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So far this month I wasn’t feeling the love for the color red. Maybe because from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day we are swimming in it. Finally, yesterday after doing some cleaning and organizing in my art space, I was inspired to create with a whole bunch red.

This is yet another loose leaf page that will go in my scrapbook journal.  I created on the back side of an ugly piece of scrapbook paper using two shades of red and a credit card to scrape it around.  Next I layered some German text from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale book. I find this ironic now as I’m totally obsessed with the TV show Grimm.

I also used a new art supply…it’s plaster casting cloth. I sprayed it with color mists before lightly distressing the edges. I like the texture it adds although it is messy. The plaster likes to flake off if you manhandle it a little too much.

I tried something new with rub-ons as well. I have a couple sheets of quotes that really don’t speak to me so I decided that using them as part of the background in a wildly random pattern would work quite nicely. I do love the effect and I’m not just throwing them out.

The photograph is mine…taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum several years ago. They have a beautiful rose garden…it looks and smells heavenly.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey for the tongue in cheek theme of Fifty Shades of Red.

Art Journal Journey

While sorting through photographs I came across one of a Hen-n-Chick succulent that I snapped a couple of years ago. Actually, right about this same time of year. The colors were reflecting those of the great outdoors even though they were that color all year long.

everything has beauty art journal page

Now these succulents aren’t necessarily what one would consider “beautiful” in the classic sense. I do feel that they have a certain beauty especially in the mathematical sense. Or perhaps that would be more of a fractal. I’m not sure anymore other than I know that the pattern is pleasing to the eye.

Once again I have layers upon layers. I started with a piece of scrapbook paper this time. I kind of threw the proverbial “kitchen sink” at this one. I have book page, washi tape, salvaged cardboard that was run through my Cuttlebug, glimmer mists, leather, printed tag, paints, phrase sticker, staples and white pen…oh an let’s not forget the photograph.

My colors fit into the Autumn theme over at Art Journal Journey again. Did I mention I love Fall?!?

Art Journal Journey

After sitting down to create ATC’s for a swap (more on that another time), I was feeling quite inspired. I decided work in my art journal with the current AJJ theme of In my garden in mind. I definitely wasn’t going to limit myself to the theme though.

rose garden journal

Turns out that was the direction I was heading anyway.

After painting on the page with my fingers, I added some more background texture with stamped text to simulate greenery. I fussy cut around one of my rose photographs then went off to find some words.

rose garden journal

I like that I leave you hanging…wondering….”what did she realize?”  I added a bit to line-work with both black and white pens before stamping my date and calling it a day.

Stop by Art Journal Journey and check out all the fun entries for this months theme.

Art Journal Journey

Even though I got a very late start this year, I’ve been able to knock a few items off my list in pretty short order. Equipped with the list from Rinda @ Gallorganico, I sat down with Mini-me and came up with a plan, place or date for each item. Check out what I’ve captured so far…

1. A “wild heart” – a naturally occurring heart

summer photo hunt

These are on two of my giant hostas in the backyard. I never realized how many of the leaves end up heart shaped.


6. A camper (caravan)

summer photo hunt

Really nice travel trailer.


7. A family gathering

summer photo hunt

July 4th gathering of many families


8. A drawing, art project, artistic photograph, scrapbook page, greeting card, or art journal page created by you.

summer photo hunt

This is a commissioned piece…hope she likes it!


9. Someone playing with, in, or around water

summer photo hunt

Annual 4th of July water fight


11. Fresh produce

summer photo hunt

Beans from my garden and our weekly CSA


13. The moon

summer photo hunt

I spied the moon last night and was able to capture a good shot in the low light even without a tripod!


14. A buffet of food

summer photo hunt

This one could be a three-fer on the list…buffet, family gathering and bikes. 🙂


17. Twins

summer photo hunt

Taking a bit of liberty with this one but I’m just thinking outside the box!


Fun stuff! I love this annual challenge so very much!! Thanks for continuing to host Rinda!

Have a safe and happy Holiday!

Happy Independence Day


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