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This week has been filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions and events…frankly, I’m exhausted. I wasn’t even sure I was going to play along with T stands for Tuesday but I’m here and will share the highs and lows with you.

Let’s just get the low over with so we can move on to brighter things. My mom has Stage 4 Melanoma so her time left with us is limited. Exactly how limited, we don’t know. Now my absences from blogland both in posting and visiting make a bit more sense. Anyway…mom is determined to live what life she has left on her own terms which I highly praise her for.

She has a good friend in her building that has taken a big sister role in her life. She is such a sweet lady and I am so grateful for their friendship. I wanted to show some appreciation to her and put my nervous energy to a creative use.

(Note the wine glass as my beverage for T stands for Tuesday)

 I think it turned out pretty well and when I delivered it to her apartment I learned that yellow is her favorite color! I love it when things work out that way.

I also got my plants started…well some of them. I still want to start a few more.

I used old kid cups that were just going to hit the recycle bin as my planters. I literally had them in hand over the bin when I realized they could be used for my seedlings. I just drilled a couple holes in the bottom for drainage and ta-da…mini pots.

You may also notice the markers in each pot. I cut down container lids and wrote on them with sharpie marker. Since it’s April (Earth month) I thought I’d point out those little recycling tips.

Now just about a week later I have this! 

Do not adjust your screens….that is the full spectrum UV light you see in action. The different color LED’s all combine to cast a pinkish purple light and obviously the plants love it!

On Thursday last week the kids and I drove to Fargo, ND. We spent the night in a hotel before taking a tour of NDSU in the next morning. J said he thought it was a little too big for his taste but is still planning to apply since they have really good guaranteed scholarships for students with high GPA and ACT scores. Fingers crossed that he does well on the ACT this month. Mini-me said she didn’t like NDSU at all. Ok…check that one off the list for potential schools for her.  I, myself, spent a brief time at NDSU as a freshman. The campus has certainly changed since then.

I also did some work on this painting.

I am letting it sit for a few days to decide if its done or not. I’m thinking it is…what do you think?

Today has a repairman coming out for my stove. Luckily I called in just days before the warranty was to expire. Also lots of phone calls and emails to take care of since I pretty much took yesterday off. I really needed a breather day after last week.

What are you doing today?

I was going through photos on my phone and realized that I never posted about the gift box I created for J’s birthday. The major gift he was getting from us and his uncle was a subscription to Loot Crate. Since there was nothing physical to give at that point, we thought a coupon of sorts would be in order. Loot CrateThen the wheels started turning and I thought how about a 3D crate that he could keep as a memento on a shelf as well. A physical reminder of the subscription.

I started with black foam core cutting it down to create the box.Loot Crate

Next I stamped a wood plank rubber stamp on the back side of a cereal box with Staz-on ink.Loot Crate

I then used walnut ink and watered down acrylic paint to make the cardboard appear as wood.Loot Crate

After assembly I added more light stamping for a distressed appearance. I wanted to make it look as if that crate had traveled the world. Loot Crate

It was a fun little project and had much more impact than a plain old coupon.

Loot Crate

Last week I worked on a piece for possible publication and sent it off to meet a deadline. I wish I could show the whole piece because I was so happy with the way it turned out.

This is just a piece of a corner.

I’ve also been working on my scrappy quilt again. I decided to change how I am doing the binding so I needed a solid border around the whole quilt. I got that finished yesterday and started making the binding. I’ll share my quilt progress in another post.

I also had to share my traditional gift to my neighbor for his New Years eve birthday. They generally have a party with all the neighbors invited. It’s really great since it’s right across the street. No driving required.

Each year I give him some sort of beer but in recent years I’ve been trying to be clever about it. Last year was Rein-beers.

And this year I got him some Canadian beer…of course, it’s cold there so they needed some hats to keep them comfortable.

I’m still chuckling at the little hats although I am easily amused.

Today is more sewing, laundry and cleaning. And shoveling. It’s currently snowing and we are expecting 2-4 inches. Hopefully it will stop and the roads will get cleared before the teen has to drive home from school. It was bad enough that he took off for school as the mess was beginning. The grey hairs have started from worry with a kid driving. Glad I’m blonde…..I should be able to go gracefully into grey. HA!

What are you doing today?

T stands for Tuesday

board3Look at this fantastic cutting board Big J made in school! He gave it to me for an early Mother’s Day gift.

It started as two planks of wood. One hickory and one oak. The mix of woods gives interest to the board.


It’s nice and thick…more of a butcher block. It’s beautiful.


I can’t wait to see what he makes next in the metals portion of this class.


Remember to be good to our planet today and everyday,

PS…stop by my friend Elizabeth’s blog today and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Last Friday I received a nice surprise in my mailbox! A birthday gift from our lovely hostess for T stands for Tuesday.

gift edition

Her post office never postmarks the postage…so weird.

T Tuesday: gift edition

Elizabeth sent me some collage fodder and a stack of her wonderful handmade paper!! Love this stuff!!! I use it in cards, mixed media, altered books/journals..pretty much everything! I haven’t tried running it through my Cuttlebug or Silhouette yet. I haven’t wanted to waste it in case it is a major failure.

In addition hidden among the sheets of handmade paper was Elizabeth’s annual Christmas tip-in.


You rock! I am not a pre-planner and hold those who do in awe.


Thirteen years!! Wowsers! I have Christmas tip-ins dating back to 2006 from Elizabeth.

I have to say that I so value the longevity and depth of friendship between the two of us. We have shared so very much over the years even though we’ve never met face to face…darn it anyway. A tumble on the stairs kept me from seeing Dr. E at the airport several years ago during a layover.

Happy T day!

A good friend of mine commissioned me to make a wreath as a Christmas gift.

wire wreath | Halle's Hobbies

I think it turned out quite nice.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Mi cumpleaños es el cinco de mayo. The only sentence I remember from my years of Spanish. Translation: My birthday is May 5th.

Our lovely host for T stands for Tuesday, Elizabeth, sent me a a wonderful gift last week. She’s so funny…if you click on the image you’ll see what she wrote that makes me laugh.


 We have a running joke about being late for each others birthdays even though they are within 2 weeks of each other.

She sent me some of her wonderful handmade paper that I absolutely love and a beautiful handmade book.  I was having issues taking these photos so I apologize for them not being the greatest.






Each page has carefully selected words and images that speak to our friendship. I’m so happy to have received such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Thank you dear friend!

I do know that Elizabeth is planning to share about this book later in the week and will likely have much better photos now that she has a good camera.

Thought I’d also show you my seedings…20150504_7705

again…crappy photo. My photo mojo was totally off yesterday. The whole day was a bit off to be honest. Here’s to a better day!

I plan to watch a mid-day movie from the comfort of my couch….possibly with an adult beverage…it’s my birthday I can do that.  No cleaning. I threw a roast is in the crockpot and the family can make the rest happen for supper.  A Tuesday birthday during the school year doesn’t work so well for an evening celebration. Too busy. The way I figure is I just get to celebrate longer as we have time. 🙂

What are you doing today?


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