since Mini-me was in preschool.

It is so unique inside…and beautiful, not that my quick phone picture really captured the beauty.

I spent a good share of Saturday trying to decide between designing a photo card and writing a Christmas letter to send out this year. Who knows…I may do both.

Oh that’s right…I need to update you with my photos to finish out the November photo a day.

22. A favorite thing…..Marvin, of course

23. I made this! ……fabric star ornament (shared the tutorial links last week)

24. I need to do this! ……put all this crap away…just keepin’ it real folks.

25. Time……clock I made over a decade ago….likely should change the battery one of these days.

26. Wall…….my favorite wall especially this time of year.

27. I’m thankful for this…… Love

28. Black…….J’s school chrome book

29. So, this happened…..inflation of the new activity dome outside my school (it’s truly immense)

30. I bought this! ……not telling what’s inside though.

And with that…November is done.

This is my new challenge for December. I followed an old version of the October challenge by this same site. I’m enjoying the creative challenge of these photo a day prompts especially since most days this is my only creative outlet.

Want to see what I’ve already gotten for December?

What are you doing today?


Welcome to another edition of T stands for TuesdayT stands for Tuesday_200

Last week you may remember amidst celebrating our hostess Elizabeth’s birthday, I mentioned I had a busy week coming up. The reason was J and I were heading to Mother/Daughter camp for the third year in a row.

After a chilly rainy start the weather turned absolutely beautiful!! Mid 50’s and sunshine!! We were busy from dawn to dark. It was exhausting but fun. Before we even left for home I heard “next year when we come…”

We did lots of crafts….

journal and pen

journal and fiber wrapped pen with pompom

leather stamping

leather stamping…I plan to attach this to an upcoming journal


wooden chalkboard…I plan to do something more with this to make it a bit more pretty.

There was also a locker size magnetic white board decorated with fancy duck tape but that must have went to school already.

In addition there was horseback riding…horse barn after ride

and the highropes course that included a zipline.

I wanted to embed a video here but it’s not working out…so you’ll have to imagine J zinging along a wire over a ravine.  🙂

We had a wonderful time!

This morning I sat with my coffee signing paperwork for my boy’s second day of driver’s training classroom instruction.IMG_0354

Time passes oh so quickly!!

I’ve got more paperwork to take care of today as well as a small mountain of laundry.

What are you doing today?

Ok, in the grand scheme of things…this wasn’t that messy at all.  Little J spotted this recipe for homemade flubber on Pinterest.20140325_4531I was careful to use glass bowls and disposable plastic spoons to begin with.

20140325_4532After pouring off the excess water…it was time to dig in with my hands…at least I remembered to take off my wedding ring. 😉

20140325_4534Little J thought it looked like I was having way too much fun with her flubber so she traded off the camera to me.

20140325_4537We made the flubber a pale lavender color that doesn’t show terribly well in the photos.20140325_4538Finally it was time to play. The flubber is more viscus than silly putty and a little wetter feeling. It’s a solid that behaves as a liquid. Some cool science going on there.

Of course, I had to show the kids that when stuck in a jar with any air gap, pushing on it makes the most satisfying “toot” noise.  You know…passing gas…breaking wind. I’ve always used the word “toot” instead of the version of that word that starts with and f and ends with a t.  I hate that word….not sure why but it just irks me…even more so when I hear young kids saying it. There, now you’ve just learned another quirk of Halle…you’re welcome.


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