I got some inspiration and was able to come up with the “backyard” for my house shape tip-ins.

This was a fun little swap…only 6 houses. Not quite as overwhelming as the last set of houses I made for a swap.

She left me behind. I’m a very frustrated artist right now. Every time I go to make something either no ideas come or the ideas I have don’t translate to paper. I hate wasting supplies so I often don’t let myself just “play”.

I pulled out a couple books in various altered stages hoping to maybe get a page or 2 done in one of those. Nope…was not to be today. I did slap some paint on a couple pages..we’ll see what becomes of that. I like the colors but that’s is so far.

My neighbor invited me to a card party/demo today. The woman’s studio was fantastic!! I wanted to move in..I’d sleep under the tables..no biggie. I started my paper arts journey as a rubber stamper making greeting cards. That was 13 years ago. A lot has changed. I still use my stamps but not to make cards. This was a nice opportunity to get a few made without having to think up a design.

I also got the cutest little box as a gift walking in the door. I’m going to be taking it apart so I can make a template. I am SO going to make a bunch of these for quick little gift boxes.

I went to my favorite bi-annual church rummage sale. Yesterday I went for the “good treasures” such as some cool books to alter as well as a cute little fabric book cover with built in bookmark and handles for carrying. I was lucky enough to find a book that fit it very well at the same sale. SCORE!

I also bought a dress..not my size or style..but it had great potential as fabric ATC’s. It had rectangles of different tropical scenes all over it. Here are a few quick fabric ATC’s from it. Fabric that small seems to give me trouble. I’ll have to keep trying. I think I’ll be doing more hand sewing than I had anticipated.

Today was $3 bag day..pretty sure I got over a dozen pair of jeans and cords to make into purses. Too fun!

I’ve been playing with Paintshop Pro again. I made a new banner for my page from a picture of some of my own art. I changed the colors, cut, resized and tweaked it in many ways. I like the end result. I had to change the other colors of the blog though since they didn’t really mesh with the new banner. I’m thinking of making up several banners…maybe even seasonal…don’t know but stay tuned.

My “postage person” Libby has the blues since her friend set her straight.

I was at the neighbor boy’s football game yesterday and noticed this sculpture in the distance. I saw an opportunity to sneak away from the football action to take some pictures. I wish there would have been a plaque or something with a description for this 20 foot tall sculpture. It was pretty cool but totally out of place for the area. The development is on the edge of farmland…I know eventually progress and urban sprawl will overtake it but for now…it looks…odd.


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