Memory course

I had to take a break from sewing to work on and an art journal page. I definitely have to have more than one project at a time. My attention span demands it. A short browse on my workspace was all that it took to get the ideas flowing.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard, scrapbook paper and distress paints to get started. The scrapbook paper had an off-road motorcycle theme…I liked the colors but not the theme. That’s where the paint comes in. Just covered up what I didn’t want. I always have a small bin of words and phrases close at hand so I picked out a few that seemed to speak to me while the paint dried.

memory course art journal page

The page from an old math book seemed very fitting. It made me think of all those formulas that are so important that you have to memorize. I still have a few of those banging around in my brain that surface when I need them. I’m always the first to point out to my kids when I’m actually using some of that knowledge from school that I swore “I’d never use again”. I certainly don’t use it every day but I do use it.

I had a very unexpected result when I was heating the embossing powder around the edges of my page. The old, dry math book page started to burn…not flames but turned brown and smelled like it was burning.  I’ve never had that happen. Now I’d like to try it on purpose. I think it could be a really cool effect for say an old letter or map. I need to do it next to the sink though, just in case. 🙂

memory course art journal page

Yes now that I look at my date stamp I realize that I read the 9 as a 6 when looking at it backward on the stamp. No, I did not make this page in the future and travel back to post it. If I had the ability to time travel I’d do something much more interesting than that!!!

I’m linking up today with Art Journal Journey with the Back to School theme.

Art Journal Journey


  1. I adore this. It’s got so many wonderful layers and various elements. It’s fun, too.

    You realize, if you want to use NEW paper, you can run a bit of lemon juice over the edge and use your heat tool to age it like the page you have above. Thought that might help in the future in case you decided to NOT catch the house on fire (grin).

    Thanks for sharing this with AJJ. So glad you took time to create another entry.

  2. Wow — your layering here is fascinating! Gorgeous page Halle!
    Thanks a lot for joining Elizabeth’s
    BACK TO SCHOOL theme with such a fabulous entry!
    Happy Sunday!
    oxo Susi

  3. I think a little burn to the old math page is perfect. Lets be real, how often do most of us use logarithms? Well maybe you do so I might being pretentious. Love your page Halle. It does bring back school memories. Hugs-erika

  4. You’re funny.
    That burned paper edge is very cool and adds an interesting layer to your page.
    Memory sure is an important thing.
    Although I don’t clog up my brain with too much math if I can help it LOL

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