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After a long day of landscaping…more on that in another post….something fun was in order.

fun this summer

I started with a sheet of page protector paper…random colors and stamps included. Note the date and circle stamping in the upper left. I was thinking fun so sunny, bright colors came to mind. I used my favorite tools to add this much needed color…my fingers! If I’m creating, I’m seldom without paint on my hands.

fun this summer

I used watered down paints on scrapbook paper to give life to this ice cream cone, using foam tape to give the scoop some dimension. I wasn’t sure I even liked this page last night I figured I’d be changing things up this morning.

Nope…after a good nights sleep, I like it! All that was left was to add the sentiment this morning.

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Art Journal Journey

Today for T stands for Tuesday I have a whole mess of things to talk about….now where do I start?!

Last week J got his braces off after nearly 4 years!! He looks so different…so grown up!! My friend Sandy sent him a care package of gooey sticky items for his indulgence after so long of abstaining. Thankfully he is my moderation kid and the treats will last a good long time.

I’ve continued to work on sorting and purging and reorganizing in several areas of the house since I had to move my sewing area to make room for the treadmill.  It went from this…

to this…

I love that I can walk/run anytime I want but have to admit that not having my sewing machine set up all the time is really going to cramp my creative style. I sew all the time!!!!! Eventually I will figure this out.  A temporary, easy set up station of some sort.

I finished everyone’s taxes just a few hours ago so I can mark that off my list. What a relief to have that chore done.

Let’s see what else….

I have taken some time to create a couple art journal pages in the midst of organizing. Neither are my favorites but its all about the process at times.

EDIT: I’m linking up with Art Journal Journey for this first journal page as suggested. Thanks Susi!

Art Journal Journey

I realizing that I’m missing using old books for my journals. I guess it’s my art ADD. I was so completely sold on loose leaf until…I wasn’t.  And so it goes.

The kids were really hoping for a snow day Monday morning…wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift after “springing forward” for Daylight Savings Time?!?  No such luck. The street was plowed curb to curb when I got up at 5:30 (the old 4:30)…ugh. That was fine with me I had plenty of items on my list to keep me busy…such as shoveling.

Check that one off the list. It actually ended up to be a beautiful sunny day. Even though the temps never crested the freezing point…the suns rays are warm enough to melt snow.

In addition to sorting my crafting life, I’m also doing a bit of sorting of old paperwork and junk…basically trying to find space for things that are actually important.

Buried at the back of the bottom filing cabinet drawer was a stack of DVDs. I honestly couldn’t even remember getting these…until I started watching them. OH my gosh!! So much fun to see the house I grew up in…relatives that have passed on….how awkward we all were in front of a first generation VHS camera.

One of our relatives was tech savvy back in the day and bought himself a video camera. He brought it to family functions to record them for posterity. At the time I was kind of mortified but now am so thankful for these recordings. I got so see and hear my dad again!  It was a little sad watching these videos but at the same time a gift. Seeing and hearing all the people that have passed on. Getting to show my kids a mini walk thorough of my childhood home. Having them laugh at me being young but still having the same mannerisms as I do now. Even better…seeing the exact same reaction from me as Mini-me has in the same situation. Laughter to tears and back again. So thankful for these awkwardly funny memories.

Tuesday holds errands and a couple appts as well as a college fair at the high school in the evening for us.

What are you doing today?

This tale is about the “right way” and the “wrong way” to be creative…at least this is how it went for me this weekend.

Saturday in an attempt to kill some time while waiting for some laundry to finish, I decided to challenge myself again to create for the Art Journal Journey theme of Collage~no wings, no leaves, no faces. To begin, I tore a page from a vintage basic electric manual figuring it had some good background to it already. In addition I snagged a couple of random scraps from my worktable and took the works to the sewing machine.

a tale of two pages

I then did a bit of journalling along the edge of one of the scraps. Ok…still feeling it…the creative spark was there but dim.

a tale of two pages

I added some color…still good. Then I sprayed some black mist through my circle stencil. It was as if the mist put out the spark. Instead doing the smart thing and walking away at that point to regroup…I was still waiting for the stupid laundry cycle to complete so I just kept throwing more crap at the page.

a tale of two pagesI’m still not excited about this one but that’s ok. Challenges are just that…a challenge. Otherwise it would be called super happy fun time.

Art Journal Journey

On Sunday while cleaning up my workspace I felt that creative spark again. This time I made a deal with myself not to push through if I wasn’t feeling it. I noticed a freebie art paper I had pulled from an old issue of Somerset Studio. So I had a great starting point…maybe an easy way to redeem myself.

a tale of two pages

Given the fact that this page has an eye on it it wouldn’t count for the challenge away.

a tale of two pages

I didn’t do a tom to the background…I used gelatos to intensify the colors in certain places, some outlining in white gel pen, lots of stamping, gesso through a stencil and heat embossing…but all in a very subtle way. After deciding on some layers of goodies including ink stained babywipes I adding stitching over my layers and around the page in a random fashion.

a tale of two pages

Some black paint splatters and added “eyeliner” were my final touch before looking for words. see possibility everywhere was just perfect.

So my lesson to myself was to know enough when to walk away. You can’t force it. I suppose it’s something like writers block…you can stare at a page but you can’t will the words or art to flow.

This art journal page truly was a journal page…although after I spilled words all over the page in random thoughts I covered it up or at least obscured the writing enough as not to be read.  The words were just for me and once written they could be forgotten. A mind dump, if you will.

escape from memory art journal page

The page has so many layers…I went in with a thought and then took it too far…way to busy of background. I just kept at it until it felt right. I used a Pitt pen and white gesso to create the striped lines.

Washi tape has been a go-to supply lately. I like to tear it before applying to the page so it appears more random…spreading a bit of paint over the washi helps to push it into the background and make a more cohesive look.

escape from memory art journal page

My love affair with circles shines through on this page. I have saved caps from bottles and jars in a variety of sizes that I dip into paint for mark making. The imperfection of these marks is the beauty to me.

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Art Journal Journey

I haven’t worked in any of my art journals in quite some time. I’ve been kind of obsessed with sewing lately. But today I was inspired when I saw the new theme of Autumn over at Art Journal Journey.

sounds like autumn art journal page

When I think of Autumn, the rustle and crunch of leaves comes to mind. Memories of shuffling my feet through the leaves alongside the road and jumping into piles of raked leaves abound.

sounds like autumn art journal page

Warm colors and abundant texture dominate the landscape.

sounds like autumn art journal page

 I love this kind of page…  I used to be afraid of white spaces. Now I embrace them on my pages. Negative space can be quite powerful.

Art Journal Journey

The summer has ended and so has the hunt for photos. I like to wrap things up with a recap of the old and any newly snapped photos. This year I only missed one on the list but got an alternative to takes it’s place. In the past I’ve gotten every single one including the alternates.

1. A “wild heart” – a naturally occurring heart (like the rock above, but it doesn’t have to be a rock)summer photo huntHostas in my backyard

2. A footprint or pawprint


Husky paw print

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray

bones-collageAt the orthopedist

4. A book or magazine read during 2016


Lots of books…can’t stop reading…

5. A porch or deck

deck collage

Trex Deck at the MN landscape Arboretum

6. A camper (caravan)

summer photo hunt

Camper trailer

7. A family gatheringsummer photo hunt

Independence day gathering

8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you.summer photo huntObviously this isn’t my only creation of the summer…if you’d like to see more just browse around the blog. 🙂

9. Someone playing with, in, or around water.summer photo hunt4th of July waterfight….a tradition

10. A bicyclebikeAt a parking lot next to a state bike trail.

11. Fresh producesummer photo huntBeans from my garden and CSA box

12. A windowwindowThe broken remains of my drivers side window…you can read about it here.

13. The moonsummer photo huntLucky low light shot of the moon over the house.

14. A buffet of foodsummer photo hunt4th of July gather again…

15. A team logoteamsSome of our beloved local teams…current and former.

16. A map showing a trip taken during the time period


Mini-me and I traveled to Alexandria over the summer for a girls weekend.

map-2This close-up map has both lakes that we stayed on…if you look closely you can see my reflection.

17. Twinssummer photo huntI took a bit of liberty with this one just because it made me laugh.

18. A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries cart

Back to school stock up at Target

19. A seasonal cocktail or beveragesummer drinkMoscow Mule…favorite summer drink!!

20. Someone laughing

This is the one I didn’t get mostly because I don’t show faces on my blog if at all possible.

21. A photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time period covered in the Hunt. Note: you may not use a substitute for this item.

timely-photoI believe this one is self explanatory

Alternatives – if you’re having trouble finding any of the above, you may substitute from this list (but you may not substitute for item #21):
alternative 1: a lighthouse

No lighthouse either

alternative 2: a baby (human or animal)


Can you see the baby? Cute little “O”.

That about wraps it up. I’m not sure what happened to Rinda’s blog as it hasn’t been updated since June but I do know that the Facebook group has been active so I’ll be posting there. I do hope to continue with photo scavenger hunts…they are really fun and a real challenge at times to get creative and think outside the box.

I had to take a break from sewing to work on and an art journal page. I definitely have to have more than one project at a time. My attention span demands it. A short browse on my workspace was all that it took to get the ideas flowing.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard, scrapbook paper and distress paints to get started. The scrapbook paper had an off-road motorcycle theme…I liked the colors but not the theme. That’s where the paint comes in. Just covered up what I didn’t want. I always have a small bin of words and phrases close at hand so I picked out a few that seemed to speak to me while the paint dried.

memory course art journal page

The page from an old math book seemed very fitting. It made me think of all those formulas that are so important that you have to memorize. I still have a few of those banging around in my brain that surface when I need them. I’m always the first to point out to my kids when I’m actually using some of that knowledge from school that I swore “I’d never use again”. I certainly don’t use it every day but I do use it.

I had a very unexpected result when I was heating the embossing powder around the edges of my page. The old, dry math book page started to burn…not flames but turned brown and smelled like it was burning.  I’ve never had that happen. Now I’d like to try it on purpose. I think it could be a really cool effect for say an old letter or map. I need to do it next to the sink though, just in case. 🙂

memory course art journal page

Yes now that I look at my date stamp I realize that I read the 9 as a 6 when looking at it backward on the stamp. No, I did not make this page in the future and travel back to post it. If I had the ability to time travel I’d do something much more interesting than that!!!

I’m linking up today with Art Journal Journey with the Back to School theme.

Art Journal Journey

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