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Art journal. It’s been so long. I’ve missed you.

I sat down to create the other day. I had nothing in mind. No colors, technique or even medium planned. A piece of paper caught my eye. It was one that had been used to protect my works pace, journals and the like.

It was covered with random bits of color, stamping, scribbles and even a couple of holes. Not much to look at really but better than the blank page staring me in the face.

I adhered it with a glue stick and began to add more color to balance things out using gelatos. Have I mentioned how much I love gelatos?!?

After adding the cool blues around the edges I was really beginning to like where this was going. I then added the orange as a bit of a transition to the center pinks.

MY love affair with circles came shining through as I began using my finger to create white islands in the sea of wild color.

A piece of painted watercolor paper from my scrap bucket seemed to jump out at me to give a bit of dimension to the page while still keeping the over arching theme of circles going.

The last piece was a bit of found text. It fit so well.  Back to creativity. Back to circles. Back to blogging. Back to life as I knew it.

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  1. Fab to see you back to blogging and creativity with this fantastic circled spread linked to Art Journal Journey dear Halle!
    Thank you very much for being with us again!
    I wish you a happy weekend ahead!
    oxo Susi

  2. Beautiful page! Such a great idea – I always keep the paper that I use to protect my pages, like yours it normally has such lovely colours and scribbles on it 😀. I love how you used the gelatos, I’ve just bought myself a couple of packs and I’m still learning how to use them. I love the look you achieved with them; the vibrancy and how you layered the colours is amazing! 😁 Enjoy the rest of the week and wishing you a lovely weekend! J 😊

  3. Fantabulous. I’m so glad to see you are creating again, and art has come back into your life. This is a wonderful entry. Such beauty and the colors are so lovely, too.

    I really want to know what gelatos are like. I have never seen them, and have no idea how they act. So it’s hard for me to figure out a plausible substitute. You are using yours beautifully.

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