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Today for T stands for Tuesday I’d like you to help me celebrate a real milestone…an entire decade of blogging!!!

I am so incredibly shocked that I have been at the keyboard sharing my work with the world for 10 years now! I started the blog on a whim and wasn’t sure if I’d even had any readers but was thinking of it as a digital diary of sorts. I hadn’t ever had success a paper diary or journal so who knew I’d still be at it all these years later.

Take a peek at my very first post…



The blog itself has went through many changes over the years, but though it all the content has remained the same. The visual presentation and the platform have changed. I was on Blogger for the first 5 yrs then purchased my own domain and moved over to WordPress.

Blogging helped me learn to identify myself as an artist…something that was very difficult to say out loud for the first time. Of course, part of that is likely due to growing up in the upper mid-west, raised in a conservative Lutheran church.  We cannot take a complement. No seriously…it’s a sickness. If someone says, “OH I love that new blouse!”  Instead of just saying “thank you” like a normal person, people like me will try our best to avoid accepting the complement by down playing everything… “Oh gosh, you wouldn’t believe the great deal I found on it at blah blah store…I’m sure it would look even better on you…” totally avoiding the acknowledgement of the compliment because that would be to “full of yourself”.

Ok not sure where that tangent came from but hey…it’s my anniversary…I can get off track if I want.

I’ve “met” so many wonderful like minded people through blogging from all over the world. I shared my art, crafts and photography. Gardening, travels and kitchen experiments. My failures and celebrations. Blogging has become an integral part of my self-expression.

I have noticed a tendency lately for people to use more social networking than blogging. I have found myself falling into that trap as well. I post something on Instagram so I don’t bother creating a post about it.  Such as this…

A painting in progress. I was commenting that I wasn’t sure where I was going with it or even if it looked best in this direction. This quick superficial post without a followup on the blog is what I want to stop myself from doing…mainly because it’s a little lazy. It’s tendency I’d like to break myself of quickly.

So have you had enough deep, introspective thoughts from me yet today? It’s been that kind of day. Having an introductory meeting with hospice will do that to a person.

We do have some exciting things on the horizon though…a wedding anniversary and a choir trip. Truth be told, I’m only going in spirit on that trip, but I can’t wait to see and hear all about it! More on that at a later date.

So what’s on tap for me…an appt for mom and a parent meeting about the trip to NY.

What are you doing today?

This week has been filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions and events…frankly, I’m exhausted. I wasn’t even sure I was going to play along with T stands for Tuesday but I’m here and will share the highs and lows with you.

Let’s just get the low over with so we can move on to brighter things. My mom has Stage 4 Melanoma so her time left with us is limited. Exactly how limited, we don’t know. Now my absences from blogland both in posting and visiting make a bit more sense. Anyway…mom is determined to live what life she has left on her own terms which I highly praise her for.

She has a good friend in her building that has taken a big sister role in her life. She is such a sweet lady and I am so grateful for their friendship. I wanted to show some appreciation to her and put my nervous energy to a creative use.

(Note the wine glass as my beverage for T stands for Tuesday)

 I think it turned out pretty well and when I delivered it to her apartment I learned that yellow is her favorite color! I love it when things work out that way.

I also got my plants started…well some of them. I still want to start a few more.

I used old kid cups that were just going to hit the recycle bin as my planters. I literally had them in hand over the bin when I realized they could be used for my seedlings. I just drilled a couple holes in the bottom for drainage and ta-da…mini pots.

You may also notice the markers in each pot. I cut down container lids and wrote on them with sharpie marker. Since it’s April (Earth month) I thought I’d point out those little recycling tips.

Now just about a week later I have this! 

Do not adjust your screens….that is the full spectrum UV light you see in action. The different color LED’s all combine to cast a pinkish purple light and obviously the plants love it!

On Thursday last week the kids and I drove to Fargo, ND. We spent the night in a hotel before taking a tour of NDSU in the next morning. J said he thought it was a little too big for his taste but is still planning to apply since they have really good guaranteed scholarships for students with high GPA and ACT scores. Fingers crossed that he does well on the ACT this month. Mini-me said she didn’t like NDSU at all. Ok…check that one off the list for potential schools for her.  I, myself, spent a brief time at NDSU as a freshman. The campus has certainly changed since then.

I also did some work on this painting.

I am letting it sit for a few days to decide if its done or not. I’m thinking it is…what do you think?

Today has a repairman coming out for my stove. Luckily I called in just days before the warranty was to expire. Also lots of phone calls and emails to take care of since I pretty much took yesterday off. I really needed a breather day after last week.

What are you doing today?

I had to try out another girl right away but on a sturdy substrate this time. 

I glued random bits of papers down onto a discarded book cover for texture and a first layer of color. I added paint in various colors covering up the blank areas next. I loosely sketched my girl and began filling in with paint, gelatos, neocolors, charcoal pencil and even plain old colored pencil until I got the look I wanted.

NExt I added stamping with Staz-on and lightly colored them in with watered down paint. Again I used Tim Holtz stickers for my words. Lastly I added the yellow lace trim at the top to give it a finished and feminine look.

I’ve already sketched another face this time on an old canvas. Hopefully you’ll be seeing that one real soon.

I’ve been very prolific with my art over the past few days. I have two journal pages that I can’t wait to share as well. (well…I am going to wait until the next post to share them) Stay tuned.

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday! This week I wanted to share the progression of a painting…from blank canvas to hanging on the wall.

size comparision

I’ve had a 30×40 inch canvas standing in the corner for a good month waiting for me to get inspired or brave. My original thought when I got the canvas (at 70% off) was to do another poppy painting. After some time had passed, my excitement for more poppies dwindled.

Since last week we had a couple of simply perfect Fall days, I decided to set up outside. I tried to hang it, brace it, stand it etc but in the end I set up on the ground on a sheet with it leaning against a tree. I used latex wall paint…I know…crazy right?! But I had 5 small partially used cans of paint tucked away in the storage room.

I started out using brushes and a large plastic lid as my palette…soon I was dipping my hands directly in the cans.

painting progression

At this point I knew things has gone terribly wrong…I hated every single bit of the painting. I went in, washed up my hands and grabbed my phone to snap the photo. I decided that this was going to be a good learning experience.

Next I got the garden hose…yep…the hose. I sprayed off the still wet paint and scrubbed the canvas with a rag.

painting progression

It was already looking better and had some amazing texture. I left it to dry for a good hour and thought about what I might want to do next. Since I was experimenting I thought it was a good time to use the brayer I bought over a decade ago and still hadn’t used.  Keeping the rule of thirds in mind I painted the bottom two-thirds a grey tone and the top off-white being careful not to completely cover the background.

painting progression

I then added some red iron oxide (actual artist paint) then some little touches of black craft paint with a palette knife. At this point I was totally happy. I let it dry completely and brought it inside. It stood in the livingroom for a couple of days and kept bugging me…I liked it but…  Finally, one evening staring at the painting while chatting on the phone with a friend, I envisioned something curving down through the empty space…but what? Circles of course…I love circles!!

30x40 abstract acrylic painting

The next morning I added the circles at the kitchen table. I was so excited about the way it looked I couldn’t even wait for it to dry before photographing and posting to social media.  I had to stand on a chair to get the whole canvas in frame. 🙂

painting progression

And here it is on the wall above our bed. In reality, it’s hung a little to high but I was just reusing the nails already in the wall. The previous framed print we had there was a little larger, I also really want to repaint our bedroom…since the painting doesn’t especially “go” with the icy blue wall color…it’s a good excuse to make that happen.

t tuesday new wine

I congratulated myself for a job well done with a glass of new kind of wine. I almost forgot to snap a photo before it was gone.  It was a prosecco in a lovely gold bottle. Honestly I think I bought that particular one totally based upon the pretty bottle. It was good but not something I’d bother with very often.

Tuesday has the last volleyball game of the season and the first choir concert of the year. A day of firsts and lasts. I’m excited for both! At least they are in the same building and won’t overlap time wise. Of course, fitting dinner in for all will be a challenge.

What are you doing today?

One thing I love about art is that it’s so individual. I can create whatever I want…as long as my skill and ability allows. Blue green poppies are a thing, right? Well they are in my minds eye.

Artistic license blue green poppies

This was a canvas that Mini-me had played around on and no longer wanted. Gesso to the rescue. Artistic license blue green poppies

I almost think I like painting on a canvas for the second…third…whatever time better than the first go round. The added texture pleases me. Or perhaps its all psychological. The thought being: It’s no longer a blank canvas…the mistakes have already been made and now I’m saving it.

Artistic license blue green poppies

This was what I would call a speed painting. I did this in about 5 minutes. I didn’t overthink it, mess around with it, retouch or take myself too seriously. I just let it flow. WHY don’t I just do that very same thing all the time. Not put pressure on myself to perform in a certain way. Just create from my gut and not worry or be concerned about the result.

I was really hoping to share a video today for T stands for Tuesday but I’m having trouble with it. Perhaps next week. Instead I’m going to share the canvas painting I did yesterday.


I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. I must admit though after I was interrupted by a phone call I had to take, my painting mojo kind of wavered. I’ll likely do another as this one has already been claimed.

After painting and a cup of green tea….


I was energized so I got to work cleaning and organizing some spaces that have been on the list for a while. No photos…bummer.


After following me around for a while Marvin was exhausted and put himself to bed in his kennel. This where I put him when he comes in before the alarm wanting to talk about things. I’m not interested in talking about things before the alarm…at all… I carry him downstairs and stick him in the kennel. He settles right in and is fine with it…and quiet until I actually get up. He may look small in here but keep in mind this is a dog kennel…not the tiny one either. Its the mid-size one.

Today is another action packed Tuesday. It’s the last Tuesday before school starts. Summer is all but over.

What are you doing today?

Yesterday a recommended video came through a YouTube update email. Normally I ignore those but this one combined with the fact that I actually had the time to watch one made quite the impression…or perhaps that should be impressionist. *wink* Thanks Jane.

I was instantly inspired to give this technique a try. This also gave me an excuse to start another journal. Yeah I know…like I really need another journal. This one is actually a Creative Memories scrapbook album.

album turned journalI decided to get real with myself.  I’m never going to scrapbook. And certainly not in this album. It’s the same as some of those clothes in my closet. I’m never going to wear them so why have them unless they can serve another purpose.

Since Creative Memories albums have a metal edge on each side of the page, I decided to cut a piece of scrapbook paper down to the proper size to fit in between. IMG_1391

I had originally intended that some of the original pattern would show through but evidently I was heavier handed with the paint than expected.

Impressionist Poppies

I created the page in a similar manner to that described in the video. I really like the result. I’m not into recreating others work but I do really appreciate the inspiration and willingness of others to teach and share.

Mini-me saw my practice page and said she’d really like a painting of this in her room.

Impressionist Poppies

I think it would really look great on the grey walls. I’m sure there will be a few more practice attempts before the real deal on canvas.


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